1. Yeah the new diorama tank is the most beautiful when you see it with your own eyes. I was visiting green aqua in person. Their gallery is a must STOP by in Budapest. Greetings from Slovakia 🙂

  2. Do you guys hire people to your shop whom are already professional aquascapers or you teach them everything about this profession/hobby? 🙂 I’m just curious, so pls tell me the requirements 😀

  3. Well done on the milestone guys! Just another idea for a video – how to plumb a dual filter setup. I know I could find info on this elsewhere, but I'd prefer to watch a Green Aqua video rather 😉

  4. Keep up this amazing job you are doing!!!You are the best for me!!!Good luck to everyone!!!!Love from Greece 😍😍

  5. Congratulations on the almost 100k subscribers, and congratulations to George (lol calling him in the middle of the night).

    Love seeing what you guys come up with for tank designs and all the great educational videos!

    Keep up the great work and thanks for the laughs! 🥰

  6. You are right, trial n errors, funny most of the questions raised here are answered in your previous episodes. You truly enjoy what you are doing, that's why we enjoy watching.

  7. Thank you very much for showing my comment.. i'm really happy! the staghorn algae in my tank is kinda different because its has green colour just like green thread algae and thinner than normal staghorn algae but i'm gonna follow your instruction to cut the infected leaves and add liquid carbon.. hope they will gone

  8. Another great video guys 🤙💚🌱keep them coming and it was amazing to visit today. Thank you for your time.

  9. What does Green Aqua do for voluntier, i think you do a great Job, it‘s verry stylish an i like it, and the People around your Shop?

  10. Well done guys on getting to 100. ..😀best aquascaping channel on YouTube , no offence to George farmer 😂😂😂

  11. Great vid again and informative. You guys have access to all the equipment,plants were cost is not really an issue. I would love to see a friendly competition between you all to Scape say a 60/90 cm tank with a maximum budget of say £300 to £400 or euros for all scaping, substrate, rocks, wood, plants etc with cost calculated at shop prices. Would be interesting what you could come up with and who can get the best out of their budget.

  12. Balazs reading my comment? Yeah I freaked out. Love that you guys are interactive with your viewers, keep it up!!

  13. I just congratulated George on his 100k sub yesterday but i'm not going to do it here prematurely. LOL
    I believe over the longer term, you guys are going to beat George because you have more help with video filming and editing, is better able to interact/engage with your viewers through your comments section and most importantly having a shop with lots of scapes & equipments to talk about or projects to inspire us. The fact that you guys only do one video a week and is getting the kind of growth in subscriber numbers that you are getting is really phenomenal !

  14. Dear Balakaz
    I am very much disappointed with my tank because in my tank everything is fine but green spot algae is always come back.
    I scratch the surface and change water week but its come back.
    Help me to eradicate it.😕

  15. I have just one question…Where are my 1000EUR from the contest???? I need it to visit green aqua 😀 … Guys thanks a lot for your hard work and for the inspiration you give to the community

  16. Hi balazs
    I have 80*40*45 (144L)tank & height is 45 cm . I wanna buy proper light for my tank so do you think Odyssea Quad 4×24 W T5 is enough or I need more light for example 6x24w T5 ?

  17. Even in a Q&A your content is amazing. I can only hope to one day be able to pull off the level of quality you do Balazs! If I won, I think I'd have to try a find a way to visit Green Aqua in person, it's just too dang pretty out there, I have to see in person! Keep up the amazing work!

  18. I understand the desire to not get overly complicated, but sometimes skipping the details can be confusing especially to beginners. For example, for the water hardness question you answered that people should keep their water hardness below 160 TDS. But TDS is not equivalent to hardness unless you're starting with RO water and remineralizing. Beginners aren't likely using RO water so now they're left thinking that their tap water may be too hard to grow plants even though the TDS reading may be from other solids dissolved in the water.

  19. Congratulations on soon to be 100k subs! Your scapes are amazing and a constant inspiration to me. Have a question for your next Q&A: To all the Green Aqua team, who is your favourite professional aquascaper working today and what do you like most about their scapes?

  20. Thursday has now become my favourite day of the week! Keep up the great work guys. 100k by next Thursday? Easy! 👍😊

  21. I have a 2 month old scape and using co2 and fertilizer. I’m having trouble keeping the brown alge on the plants. My light is only 27 wats is this the issue that I need to get a stronger light.

  22. Yayye finally 100k..well in advance before December 2019 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 heartiest congratulations from India 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊 now you can say " Welcome to the beautiful 100k family of greenaqua" 😜😜😜

  23. Would you, or do you know if any pro aquascapers use Ceratophyllum demersum aka Hornwort in their aquascapes? Love to hear your's and anyone else's opinion on this plant. Not many videos about it out there. One said it's a weed like Lemnoideae aka Duckweed that will overtake the tank, another said it's a really good plant.

  24. Hey There 😀

    Have follow you for like 8 mounth.
    I like your channel alot for info to use.
    Could you make a amazona scape for Angel fish and Neon tetra. i need some good tips and tricks for my scape in my 530 Liters aquarium

    Thx for the QA 😀

  25. I'm interested in making my first tank but I live in Northern Canada and have no access to plants as even by mail they are not likely to survive the long trip. I've looked on Amazon and they have seeds available. What are the chances a complete newbie could successfully grow aquatic plants from seed?

  26. Hi from Lithuania. Hope your chanel will reach 100k subscribers soon! Good luck and already waiting for next great videos!

  27. Thanks for your reply in the video.
    I'm really amazed by the size of the cup 😂😂😂
    Big mind needs big cup of green tea I suppose 😂😂

  28. I don't trust purigen anymore as it killed most of my fish after the regeneration phase…..and Yes is did leave it in de-chlorinated safe and prime water for a few days. It did not work.

  29. Congrats! Great Videos! I have a q: I need to move a 45P and 30C ADA tanks, so I can work on the stand, how low do I have to empty them to move them? Do I need to remove all the shrimp and fish and pull out decor, or can I drain them down 80% and move them to a new location for a short time, then move them back without breaking them?

  30. We love Q/A sessions Balazs! 😂😂😂❤❤❤ PS. You do remember I will be there in March right??? 😂😂😂

  31. Great vid again, there were some very interesting comments(lol) , mine was called about mr Chow and right after came mr Oliviera s comment, must be a coincidence but still I m heard. I go and see what to do for the contest,really want to visit GA and meet you guys. Gives me also the opportunity to visit Peter and help him out with his DIY pondfilter, dirty job but somebody has to do it.
    Just a matter of time and GA does 500 k subs ,I think in 2020 you are half way there. Just keep doing what you r doing,congrats on the first milestone.( 100 k subs).

  32. Will you make a landscape for Mikrogeophagus ramirezi and Hemigrammus erythrozonus some day? I realy love them but they´re brutal considering their demands on water and plants as well as lighting. SInce they´re rather peacefull i guess they will like the shrimp companions you prefere for algea "maintanence".

  33. Hello to my friend from Hungary!!!!!
    💜💙💚💛❤️🧡🌞💕😃🏖️🐬🐳🐋🐠🐙🦀🦑🐟😊🦐🦈love from beutiful Greece💜💙💚♥️🧡❤️💛💕🐋🐠🐙🦀🦑🐟🦐🐬🐳🦈

  34. well.. Urgent suggestion for a new video… I LOVE shallow tanks where the plants grow above water level… but it's hard to find good videos about how to create one.. the green machine made some, but it is always build with smaller plants and not with echinodorus growing emersed for example..

  35. I learn a lot here, theres no more video to watch, tnks for all the knowledge you guys share ! Godbless

  36. Liked the Q&A. Looking forward to you hitting the 100k..Haha seriously need to get a big mug like yours for my tea. 🙂

  37. Greetings from Sri Lanka.
    Always enjoy the videos in GA Channel. So excited to see a video dedicated to 100k. I just finished the 3rd aquascape in my aquascape addicted life 😉 It's all because of your motivation and other giants(Specially Takashi Amano) in aquascape world. Thank you all so much!!!

    Question – Will you please explain the lighting duration of a newly planted aquascape? Thank you!

  38. ah the world of youtube comments, a place where 90% of people are hostile and firefights break out every 5 minutes

  39. Currently i m using white background for my aquascape… but i think a black background will be very good… please suggest a best background for aquascape in your opinion!

  40. It's really nice to have a video where you are answering alot of quires that we hobbies have. I'm still giving it my best with my planted tank and like you said we all learn from our trials and errors…..Love your work, keep the video's coming……Cheers…

  41. could you explain pros and cons using activated carbon-ed filter, some say it can also neutralized liquid fertilizer, is that true?

  42. Iam from Germany so i say it in German:
    Dein Kanal ist witzig, interessant, informativ, abwechslungsreich, spannend, nie langweilig, etc, etc, etc.
    The translation u must do alone 🤣👍🤗
    Weiter so…

  43. Green Aqua is my favorite aquatic channel on YouTube! Your English is very outstanding love listening to your pronunciations of plants and live stock. Truly inspired me to setup my biggest and best planted tank so far. Thanks my dudes! keep up the hard work!

  44. Greetings from India..
    I have built a 30P tank and my area water is having tds of 340..will my plants gets affected,i have planted s.repens and alternanthera reinicki, cryptocoryne willisi and anubias barteri.

  45. Last week we could finally visit you in Budapest to see the place personally. The tanks were really beautiful. Our son, who is almost 4 years old is a great fan of Green Aqua videos and "Balázs bácsi" so he was searching him, but he became a little bit sad that he could not find him there. 🙂

  46. You skills is pure, and simple, and your content is always worth watching. You realy shows aquascaping isn't only for asian 😂 😂 although i am asian. Congrats for 100k ❤ ❤ ❤

  47. I love the Q/A that we get on the comments all the time, thanks for taking time to respond our inquires. Greeting from Colombia 👍👍

  48. Loved this session. thanks Balazs for taking the time and putting the effort answering fans questions. Im gonna check that algae video again as I need some tips to fix my tank. you guys ROCK! 2000 more subs to hit the milestone!

  49. hola green aqua una pregunta ,el skimmer de superficie eheim 350 cuantas horas tiene que estar en funcionamiento saludos y gracias sois los mejores

  50. Hi there. I'm a bit angry. Partly because of you guys, I have already spent nearly 3000 euros because your enthusiasm is so contagious that I have finally taken the step to take my first steps in aquascaping without ever having touched an aquarium 🙂 ( still gathering all hardware @ the moment, but almost there ). Thank you for all the time you invest in this channel. After endlessly playing videos again, taking notes or just watching again because some are just hillarious (guest artists and your team). Thank you for explaining everything in a clear way (understandable for a newcomer). I would spend the 1000 euros on some expert advice, here at my house to realize my first aquascape (ADA 90x45x45) from greenaqua experts 🙂 :-). All kidding aside, keep up the good work, thank you for discussing some topics again. Yet a small request ….. are there affordable solutions to automatically test the water quality and to link auto dosing to this? Or can you explain more about the different types of lighting (strength, color) and the impact on the depth of the aquarium/plants? Or on the selections of fish based on there carater and impact on your hardscape. Greetings from Belgium

  51. Is that feasible for Green Aqua to start business in China, as you may probably know that there is a biggest e-commerce platform in CN called "Taobao" which archive 20Billon USD at 11/11 2018. I think it will bring you millions of fans from CN. 🙂

  52. Dear Balazs , amazing what they do, keep it up , when the subtitles in Spanish? greetings from Argentina !!

  53. Great q/a. Loving your work as always. Green tea should become a law, can’t live without it! One problem with the videos, I now can’t decide between diorama or nature for my next scape, too many great ideas in the content to choose from!?!? Love from the UK to all at Green Aqua, keep it up! D

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