Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! I’m on my way to the airport again, because we’re having another distinguished guest at Green Aqua. His name is George Farmer! I’m really afraid of what he’s gonna say about Filipe’s tank now, because you know, Filipe took apart his tank. George, I will take good care of the tank for you! So sorry… [laughter] [Niki] There is some glue here. Where? No-no, it’s not me. It was George. My glue was here. Ah no-no, don’t start! Then I’m gonna mess with him, I’m gonna just tell him that he has to take this tank apart, and he’s gonna have to rescape it. Let’s see what he has to say about that! But that’s not the real topic of this video. The real topic of this video is trimming aquarium plants. We’re gonna have a trimming competiton between three pro aquascapers. One of them is obviously George, Welcome to the beautiful world of ADA scissors! The second one is Viktor, my business partner. I will use the wave scissors here, for the carpeting plants. The third one is Tommy, the distinguished Green Aqua team member. Hello guys! Only one is enough for me! [Balazs] Nice T-shirt! So we’re gonna have a competition between them. Guys, stay tuned! I’m off to the airport! George, here we come! I’m gonna mess with him. [Balazs] How fast? 12.5 km/h. Here! Welcome to the beautiful world of the Green Aqua YouTube channel! [clapping] Come with me, I’m gonna mess with George! How do you like Filipe’s tank? Terrible! What the hell have you done? It’s really nice, I really like it. It’s definitely Filipe-style. Cause you know what we’re gonna do?! What? We’re gonna rescape this! Is that a problem for you? Uhm it might be a problem for Filipe… Well he’s not here, is he? [laughter] Guys, we’re gonna start doing this in a couple of hours! Cool. No, it’s not. [laughter] I’m kidding! I know you are! You don’t! I was just playing along. [Balazs] We are shooting a plant trimming, an aquarium trimming session. Nah… [Balazs] Yes, a contest. Three of you guys! We’re gonna have a draw and each one of you guys will get one 120P tank. Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping, right? So we finally have… This is the Green Aqua draw, nobody could decide, which aquarium would be proper for them, right? You know, I have very little experience with stem plants. Okay? So in this video we’re gonna have a trimming competition with George. Tonight, live, at Green Aqua. Alright! Stay tuned, right? Stay tuned, coming up… Aquascaping. Keep on Scaping mate. [Balazs] Why did you choose this aquarium? It was random selection, I wanted that one. I didn’t let him. Are you guys happy? No. Okay, I knew that! Yes, I won. [Balazs] 18… 19… 20… Right, do you want more? [George] 20 more! [Balazs] 20 more? [laughter] I hate you! During this process, you guys will learn how to trim a tank properly. I don’t know if it’s from George or from Viktor. Not from me. We will see! Not from you? [laughter] How many stem plants did you see me use? I don’t do much trimming, so I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and improve my own skills. Not only by trimming, but by using two pairs of scissors. Simultaneously. [Balazs] This is George’s tank, guys. He has like 10 minutes to put it in shape, right? [George] We’re doing it in 10 minutes? Is that all? You do it in 8, right? With the two scissors… I thought I’d do it with three. [laughter] Viktor has my aquarium. It’s had a leak, because we moved it with the heavy rocks inside. So we needed to rescape it. There’s a video about this as well. [Viktor] It’s a bit overgrown, Monte Carlo should be something like this. I’m not sure we can trim it back to this size. Probably the plants would be too yellow underneath. So we’ll try to keep it green, but also trim it back as much as we can. [Balazs] He has two scissors and he’s working by hand! [Viktor] Whoever wins, will get a free dinner tonight, so probably that’s the reason. [Balazs] He’s hungry! Well I think that… [Balazs] Are you hungry? Ah yes, I’m very hungry actually! I think I’ve got the easiest job of the three. But I actually chose this aquarium, because this is the… [Balazs] Because you built it. Yeah, because I built it with Viktor and the other two aquariums, I have nothing to do with them. So yeah, this is my business doing it. My personal opinion is that this would be the easiest to trim and it gives you the most success, so Tommy was the wisest. That aquarium, it’s really difficult. You need to trim all the mosses And also, there are a lot of rocks in here. Check this out! So he just took out everything out from here. I mean what I do… So you see the really, super healthy pieces like this. And we can split this up into small portions. And then we can reattach it to strategic positions like this. [Viktor] Trimming this carpet is probably even harder. [Balazs] Wave type scissors are the best, to trim these kind of plants. [Viktor] They nicely lay down against the carpet, so basically you just need to move the scissors all over. [Balazs] There’s a patch over there, that you can already see that it started to get brownish, or yellow color. [Tommy] There’s no shape for the trimming. Just saving the tops. After I’ve gone through all of it, the “saving”, then I can make the shape I want. And then, put back the top for the same shape. [George] Just really quite brutally hacked this left portion here. It does look quite ugly, because the light has obviously been starving these plants underneath. [Balazs] George’s aquarium has a lower intensity light above it, because we have the new ONF LED light, that I’m gonna get closer to it, and show it to you guys. It has a really nice color, it brings up the reds in the tank, but the intensity is not as high, as with the ADA Solar RGB lights. You have a very strong YouTube channel! We’ve been following you from the beginning and are proud to be a supporter of your activity. Do you like this lifestyle, or is it very tiring? I like it and it’s very tiring. [laughter] Just more of the same old YouTube content, and we’re working quite closely with Tropica, developing like an e-learning video series for retailers. What else do we have plans for… I’m very much looking forward to getting married in November! [Balazs] Congratulations! [George] Thanks mate! And I’m looking forward to the 10th birthday party here in May. Whenever I go to Facebook, I see you almost everywhere! [laughter] Yeah, it’s a busy year! Yeah, I’m just crushing it on YouTube. [laugter] Aquascaping is my absolute passion and… I’m spreading it as far as possible. You know, and it’s… why I love coming to see you guys, cause you guys I think have a similar mission. [Balazs] Why do you keep the scissors on the top of the light? That’s just for backup purposes. Here we go! [Balazs in BKGD] Pretty good! [Balazs] Did you take out any leaves? [Viktor] Not yet, the viewing distance is good enough… [laughter] [George] I think it makes people appreciate the work, the hard work that you guys do as well. Cause I think a lot of people just take for granted, they just see a nice video… and then they probably have to… do us some patronizing, but they might have but they might have very little appreciation of the hard work, that is in behind producing YouTube. Blah, blah, blah… George is talking about YouTube again! [Tommy] I’ve made the shape itself that I wanted to. Actually it’s not exactly what I’m going for, but it’s a good base. I’m gonna start to build it back up in a triangular shape. Now it’s flat, but with the tops put back in, it’s gonna have the same shape as before, but lower. [Balazs] This is a good method to thicken your bush in the background. [laughter] [Balazs] So I’m turning to the guy who came from the UK to explain why he was laughing. I really like thick bushes. [laughter] They make me very happy. This way, the topping itself is just for… you to get a much stronger plant, because the top part is always stronger, than the bottom. So you have nice colors, and you don’t see the trimmed stems. [Balazs] I can see that George made a big mess out of these stems in the background. I’m gonna just get closer, to see what’s happening there. It’s a big mess. You need some plants, mate? I have some color for you! [George] Uhm no, thanks. I’ll let the stems recover and that’ll be fine. [Viktor] That’s your topping method! I’m just literally topping off a decent level around here. Okay. And then… the new growth will come forward obviously. With the good lighting, hopefully. And then you’ll get super nice, rich, colorful growth up here, and then it’ll look beautiful. [Balazs] I was criticizing you, but I have to say you’re right. The tank will look amazing in a couple of days. This is why I don’t use stem plants. Matching, in my own layouts at home. The foreground already looks better, It’s lined up. I need to continue on the right-hand side And we’ll see if I need to trim a little bit on the top. Maybe just remove some leaves from the Cryptocorynes, Refine the shapes of the Riccardia patches here and there. [George] It doesn’t look any different! Yeah, it’s the same! [laughter] Wow, yeah, that is like rubber… It’s like rubber, yeah! That is crazy! You can imagine trying to… if we ripped it all out and replanted it, like… Yeah, in another life. [laughter] [Tommy] If you’re lazy enough, you can make the Monte Carlo thick enough to float. I’ve actually done it at home. [Balazs] How did you do that? Not trimming for about… 6 months. Too much light, too much CO2… I think I’m actually done, the shape is back in. We have some leftover plants, still. Maybe we’ll use it to clean up after George, because he killed all the stem plants in there. [Balazs] I don’t know George, they’re all coming after me, like criticizing you here. I know. It’s just cause I’m not Hungarian! I think you’ve been racist. [laughter] Aquascaping is about balancing chaos with order. Depending on your taste and the style you wanna go for, depends on how much chaos and how much order you want. And obviously as it grows and evolves, its balance shifts and maintenance is all about controlling this balance. [Balazs] I would take the Riccardia from down there and just place it over there, in-between the roots. At the bottom, behind the roots. [Balazs] Yeah, that’s it, baby! Much better! Gábor is a maintenance expert here at Green Aqua. [Gábor] Hi everybody! He’s a tall guy, so it’s not a problem for him, to have tanks like this. [laughter] [Gábor] Yes of course! [Viktor] It’s super easy for him. My name is George Farmer, and I’m the new maintenance guy. Here, at Green Aqua. They got me a little bed, in the corner of the room, over there. And I’m never allowed home again. For me, the foreground is a little bit empty, and I can still see some signs of… of… [Tommy] Carnage. Of a… Not carnage. Right? Carnage? [George] I’m not finished yet! [George] I’m not finished! [Balazs] This is a subjective thing! Obviously this will also need some time, to be ready. I really like the job that Viktor did. It’s a subtle trimming, it’s not something heavy. You can destroy simple layouts like this with heavy trimming, because the bottom of the plants will show up. It will be ugly for weeks maybe, so I think he did a really nice job. George is as well, just saying. [Tommy] Be careful what you say, this thing is quite heavy and I’m standing in front of you. This is my favorite trimming work. [Tomy] That’s it.
[Balazs] I’m not kidding! It’s my favorite! It looks like you did nothing to it, which is my main point in trimming an aquarium. [George] It’s really a good lesson for the viewers to see three different types of trimming. In an aquascaping store that we are in today. Ideally, you want aquascapes to a 100% all the time. You can achieve maybe sort-of 90%. You know, at the moment it’s sort of 30%, but it’ll look kind of you know, 90-95% in 10 days. And then in-between here, we’ve got Tommy’s version, which is sort of 80-85 percent, but it’ll look amazing again, in a few days. Hi everyone, thanks for joining and welcome into a livestream here, at the beautiful world of aquascaping, that is Green Aqua. [Balazs] Viktor, Viktor, Viktor, Viktor… George… Tommy, Tommy… Viktor has won. Congratulations to Viktor! [applause] [Balazs] And the official winner of tonight is… Viktor! Come here! [applause] So he was… It’s official, because it’s George’s channel, so you guys are wonderful, thanks for everything! And now, he’s gonna get the free dinner from Green Aqua. The best! The best, what I can get. What? Welcome! No, it’s not welcome, it’s the end of the show! It’s goodbye, no welcome! It’s the beginning of the end… It’s the beginning of the end. Guys, it’s the beginning of the end. Viktor is getting his well deserved dinner. So it took around an hour, to complete this whole thing. I hope you guys liked it, so please don’t forget to comment, whose is your favorite scape, still. [laughter] Yeah, you can… Cool! So… Alright, so thanks for staying here with us, and please subscribe if you didn’t do so yet, or hit the bell button, to get notified of our future uploads and we’ll see you next week! Keep on scaping! Keep on scaping! Cheerio! ♪ Life is worth living ♪ ♪ And you… Give me all your lovin’ ♪ ♪ And our love… Is a chain reaction… ♪ ♪ It comes with spurns, so let’s keep this livin’ ♪ ♪ Leave all the fears that you have behind ♪ ♪ And we break every curse on the line ♪ ♪ Can’t stop ♪


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