Aquarium DIY Bio Co2 system

Aquarium DIY Bio Co2 system

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  1. Thanks for video dude, but im confused on one point. Why we need 2 bottle? İ see a lot of co2 dıy videos, but they are all time using one bottle. 2 bottle is better or what? 🙂

  2. I do get bubbles inside the water bottle but no bubbles coming to the tank. Can someone please tell me why is that ? is that mean I don't get CO2 inside my tank ?

  3. I have a 40 gal tank (180 litres) would this system work for a tank this size? I have looked at other vidoes which suggest I would need x4 1 Litre bottles! 

  4. guys i tried this method when i first started growing plants.. now am a supplier of aquatic plants here in asia i would rather recommend you to get a bottle of venigar or acetic acid and dilute it to venigar by adding 5ml of acetic acid to 96-100ml of water to get your self made venigar then just add a spoon of baking soda wrapped in a piece of paper and throw it in the bottle with a tube and a air controller this method produces instant co2 and has good preasure then just run the end of the tube to the inlet of your power head which acts as the dispenser best co2 effect you will ever want trust!!

  5. Hey man I have a question- how about acidification of the water due to CO2? What levels are appropriate, what levels are too high? How about if you have crustaceans in the system? please lemme know, thx

  6. Hi, thanks your helpful tutorial video. you said that "during the night time I open the stopcock and the Co2 escapes into the room and not into the tank." so we should never close this system? And during the night time this system must be outside the tank?

  7. my bubble arent reaching in my aquarium. why is that ? there is no leak in the system.. .. . . . bubbles are coming half down the tube in aquarium then retreats to water 

  8. 160 gallon tank, its well work,? how long will it work until you change the water,.in the big bottle?

  9. I follow your style to make diy co2 but why your co2 bubble fizzing so fast and more but my bubble has fizzing but i need to shake the 1 litre bottle then it will become more and fast but after 1 minute it again very slow sometimes it become no bubble at all so i need to shake tell me help what less oy😢????????

  10. Aquanaut2012
    Gracias, muy didáctico, comprensible y fácil de confeccionar. Si no me equivoco creo que el sobre de levadura en polvo es de 95 gramos…¿es correcto?. Dtb.

  11. Hi To All Friends, (Who All Watched the Video Read this too, Interested Peoples)
    One thing, Do the Same Procedure :
    BUT some tips and changes >>

    * For Yeast Just use your hand and blend the sugar for some mins(Like playing with the water, That's it ) Our Hands are enough to make the Superb Yeast.. so don't need to purchase yeast.

    * After Mixing it, If you keep it with closed lid or something Then the temperature will be increased and keep it in Some Hot Places(Not on Sunshine or Stove, etc) But the kitchen is best place..

    * If you have done the above procedure, Next wait for 8hrs to 12hrs or Even More(More hrs, More Yeasts, More Bubbles Lasts) To Get More Yeasts.. You will see more bubbles upon the Mixed Sugar and Yeast after the Hrs…

    * Use light Aquarium Stones to push the air ease..

    I Hope this will Help Someone.. 😉

    Any comments or Suggestions more about this i Like to read it..

  12. DO NOT do ur co2 system from this its totally wrong go else where there r plenty of good vids of co2 systems on youtube this one is not!!!!!!!

  13. hi where will the gas go if you turn of you co2 at night will it just stay in the small bottle is have made one just like yours but mine is use a bubble ladder and i can't turn mine of at night where did you get them valves from i could do with some to turn mine of at night as plants don't need it cheers

  14. As a craft beer brewer I can shed a little light on making yeast last longer and co2 more voluminous. Most of the DIY planted tank systems I see use way too much sugar. If using baking yeast, 1 cup of sugar to 8 cups of water is too much. Baking yeast dies at about 4% alcohol. If using brewers yeast ( available from local or on line home brew sources), then you can use 3 times more sugar to water. Also, dosing a new batch of sugar water with reclaimed yeast will work well for 5 or 8 generations of use. Also using a prepared yeast nutrient which contains diamonium sulfide ( also available from home brew supply) will make yeast last much longer in a nutrient poor solution of table sugar. An addition of a small amount of fruit juice will substitute in a reasonable manner as a substitute for commercial yeast nutrient. Grape juice is especialy fermentable.
    Show less!

  15. so how long does that type of mixture last you on your tank? what are them little silver parts called and great video subbed 🙂

  16. Very nice video, i am pretty new in this hobby and i want to try my luck with a planted 10 gallon. I have found some easy and hardy plant who dont need co2 but still with it its better i guess, so this is a cheap opportunity to test it

  17. OK. This video was made in 2012. It is now 2016. You can buy a DIY CO2 kit on amazon for around $15. Buy a drop counter, co2 diffuser, baking soda, citric adic, and get two 2-liter bottles. Now you have a easy co2 setup. 1:3 citric acid / water ratio. 1:1 baking soda / water ratio. I'm currently doing 1.5 bubbles per second for a 10g heavily planted non-stocked tank.

    I estimate this mixture to last about 2 weeks.

  18. I know you mix the first bottle with warm water and yeast and sugar but Can you explain me what is the other small bottle of water for?

  19. during the night the plants stop using can you stop it during the night?I suppose you cannot simply turn the valve off,the co2 concentrated inside will rise the pressure

  20. Hi
    I did everything same like this and got bubble coming out of the smaller bottle but somehow the CO2 bubles arent coming out from the last tube which go into the fish tank.
    Any idea why it isnt releasing any air out the last tube?

  21. This system work quite well, even better if the bottom of your yeast and sugar holding container is elevated above the water line of the second container

  22. Sir,
    Understand the total procedure but you not mentioned the quantity of active yeast. If possible please share it. Which will be helpful for us.

  23. I tried and all the fish died!
    They suffocated
    Even when I set it up to make it slow
    What about this one now?

  24. i like the simplicity of this video…but i wanna ask if how many ppm of carbon dioxide the solution can produce
    ASAP answer thank you!

  25. What is the point of the intermediate bottle? Why not connecting the CO2 reactor directly to the diffuser?

  26. After 24 H still no bubbles, no idea why not, just put some extra water in the first bottle maybe the suger % you mentioned is to high,

  27. added half lemon juice (juicy) and some already fermenting (1-2 days) apple juice (home made no sugar added) and the fermentation is great

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