Aquascaping Lab – Synodontis Petricola “dwarf” catfish description / pesce gatto scheda tecnica

Aquascaping Lab – Synodontis Petricola “dwarf” catfish description / pesce gatto scheda tecnica

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this video tutorial we are talking about Synodontis petricola “dwarf” a particular kind of Catfish is a small freshwater fish that comes from Mochokidae family originally from the area of ​​Tanzania in Africa Malawi Lake, the Sahara desert and Rift valley area This fish dont grow very much therefore is suitable for not very large aquariums elongated shape, it has no scales but a very smooth skin and speckled black on brown black fins with white outlines, well-pronounced white mustache and forked tail fin His mouth is typical of catfish located in the lower part much sought for its particular swim reminiscent of a shark and his unusual intelligence Very compatible with other fish and aquarium community it tends to hide during daylight hours and to go out during the hours of darkness to look for food on the bottom but also on the surface It ‘a oviparous fish and the difference between male and female is unnoticeable only for greater roundness in the belly of female and the pointed male genital papilla you must to know that home made reproduction is very difficult but if you have a couple, you can see that swim together and is very cute opposed to what we usually think of all “cleaner fishes” dont eat dirt or excrement is an omnivorous fish so it’s recommended to give flakes or bottom tablets but also Napulii brine shrimp or bloodworms pay attenction to other little fry It is very adaptable to many water values Cost to purchase around 10/15€ for the proper management of the water values as PH GH and Temperature for increased powder and Acquaintances on fish care from breeding of fry to disease prevention I invite you to click on the english playlist “acquascaping and technical advice” thank you for watching this video tutorial write a comment for any question and click on like Subscribe on Aquascaping lab channel for other video and news

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  1. Syn. Petricola es not from Lake Malawi, its from Lake Tanganyika. There is another species which is known in the trade as "dwarf petricola" which is Synodontis Lucipinnis, just to clear up any confusion in your title with the word "dwarf"

  2. Ottimo video! Ho acquistato un pesce gatto nano molto simile a quello del video, solo che il mio è marrone con poche macchie nere e il ventre e bianco con maculature nere molto fitte, la coda e rotonda senza biforcature, sapete dirmi di che specie si tratta? Grazie

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