Many of you guys have requested this topic. This is the last tutorial in the Green Aqua series and it’s about lighting. Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! And let’s stop here for a moment! Why do I say it’s beautiful? You obviously know the answer, because the aquariums are beautiful. And why are the aquariums beautiful? Let me tell you why! Because of the lighting. So why do I say that lighting is the most important in making an aquarium beautiful? I spent like 20 years in the film industry. And believe me, there’s only one thing, that’s more important than lighting, and that is sound. But we don’t have sound in aquariums, so let’s just take the lighting now. ♪ Give me a light, show me what I need ♪ ♪ I know I’m blind, but I hear symphonies ♪ Light will make the viewer look at the object. And light always attracts attention. In order to achieve the beautiful underwater worlds, you need strong lighting. We are really lucky here at Green Aqua, because in the 10+ years that we’ve been running a Gallery, we tested tens, if not hundreds of different lights. ♪ ‘Cause there’s no going back, no going back ♪ ♪ There’s no going back to your old life ♪ ♪ Not living in the past, we’re over that ♪ ♪I’m feeling it tonight, we’re riding on the dizzying highs♪ So we, at Green Aqua, became subjective with time. And this video is putting an emphasis on the lights that we use. I don’t want to get into technical details. To tell you how strong is a light, when we measure it with a PAR meter. We’ve done a few comparisons of lights in the past. And we’ve also got numerous written articles about that, with photographs and everything, so if you wanna get into technical details, you will be able to do that. All you guys have to do after watching this video, is to choose the light that you like the most, take what we said into consideration and live happily with your aquarium, ever after. ♪ ‘Cause there’s no going back, no going back ♪ ♪ There’s no going back to your old life ♪ ♪ Not living in the past, we’re over that ♪ ♪ I’m feeling it tonight we’re riding on the dizzying highs♪ If you’re into DIY area, then you might be successfully doing your own lights. Here we’re gonna concentrate on brand lighting. So, let’s go! So you’re about to buy a new aquarium and you wanna decide on the lights. You’ve got to answer five questions. Do you have CO2 injection? That’s the most important. If you have CO2, you’re gonna be able to have bright lighting, you’re gonna be able to have that vibrant and lush growth in the tank. If you’re thinking about a low-tech tank however, you cannot buy strong lighting, because that will cause a lot of algae. The second question: How much money you wanna spend on it? Because even if you’re making a high-light tank, you can choose between different products, that come at a different price. Third decision you have to make is that do you want a T5 tube, a fluorescent tube, or an LED light. The fourth thing that you have to consider, is: Are you gonna sit on a couch right next to the light and does strong light bother you, or your spouse. Because if it does, then you shouldn’t choose LEDs, strong LED lights, because they can be really, really strong. The fifth question, you’re gonna to ask yourself, is: Do I want a standard aquarium, or not? If you have a non-standard aquarium however, your choice will be restricted, because you need to fix that light onto something. So what if you just started aquascaping and you want to have some plants in your tank, along the fish and you want to have some light above it, and you don’t know which one to choose. Our first recommendation to that is the Odyssea light. This is an Odyssea T5 tube. This is actually a compact tube. There’s no real difference between a compact tube and a T5 tube. So I think that these come at a very good price. These are entry level lamps. 6500K, this is ideal for the plants. It’s cheap, it comes with this thing, that can be pulled out. You can actually adjust it to your aquarium size. We do have some LED lights, that are cheap and… not cheap, but come at a good price. I don’t like to say cheap. And this is the Dennerle light. Nice light and it’s not very strong, so it’s suitable for non-CO2 environments. Alright, we’re back in business! High-light tanks, CO2 injection, we’re in the high-tech category now. And you’ve got quite a few options there. But be aware! When somebody says that the light is strong, that does not mean that it’s visibly strong. So actually the plants are utilizing something, that is measured with a PAR meter. So if I was on a budget, and I wanted to do a beautiful, but big aquarium, I would probably go for an ATI T5 light. It’s using the Sylvania tubes, the 6500K one, and you’ve also got the reddish tint, which will accentuate the color of the red fish, or the red stems, etc, etc. So what you can do, is just buy a light, that has four tubes in it. Use two tubes normal and two tubes red color. We like the ATI lights so much, that we actually have this above Dave Chow’s aquarium. We have two of them and we also got two of them above Ati’s aquarium in the background, and we’ve got some above the planted tanks here. If you have like a higher tank, then you will need a very much stronger light. That’s where you’ve got to buy some LED lights. And there’s also a very big difference between the LEDs and the fluorescent lights. The LED lights are coming from one source. So they’re coming from one point, which means that you’re gonna have a lot of shadows in the tank. And you will actually see the water surface movement on the gravel. And you will see a so called shimmering effect. The ONF Flat One. It’s a 90 centimeter ONF Flat One and this is the biggest ONF light to date and we’re waiting for a 120 size to be released yet. But this 90 centimeter light is really enough for 120P aquariums. As far as the 60 centimeter tanks go, we’ve got an ONF 60 centimeter light above the 60P tank. We’ve got the TwinStar light there and we’ve got the ADA Aquasky Moon, which has been discontinued. And we’ve got the Aquasky G, this light, the 60 centimeter version of it. And when you’re talking about nano aquariums, that have CO2 injection, I would recommend you to get a TwinStar light, or get an ONF. This is a very sexy small light, the ONF light. Csabi has found me the name of it, it’s ONF Flat Nano and I’ve been presenting you with this light in one of the most popular videos on the Green Aqua YouTube channel, check that out! So let’s talk a little bit about the design considerations. Our favorites in this are are the ADA Solar RGB, the ONF and the MaxLite. All of these are pendant lights, which means that you’ve got to hang them from the ceiling, or just put a shelf above the tank and hang it from there. You will most likely have problems with the lights, that have legs. Kids and animals can knock them over and they can fall into the tank. I did that in one of the videos. Should the light be dimmable? Not necessarily. We don’t dim any of the lights here at Green Aqua. What we do is we switch them on, leave them on for 7 hours and switch them off. Actually the maximum lighting period, that I would recommend is 8 hours. And I would not recommend having a siesta in the middle. If you have longer lighting periods, you’re gonna have probably plant issues after a couple of months. You can adjust the lighting period with a digital timer, or with an analog timer. The analog timers are also really nice. The only problem is that if you have a power outage, then they will stop, so you’ll need to readjust them later. We’ve seen some ADA charts, that plants appreciate the green peak in a spectrum. And when you have that, they can uptake that better. And for example blue light goes in deeper into the water, than red light. We don’t like the concept of manufacturers, who come up with different blue lights, red lights, etc. They’re for show. What we do is we use the 6500K lighting from start to finish. We don’t want to mix our own RGB lights. So actually the 6500K is something, that is very subjective as well. Because you will see that one light is really reddish, the other one is greenish, and both of them will be 6500K. So it’s really, really strange. And I would strongly not suggest you, to look at the numbers on the fact sheets. ONF is a little bit reddish, TwinStar is a little bit reddish, the Solar RGB is also reddish, but not as much. I would say that the Solar RGB, if you can afford it, would be the best solution for a bigger tank. How many Solar RGB would you need above a 90 centimeter tank, a 90P tank? I would just put one. And above a 150P we have two here, and the 180P has three Solar RGBs above it. Thank you! Thank you so much! I’ve got a good life here. Obviously the T5 tubes will have to be replaced every one or two years, depending on the manufacturer. The LED lights are guaranteed, to work for you for a long, long time. Nowadays, these LED lights take up a lot of power. So even a Solar RGB will take almost as much power, as a T5, an ATI T5 fixture. You can buys these Solar RGB shades separately, they’re not included in the light package. Many of you guys have asked us, how far the light is from the rim of the aquarium. So I asked Csabi, to help us measure that and… So can you tell me, how much you have there? [Csabi] Thirty! Thirty! ATI light is… [Csabi] Twenty-seven! Twenty-seven centimeters. And what about Dave Chow’s aquarium? [Csabi] Thirty! Thirty! Okay, so between twenty-seven and thirty for the ATI lights and between thirty and thirty-five centimeters for the Solar RGBs. The top one is the Solar RGB. My favorite light. And it’s quite a sexy light. Look at this! And it’s got the heat dissipating solution. The other one is the ATI light, which is a German manufacturer. It has a really nice body. Not like that! This is the 60 centimeter version. It has six… No, it has 4 tubes in it. Make sure that you buy the good quality T5 tubes in it, because this light comes without tubes. I observed that by the time that I get the tea, it means that we gotta go home. And we gotta wrap this whole thing up. I’ve been talking too much. This wraps up the last tutorial at Green Aqua. I hope that you guys liked, what you saw. We’re gonna do more tutorials maybe, in the future. Please let us know, what we missed. We’ve got all kinds of tutorials here on the channel and please check them out! Please smash that like button, if you like what we did! Subscribe, if you didn’t do so and you’re new to the channel. We’re passing 100K just now and we’re heading off to 200.000, so we gotta double up! Let’s do it guys! And don’t forget that we’ve got one more week for the 100k giveaway, the 1000€ giveaway. Details in the description, and you can come to Green Aqua! You can see these lights for yourselves! Thanks for your support! Thanks for your attention, see you next week! Goodbye! ♪ So give me a light, show me what I need ♪ ♪ I know I’m blind, but I hear symphonies ♪ ♪ Of your heartbeat ♪ ♪ Symphony heartbeat ♪ ♪ Symphony, symphony, symphony heartbeat ♪


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