Hello sustainable growers, this is Jonathan
from Melbourne Aquaponics, today I want to talk about a very interesting fish to have
in Aquaponics. Lot of people are talking about it from a
cleaning point of view because it’s supposed to be a good cleaner this is the catfish. Before starting the video,
Don’t forget that you can subscribe to the channel and you can get a free guide to build
your own aquaponics setup from the description on the below of the video. Catfish are very interesting fish because
they live on the bottom of the tank most of the time but they are always looking for some
food. As soon as you put some food into your aquaponics
setup they are going to look everywhere and they have got some very interesting organs
that are sensory organs two very long “Moustache” and they are always feeling what is in the
tank so as soon as you put food in the tank he can feel it and they are going to look
around trying to find it. And obviously this fish is mostly designed
to feed on the bottom of the tank so if you got other fish and you keep a few catfish
in your tank, if you overfeed the fish after a while, you know, when the food is on the
bottom most of the fish are losing interest while the catfish, because it is designed
to eat the food from the bottom of the tank they are going to still eat this food. So obviously once the fish is full, it’s full
right? But it is going to continue to eat while the
other fish are going to stop. The other fish even if they are not completely
full, if the fish food has been seating on the bottom for a while, they are going to
stop and they are going to wait for new food to come while the catfish may continue to
eat this food. So that is very interesting because it’s going
to avoid to waste some fish food. I know that a lot of aquaponics keepers are
going to think that it is not wasted because it still into the aquaponics setup so obviously
even if the fish are not eating it, at one point it is going to break down and it is
going to finish into the water pump and therefore it is going to go into the vegetables side
and that is correct. The Nitrogen is not lost but the thing is…
this fish food could have been used by the fish first while if no fish eat it, it goes
directly to the vegetables so you don’t grow any fish protein. So it’s much better if part of this fish food
is used to grow actual fish because the fish food is quite expensive in aquaponics so if
you have one, two or more catfish into your aquaponics setup, you are going to improve
what we call the conversion ratio of the quantity of fish food by quantity of fish produced. So I think it’s a very good fish to have into
your aquaponics setup. So that’s the first thing. It’s not really cleaning the tank by itself
but it is eating the “dead” food a bit more than the other fish. The other thing is that it’s a very social
fish so as I was just saying you can have just one or two into your tank and they are
going to mix really well with the other fish, they are going to… they are very friendly,
very social excepted if you have a very very big catfish because they can grow to very
big sizes depending on the species. You know there are hundreds of catfish species
on earth, most of them are quite social but if you put the big ones (in Europe we call
them “Silure”), they can reach almost 3m so if you put one of those in your aquaponics
with a gold fish, the goldfish is going to disappear straight away. Some of them can even eat chicken, we heard
about some dogs attacked. So a huge catfish, a huge silure is not to
put in an aquaponics setup with other fish but if you respect the sizes, if you have
small catfish or fish of the similar size, you can definitely mix them with other species. So that is a very interesting thing. The third thing is the behaviour of this fish,
the behaviour is usually very “unusual”, different from the other fish, a bit less active. It still active but in a very different way. So if you are interested by the aquatic life,
if you have a look at the fish in your setup, I think it is good to have those kind of things
into the aquaponics setup that are going to add a bit of biodiversity into the fish tank
and you know it is always good to see those different behaviour. It is the same thing as having some crayfish
or yabbies into your aquaponics setup, you know it is not that you are going to produce
a lot of them, it’s not that you are going to eat a feast from them but it is going to
add a bit of life into the setup and a bit of biodiversity. So that is some little things that I recommend
to have into your aquaponics setup because it add a bit of life in the setup and everyone
can come around and see the different species of fish. “Have you seen this one? Have you seen that one?” It’s same as having an Aquarium at home. You like to have different species, you don’t
want to have only one species of fish, depending on what you like but most of people like to
see a bit of everything so it creates more animation into the tank. finally I would like to add the fact that
if we say that it is a “bottom feeder”, don’t forget that catfish when they are hungry they
come at the surface as soon as you put the food into the water so if you got some big
catfish, it’s going to eat a lot before all the other fish. if it’s bigger than the other fish around,
it is going to eat everything and obviously once the fish is full, it is just going to
go into a pipe or wherever, it is just going to seat on the bottom and then if you put
too much fish food, the fish food is going to stay on the bottom of the tank and is going
to stay there, the catfish is going to be fill and it is going to take a while for the
catfish to digest until he can start to be attracted by the food again. Another interesting fact about catfish is
that they got some spines into the fines. So they got 3 spines around their body and
therefore they don’t have many predators. The predators are not able to eat them because
of those kind of picks. So I am going to try to show you those kind
of picks on the fish, they are very sharp and if you got some catfish at home, if you
manipulate them please be very careful because it can very easily damage your skin and make
a hole and it is very painful so when you touch the fish, always put your hands into
the water first, then if the fish has got some scales, the scales are not going to stick
to your hands. Here catfish catfish doesn’t have any scale,
they got a very smooth skin but for any other fish, always put your hands into the water. Catfish can stay a while out of the water. And here I can feel his picks. You see the fins, these fins here and the
dorsal one as well. So the 3 fins that are just around the head. They look soft but actually inside there is
this pick and it’s very very hard. So if you are a predator and you touch it,
it’s going to penetrate inside your hands / inside your skin. I hope you enjoyed the video, give me a like
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a fantastic success with aquaponics. Have a good crop!

11 thoughts on “AQUAPONICS CLEANER FISH [Catfish]

  1. Hi jonathan i like catfishes, do you recomend "corydora fish" or you need sonething bigger like "plecostomus fish" . What kind of catfish are good to eat? Greetings fron mexico

  2. what kind of catfish are you talking about? We have only Silurus glanis, which is a predator as you mention yourself…

  3. would keep this type of fish with a predator fish like a trout ok (even if it is larger than the trout) because I do not want them to "disappear"

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