Appetite for Destruction: Eating Bluefin Tuna Into Extinction

100 thoughts on “Appetite for Destruction: Eating Bluefin Tuna Into Extinction

  1. 15:00 ish~. Can anyone give me a source that the fish in the location discussed is bluefin? The guy in Japanese is only saying "tuna".

  2. The Japanese have been harvesting fish for hundreds of years. No amount of protesting, Greenpeace or otherwise, is going to change their culture.

  3. Does it really matter if they go extinct, tired of all this saving the world crap, i wasn’t born to be in fear of using the world that i was given to consume from
    Whatever happens is going to happen and im not going to feel bad about it.
    I did not create the world or the humans, trying to control it is just insane.
    Try to enjoy it every now and then.

  4. I trult beleieve that earing tuna should only be once a year!!

    We should eat food depending on the rarity and demand of that certain animal or else extinction.

  5. Where's the Fukushima disaster fit in with this? Oh and what happened with all the radioactive soil from Fukushima that was swept away by a typhoon? When will that side of earth take responsibility for all that destruction that THEY CAUSED? GREEDY PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  6. Cut the exaggerated liberal extinction crap. In case you don't know, there are bluefin tunas 20 -30 miles from Los Angeles at this moment. They have been around for years and the stocks are very healthy. You sound like a douche who has never even been in the ocean to fish, but loves to cut them up and eat them. Open your damn eyes and go fishing and kill the fish that you are eating instead of having someone do the dirty work and kill them for you.

  7. Awesome fish activist. I love ramen! Sushi i always go for tuna, salmon, albacore, and belly cut. Yea, i think everyone should know certain extinction of a specific fish. Then again, people like to consume.

  8. You can feed the blue fin tuna in farms by feeding them the asian carp, there is plenty of asian carp to avoid using regular fish like mackerel or other species that we consume.

  9. 17:10 sounded like attack of the midget at the fish market…illegally fishing in other parts of the world? , i new something smelled…FISHY.

  10. the asian comunity i have asked them in my country why so many fish they all tell me mom makes lots of babies they dont understand that must of those babies dont make it

  11. I only see yellowthin tuna in canada…so we need to travel to japan? So we do sustainable sushi and japan is eating 99% of the bluethin. Actually most country ranch their meat but Japan juts take their main food directly from the world oceans. How faire is this? I’m gona eat sushi tomorrow.

  12. Japanese didn’t care for humans …during the Second World War….now they don’t care about the tuna….fishing whales …dolphins to extinction…no real surprise really.

  13. Ironic how at 1:46 he says "illegal fishing is rampant" then shows a clip of arguably the most sustainable form of fishing.

  14. I am a fisherman and I’ve seen Ny shit down a fishery for years like they did with striped bass I think they need to try to do that globally with bluefin for a few years and see how they rebound 👍🏼

  15. Well, good start! Before it becomes too late. Japan needs to take it seriously! Japanese appetite demands always far more urgent than smart vision. However, try hard and harmonize with Natual resources is a must! 🙂

  16. Americans are not eating all the life in the sea. The 1 Billion+ Chinese are. Just like Americans are not responsible for the plastic in the oceans, China and India are. BTW, most Americans do not eat raw fish. Sushi is NOT a staple of American diets.

  17. i think the ocean biologist meant to say that following the numbers and data not science will conservation the tuna industry. also caught in a responsible way is clear and true as far as what the fishing industry must follow. glad i watch this video was very informative and made me think of how to keep the fishing industry sustainable responsible and accountable.

  18. Japan & China are deceitful. 50% cut on killing baby bluefin tuna is not good enough. Stop 100%. This means there are not enough adults to sustain. Look at the fin trade. Horrifying & deceitful. Japan & China will eat you if your not careful. Next they gives us another virus. They still eat the Siris Feline Cat that helped spread SARS.

  19. 90% of the Bluefin, consumed by Japan,…gee go figure, why they are so healthy They cant catch 10% of whats out there, ridiculous! Im gonna go buy some tomorrow! Yum!

  20. Fucking. Rich fat orentials are eating us all out of house and home.Should go back to eating each other and kill two birds with one stone.

  21. The snob culture is what made this problem. Japanese wanted to eat red meat as Americans, then Americans wanted to eat sushi as Japanese. Just people being pretentious with fancy meals. Look for the lobsters as an example. It was poor men food, even given to prisoners. Now? Elevated by the pretentious culture, where your satisfaction is more psychological than biological.

  22. 1:40 is albacore tuna, NOT bluefin. pacific bluefin tuna supply is low, however atlantic bluefin is abundant and is arguably as good a quality as pacific. lots of tuna to go around. also, tuna are not "birthed". they come from eggs. a mature female bluefin tuna can lay between 5 million and 25 million eggs in a spawning cycle. granted, only a small fraction reach adulthood, but there's plenty of tuna to replenish the supply.

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