Apple Crisp Overnight Oats

I have to say, who doesn’t love a good
dessert where apples are the star? Apple pie, apple crisp, you name it? If there’s
apples in it, I am there. So good. So of course when it comes to making a fun
recipe for breakfast, it’s only natural that sometimes I look at some of my
favorite desserts for inspiration. So today I’m going to be showing you how to
make apple crisp overnight oats. This breakfast recipe is
so easy, so delicious, has that yummy, apple cinnamony
goodness going on, but actually is a little bit
healthier than the actual dessert. Thankfully, it’s so fast to make.
Let me show you. Let’s start with our base, which
is of course going to include oatmeal. I usually do about 1/3 cup,
but if you like a slightly bigger breakfast for whatever reason, then you
might want to go with 1/2 a cup of oats. Notice my handy-dandy,
little mason jar funnel I have going on here. I got that on Amazon.
I’ll provide the link below. Next we have our non-dairy milk,
and so all you do is you take the amount of
oats that you used and then double it for your milk. You can
do almond milk, cashew milk, oat milk, rice milk. Soy, whatever floats your boat,
whatever your favorite is, it will work. But I will say, if you like your oats a
little thicker, you might want to go just a little under that doubled mark.
I did 2/3 cup here. If you like it thicker, do a
little bit less than that amount. Next, we’re gonna do
some ground flaxseed. This will add a nice
thickness to our mixture. Ground flaxseeds also happen to be
one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Super rich in Omega-3’s, which are
hard to get in other foods. Next, we’re gonna be
adding some cinnamon. Quarter of a teaspoon. Next, we have some maple syrup.
We have a Costco near us, which is by far the best
place to get maple syrup. So cheap. About half the
price of any other place that sells it. If you want to do a
sugar-free sweetener, monkfruit is great in this recipe as
well, if you want to skip the maple syrup. I personally like the richness and the
flavor of the maple syrup in this recipe so that’s the route I always go. Lastly, a little pinch of salt.
About an 1/8 of a teaspoon or so. Really helps to round out the flavors.
Add a little extra punch Just give it a little stir. Now might not seem
very thick at this point, but as it sits in the fridge it will definitely
start to thicken up. OK, that is our base.
We’re all done! Alright, here’s a little tip for you.
It’s no more difficult to make five of these as it is to make one.
So make breakfast for yourself so you’re all set for the week.
You’re gonna be so happy you did. Honestly, waking up knowing
that you have apple crisp overnight ::CUCKOO CLOCK BLAIRS:: ::LAUGHTER:: Apple crisp overnight oats
waiting for you every single morning you’ll be so thankful you did it.
Trust me. Alright, so we have our base covered.
Now let’s work on the Appley filling goodness. We need about half of an apple, comes out
to about 3/4 cup of an apple. ::APPLE CHOPPING NOISES:: Alright, just give this a nice chop. And really you can make these pieces
any size that you like. If you like them really thin
and small, you can do that. I usually aim for about
1/2 inch pieces myself. Add them to a microwave-safe bowl because that’s where they’re going. Next we’ll add either some lemon juice
or apple cider vinegar. I typically like apple cider vinegar
because it does taste a little bit like apples. I’m a big fan of this stuff in general A little bit more cinnamon… and… Good old nutmeg. It’s powerful stuff.
You certainly don’t need a lot, but it certainly makes its presence known
when it is there. It is good stuff. I love it. Just a little bit more maple syrup. Give this a little stir… Whoops! Get back here!! Now I’m just gonna pop this in the microwave
for about one minute but if you like them a little bit softer,
go for maybe a minute and a half. ::MICROWAVE POPS OPEN:: ::MICROWAVE DOOR CLOSES:: ::BEEPING NOISES:: ::MORE BEEPING NOISES:: Alrght, apples are done.
Be careful your bowl may be hot. YUM! ::ANGELIC CHOIR SINGS:: Oh boy, these look so good and they smell incredible.
Just like apple pie. Mmmm. Bring our base front and center.
Just spoon our apple mixture right on top. Any remaining juices I just pour right on top,
because that is extra flavor right there. And that is it. Put our lid right on top. So then we just keep it in the fridge
for at least 6 hours. and then it keeps
for about five days. I have to say mason jars are really
easy to find these days. a lot of grocery stores do carry them
even though we don’t realize it. So take a look. If not,
they’re easy to find online in fact I’ll provide a link below for
you to find them as well. Place this in the refrigerator… but thankfully I made one
yesterday and I have one ready to go. So of course, with apple crisp,
you want something that has some crisp. So our final step right before we eat them is
to add some granola. I usually just use a store-bought type of granola.
I will provide a link below of my favorite kind. This is a pumpkin fig granola. This stuff is so tasty and it works
really nicely in this recipe. Just put it right on top… and we have our crisp. it’s really pretty and delicious looking
with those apples peeking through. I can smell the cinnamon. and it’s got nice and
thick sitting overnight. Yum, look at that nice color.
Delicious. It’s about lunchtime, but I’m
gonna go ahead and dig into this now because it smells good, it looks good, Look at that.
Oh boy! Mmm. If you have a friend or family member
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