1. Very good video! Wish I saw the co2 portion a year ago. However, I winced when you turned on the co2 hurricane. There should be a warning: "Do not do this at home" flashed on the screen and at that point you could have stated how too much co2 can kill your fish so start slowly. I'm also wondering about your using the tds meter in so many tanks and possibly spreading disease? Should you wipe it down? And then you drink the RO water after dipping (presumably) the same tds meter in the glass? Please dont be offended by my minor ciritcisms in what was otherwise great content….

  2. hola GREEN AQUA felicidades por la explicacion y por videos como estos ayudan mucho ,sois los mejores , una pregunta ,para fertilizar con los abonos de ada cuanto abono se ha de echar al acuario ? depende de lo plantado que este o siempre es una pulsacion cada 20 litros saludos y gracias

  3. Thanks for sharing Balazs. I think there was something to take away from this video for everybody, not just beginners. 👍

  4. Thanks Balazs ! Your insight is greatly appreciated.

    It was interesting to see a different view on testing and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). My biochemistry and molecular biology roots may have led me astray as I was counseled to do, watch, and record the numbers religiously. in addition, TDS said to be only for "trends" as it was a "combined value." There are constraints in associating with "techies" with aquariums. 🙂

    Your articulate and concise vlog put the topic in perspective.

    Thanks for making aquaspaping approachable for us new to the field,


  5. really good video. Maby a followup video of this about the diffent algea there is and why ant what to do about them ?

  6. Hi balaz! Please tell me what’s is ur seachem excel dosing regime like? Even if you’re using co2 cylinder do u still dose seachem excel?

  7. I add supplements but I still have a deficiency in my plants which take up nutrients from the water column. Everything grew perfect until 5 months ago, and my second new tank does not have the problem. Now everything seems to be in a dormant state, where it doesn't die nor grow.

  8. Perfect information, I've been struggling with an aquarium for 1 year, will be taking all this information into developing a better aquarium set up. Thank you.

  9. Hi thank you for advices. Do you know a good brand for a tds meter ? Would like to buy a good one that will last for a few years. Also I’m using ada (brightly K, mineral and iron) in my 37 liters. my java fern is getting brown even if it continuous to spread young plants and my buce are all in flower but have sometime a hole in their leaves. Do you have a idea of what is missing or too much ? Thanks

  10. thank you green aqua! love the channel and the information . a newbie to freshwater/co2. keep those vids. coming . hello from CH

  11. Great video again thanks. I'm setting up a 200lt tank. My tap water has a tds of 500ppm and sometimes higher it's virtually liquid rock 😁. However I use ro water on a daily bases for work that is 0ppm it comes out of the membrane at about 14ppm and then goes through Di resin to get it to zero. My questions are , is it safe to use the ro water that has been through the Di resin and what would I actually need to add to bring up the tds to a good level or would you recommend mixing with the tap water although water changes would be easier just using ro.
    Thanks again for the videos there great and hope the masterpiece is coming on well.

  12. Excellent presentation and I learned some new things. I know it gets said a lot but I am going to say it again anyway – I wish you had a shop in the USA! Thanks for the videos, I appreciate each one.

  13. bro , before i use all seachem product , you have tips for make own fertilizer? , i try make macro fertilizer, phospate nitrat and potasium,i have problem that,my bottle solution fertilizer is always have crystalize at bottom of my bottle fertilizer ?

  14. Thanks for this vid is really helpful. May i ask if 22-24°C water temp will be enough for Betta fish? Love you guys ciao ❤️

  15. Hi Balazs, my nerite snail shells had erode may be caused by co2 injection which make the water became acidic..can you suggest any action that shall I take to solve this problem.

  16. Hey, I have a BARE BOTTOM PLANTED TANK WITH NO FISH in it. There are onlY anubias and bucephalandra attached to lava rock. I SEE brown organic waste (like dirt) at bottom of the tank. Even when I clean it during weekly maintenance, it will come back again by next water change. My question is I dont have fish in the tank and no feeding. How is that brown organic waste(like dirt) building up at bottom of my bare bottom tank??

  17. Thanks … helps a lot…. please suggest treatment for black beard algae… from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 INDIA

  18. Great video, thanks. You only spoke about fish and CO2. Although I am sure too much CO2 will also kill shrimps but what are your recommendations for injected CO2 in a planted tank with shrimps?

  19. What do you think is good for aquarium to have pause my light start 9am to 12pm and again start 16:00 to 21:00 and co2 start with one hour before and stop with one hour before what do you think is good?
    Light 9am-12pm…16:00–21:00
    Co2 8am-11am….15:00–20:00

  20. Guys thank you so much for your video, but I have a question, I am bit confused with using your greenaqua ferts (micro and macro) Do I need to use them DAILY??? I am doing 50% water change twice a week, but use 2,5 ml for my 55 liters tank just after every water change…So do I need to use micro and macro every day? (approx 2 ml per day??)I think this is what you sad in this video 🙂 Thank you very much for your kind reply in advance 🙂 Pavol

  21. gostaria muito de poder ter tudo isso,mais sou só um simples aquarista com seu simples aquario tudo isso esta fora da minha realidade. Belo vídeo

  22. Some fertilisers recommend dosing daily whilst others recommend a large weekly dose following a water change. Which method is better? Right now i fertilise daily in the belief a steady flow of daily nutrients is better. Thanks for the informative video! Love your work at Green Aqua.

  23. I have a question , when you break the surface Co2 will be drawn out of your tank.

    But in a planted tank without a Co2 system .
    What will be the effect of breaking the surface ?
    Do i still have to minimise this ?

  24. I can watch this video a hundred times and still won’t get tired of it! 😁and your shop it’s amazing! A haven for any aquarist! I just have a question do plants 🌱 have a Water parameters? Like for example tropical fish prefer more on the warm water but how about plants? Do they prefer a warmer water temperature or is it best for for them to have a cold water? Thanks for this knowledge you are sharing with us 🙏🏻🥂👌🏻

  25. Hi Balazs,
    Any particular reason for your tanks to have optimal temperature of 24c vs 25c/ 26c as mentiones in minute #17?
    Thank you

  26. I see the bubble rate in the am1000 is pretty low mine is way higher and I get a dark green dropchecker.. I keep the flow in the reactor as low as possible with an bypass.. My tank is 300liter am I doing something wrong?

  27. I start co2 one hour befor lights start and turn it off one hour befor lights going off .. am I do it right ?
    AND my tank capacity is 144L without any meterials so I have to adjust fertilizer based on this (144L) or less?

  28. I tend for NO3 5ppm and 0,25ppm of PO4 on my tank. Trying to get some reds on the Rotalas but nothing 😅. Using Aquarebel Nitrate and Aquarebel Phosphate on a 200L tank (120L of water). Dosing 12ml each once a week. Potassium 3 times a week 5ppm

  29. Hi balazs great tutorial.
    One question if u can halp..
    I keep a steady ratio of 10ppm n and 1 ppm p, co2 is about 25-30 ppm… i have hi led lighting (chihiros wrgb) that works around 70% for 6 hours. and i just cant get rid of the green spots algae.. what would you advice to do? Increase the light intensity or just lower bit the co2? Maybe increase the co2? Or maybe even tweek with the ferts?
    Love your channel by the way, thanks a lot : )

  30. Hello from U.K. Great video with awesome information as always. I have mixed rainbow fish, would 22-24 temp be ok for them. Mines a touch higher. Thx

  31. I need advice from the top planted tank pros. I have many successful planted tanks in the 76degree F range. But I cant grow anything in my discus tank witch is at 83 degrees F. What should I try?

  32. I watched the whole thing even though I only speak broke and is all low-tech for me, but it's a great guide. Next thing will be lights right? Great vid

  33. Great video! really informative. just wondering, you guys are dosing Seachem Excel on top of injecting CO2 in the tanks? Is this done daily as well?

  34. can you tell how to prevent or buffering the seiryu stones to raise crazy KH? is soaked with muriatic acid is good to prevent a bit? (without talking RO system)

  35. Nice advices. You look like Mark Ruffalo, and overmore work in green. Do you understand me? Born for green world. Have a nice day.

  36. Thanks Balasz for the video, always some usefull info, even for experienced aquarists.
    I do have one question for you… I keep my Altums at 26°C. Can I lower the temperature to 24° or wouldn"t that be recommended for these fish? I've always learned they need 26 to 28°C. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!
    All the best to you and the Green Aqua team!

  37. Hello sir , I'm Naman from india, sir ada products are not available in my area. But seachem products are available. So which seachem fertilizers i have to use for my planted tank . Please suggest the names of seachem fetilizers which is necessary..🙏

  38. Great video guys. I am waiting for the video about the initial steps with a new aquarium. How many water changes, do I need Purigen, how to avoid alge… 😉

  39. Always love your videos, Balasz. Both George and Green Aqua have started my interest in scaping.

    I'm currently battling GSA and it keeps coming back. My lights are adjusted to roughly 2.5 watts per gallon and the CO2 level should be good as the drop checker is lime green. Just to clarify that you mentioned phosphates should be kept at 3ppm? Does this mean it's at the 3.0 mark on the Seachem Phosphate test kit grading? Any advice to battle GSA will be helpful.

  40. Hi Balazs Farkas, I was told that nano tank nature aquarium is for beginners however i find it hard to control the water parameters and constantly having algae issues. Another local aquascaper told me its best to start with 60p tank to better manage the water parameters. Is the nano tank really is for beginners? *help out a miserable beginner aquascape here

  41. For me, I've never had the need to use CO2 or fertilizer, My plants grow just fine, usually to well. Right out the top of the tank.

  42. Excelent video 😊👌 exacly what i needed to know and realy enjoyable 💪🙂💪.my temp of bouth tanks 70 l and 100 l are between 24 /25celcius ic some algee on the rocks i have only a miner thing i can use snails for it, it whas about 28 Celcius 2 weeks ago do to temp 39 in the netherlands realy unsual for the netherlands .i have no problems with algee non in it tnx to twinstar nano plus non Co2 injected . one question about firtelizing in some info it s says 10ml for 100l weekly is that corect or dose less mll daily? Professianal or iron witch day i start from monday depending on threre dificiency on plants leaves??

  43. So when the Phosphate in your tank crashes to 0, and you add a 1/2 teaspoon to bring it up to 5ppm, then it is back to measuring 0 again just 4hrs later. What should you do?

    Most dosing guidelines are N:P:K @ 10:1:7

    not 10:99:7

  44. hmm I don't buy that a PH lower then 6.2 or 6.4 affects directly bacterial efficiency at processing fish waste, maybe indirectly by reducing dissolved oxygen….good video tho, Im not trying to bash on you. My anecdotal experience would would not agree with said statement.

  45. Great rich article. Congratulations. For me, one of the best channels on you tube. I have 2 cylinders – 1.5kg co2 and I use them alternately. Filling in PLN costs PLN 14 (3.5 euros). It takes literally 5 m. At the moment I use fertilizer tropica sp. Nutrition. Substrate Adwented Soil. Glass Opti White. 125 letters. greetings .PS. What's your name 😛 ?

  46. Wow, great video, just back from holiday. Soooo much useful information. Thanks for sharing. New season is kicking off on a high.

  47. Slight hearing problem here – I didn't catch what you suggested filling the bubble counter with rather than water. Did you say 'bubble counter solution'?

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