– Welcome to Green Aqua. My name is Viktor Lantos, and we will do some
trimming today on this one. Shoom. (upbeat music) Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you, I trimmed this tank two days ago but I didn’t have time to
record the intro for that. So, in the meantime, not
just the plant got shorter but my hair too. We match perfectly, right? (soft music) – All right, after the short introduction, let’s see what we have here. This aquarium is a 64 liter tank. 60x30x36. Quite of a standard 60p size aquarium. Built by my colleague
over a year ago actually in last May or so in our old show room. The main goal was there
to show kind of a simple, minimalistic tank to our visitors. So there wasn’t really a goal to do a kind of a scaping on this tank but something easy, which
you can do at home anytime. We’ve used minimal plants like hemianthus cuba, acicularis mini. We also used, at the
very beginning we used Rotala micro under a red mini to show deep red, small
plants in the aquarium. But after many months we
decided to just change it to something easier because
that needed much more light. Okay so going back to the tank, it has a Twinstar 600S
light, as you can see. We have the Eheim Pro 4
350 filtration under that, pressurized CO2 with
blast diffuser from ADA. We have a Twinstar in the
tank, a skimmer from Eheim. We are using our own salt
water in all of our tanks. In this too, and the room is
kind of an air conditioned. So the water temperature
is always below 25 celsius. We are using the ADA Fertilizers +K and the step two, all the
new the K and the mineral. And additional to that we’re using the seeker max on a daily basis. We’ve used ADA Amazonia power sand as a substrate. Also on a plot of sand we
used stones for the decoration and like I said be used
hemi and the scooper for the carpet declines mixed
in with the alocoris mini. And now we have brought Rotala sp. green and Rotala Vietnam ‘H’ra in the tank. So the plants were really overgrown and we wanted to just cut it
back to be in shape again. And this trimming session is
is mainly about putting back the plants to shape and doing a quick water change after that. So the whole maintenance will
be around 16 minutes or so. So please sit back and relax, or have a cup of coffee in the meantime. (upbeat music) So currently I’m trimming down the plants due to a very short height. And I tried to save the
nicest part of the plants and put this out to a tray
so at least I have a visual on the layout and I can
work in it later on. It’s always a great idea to
save your best part of the plant and just put it back to the aquarium to have the best appearance. We have many questions from
our visitors at how we reach those deep red colors or
special colors for the plants. This is a must to reuse the cutting and just replanting to the aquarium. (upbeat music) So I did a kind of a curve
shape, it’s much interesting than just trim it in
the line and be without any shape at all you will see at the end. And now I just trim out, we
had different plants there we’ve kind of using this tank
as an experimental thing. And we are replacing our
plants timely just to show an example to our visitors and we also try it ourselves. (upbeat music) Yeah, now I’m cleaning up
the riccia from the grass. it’s everywhere as you
know in the planter tank. Even here where we don’t
have any moss at all. With your scissors you
easily can remove it. (upbeat music) And the scissors am
using the ADA spring tool the 17 centimeter, I think
this is the best tool available on the market. It’s very pricey but, it’s
something that you buy once in your life and we
will be super happy by that. And you will use it with every trimming every planting every of your aqua scaping. So if it’s not your first tank and you’re addicted to the hobby, I highly recommend to
get perfect tool for you because it’s really enjoyable
to work with a pro tool. It’s super easy, it has a minimal weight,
ergonomic, it’s super fine, it’s very sharp all the time we never need to sharpen these scissors. It’s a perfect one,
there’s a straight version and a curved version,
depending on your needs. I do use both of them. (upbeat music) And here is the replanting
part I usually pick three or four cuttings
and put it back to tank. it doesn’t need to be in the soil because the plant will root itself,
it’s possible push apart. And then also will root
in the soil later on, so it’s just a matter of time. But it’s perfectly safe to keep it there. It will not rot, it will
have new fresh roots, and will grow quickly in a week or so. (upbeat music) Rotala sp. green is in the mean time is going to the back part of
the tank, and on the left side. (upbeat music) Meanwhile I really tried to
keep the red in the focus here, so the Rotala Vietnam ‘H’ra is something which catch your eyes when
you walk next to the aquarium and we will use kind of a mixture of the red and green stamp plants to have a great color contrast there. (upbeat music) Water sp. green if you’re
planting to the side it will lay down onto the carpet
and will grow very nicely. So I highly recommend this plant even for a small aquarium like this. But we also using this in
our large 650 liter tank. (upbeat music) The whole process of this
replanting depend on your speed is around an hour on this tank. I really just cut out every unnecessary video stops here so you can
see this kind of speed up. Yeah and you know if you’re
kind of an old guy like me and after some time you
get tired, just get a seat and have a desk next to
your tank and with the tray you can sit and do it really comfortably. It doesn’t need to be
too hard for your back and for you at all (upbeat music) So one thing when you’re
replanting these gardens I usually separate out
the different plants, Rotala sp. green is not
mixed with anything else Or this Rotala Vietnam ‘H’ra. Here just using a few cuttings from each and planting to one position. This will have a better
appearance than mixing up. Just plant it in a group. (upbeat music) So soon we are getting
there, where I want it to be, as you see I trimmed it very low but with the planting
back these small cuttings, the stem plants that are really short, like five centimeter or so. Here I hide the hole in the
center because that disturb me, so I use the Rotala sp. green. And because of the dual
tone color, I felt that it could be much more interesting, so I used an Aquaflora
pneumophila sp. Vietnam. This is a kind of an orangy plant and it match perfectly with the leaf shape of the existing plant. So I decided to use it on
the back of the tank behind the sp. green and the Rotala ‘H’ra. (upbeat music) Again just using a couple stems
here and there just to have kind of mixed feeling and you already can see that the tops would
be orange pinky color. That will soften up the contrast
between the green and red and we’ll give a much more natural look. (upbeat music) Yeah this one part is just
massive on top of the plant, so huge kudos to Aquaflora to producing such a beautiful plant. (upbeat music) Going back to the a little
bit to the light we’re using. Yeah, it’s good. It’s much better than it
was before, thanks Victor. (chuckles) (upbeat music) Right so going back to the
light a bit just doing stuff sits on the rest is highlighting
the red color a bit. meanwhile the green also looking good. If you’re focusing to red plants a light which is highlighting the
red is much more preferable. So it’s working quite well
we are not dimming down this strong light we’re
using with full power and it works perfect for us here. So now you see I’ve changed
the scissor to Wave scissor from ADA, this is also a very
nice carpet trimming a tool. And I speeded up the video
here to 200% just to make it more interesting, actually,
it’s maybe a little more faster. (upbeat music) This aquarium as I
mentioned is over a year old and in this time the
anemone and the scubas are starting to float up,
to lift up from the carpet. It doesn’t matter what
you do after some time, it may be need to be
replaced, so I’m trimming this carefully here to avoid
that and I’m trimming mainly the foreground part and
keep the back the same. It doesn’t matter if you trim
it too much and you will see brown patches here and there
because plants will grow back and you also can fix it anytime. (upbeat music) I’m trimming the plants
in between the rocks too. The instrument shape will give ’em. Yeah, kind of a fixed look, not a neglected
one if you understand what I mean. (upbeat music) So now I need to change my hand because the other part also need to be trimmed. It’s very thick on the front. We’re not sure how long we
will keep this layout, but in the meantime, we
wanted to fix the plants and give it around for
maybe a few more weeks or a few more months, we will see. And then we will change the
layout to something else for our visitor’s pleasure. (upbeat music) We are trimming the grass in the back too, if I do a trimming it’s always good idea you’re refreshing your carpet. (upbeat music) And as you see the fish
is doing quite well, so it’s speeded up maybe you see them swimming back and forth but it’s really not a shocking part for them. (upbeat music) Okay I turned on back the
filter and also the skimmer a little bit just to clean
up the mess but I wasn’t 100% confident about the water clarity so I do a quick 40% water
change approximately. I clean the carpet part,
removing the dirt from there. And just making sure that
you’re not sucking out any of the algae eaters, or the fishes in the aquarium in the meantime. With a paper towel you
can remove the plants from your glass easily. So whenever we do a water change and if we’ve trimmed the carpeting plants, we’re using the skimmer just pushing down to the water level and
we’re using the skimmer just to to clean up the surface. Meanwhile we are filling up the water. And this quite powerful and it’s removing most of the floating parts. (upbeat music) I’m filling up with the Arrow water and I will not remineralize the water because, we have serious
stones here which is hardening the water condition anytime. And we don’t have a
problem with the shrimp. So it’s not really enough
necessary to put it back. GH booster, something like that. (upbeat music) And now we are ready with the task. Skimmer is running, filter is running. We’re turning on the Finster back. CO2 wasn’t turned off,
if it’s a problem for you because you are losing too
much, you can turn it off. For a small tank like this
during the one hour maintenance it’s not causing any problems,
so it’s not a big mistake if you are leaving this on for that time. And for sure please do
not change the valve. Just shut off the electric valve or just close the tap
on your cylinder because then it will be much harder to refine again your CO change action if you change the valve position. As you see the water is
cleared up in one hour or two. It’s not a perfect
cleaning, it wasn’t goal to make it like a crystal clear tank. I knew that maybe need an hour or two and the tank would be
completely cleared up. (upbeat music) It’s fine for now we will
have maintenance understand with the filter cleaning later on. I just wanted to do some water
change and some trimming. So now if you go back and see the position where we started and say
this current trimming the tank doesn’t need to be look like it’s a trimmer tank at all,
so that’s the main goal. Always get the best colors
from the upper in this way, so we frequently use this technique. (upbeat music) Now see after three or four hours the tank is completely cleared up. We have a few floating
pieces, but that’s all. It’s cleared, and it’s ready to grow again (upbeat music) That was it. Please subscribe if you haven’t
done that or hit the bell to get notified about the new updates. We will have new video weekly from now. So you will see new installations. You will see tank overviews,
you will see maintenance tasks. We tried to get a brief
overview on whatever we do in our daily basis or
at least in our gallery, and also in our other projects. So thank you for your time guys and see you in our next video. (upbeat music)


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