Asia’s Biggest Aquarium Fish Market Kolathur (Chennai, Tamilnadu ,India) with english subtitles

Asia’s Biggest Aquarium Fish Market Kolathur (Chennai, Tamilnadu ,India) with english subtitles

Today we are going to see about asia’s biggest aquarium fish market kolathur its a heaven for pet lovers because here you can find all kinds of fishes and pet animals People are coming from different place to purchase their favourite pets and approximately 1.5 to 3.5 lakhs people visit this place daily how kolathur becomed asia’s biggest fish farm house how they started we asked this kind of question to the people around but they hesitated because most of them all uneducated and shyness infront of camera and mic But we gathered the information from them to convey to our viewers
let see those informations in 1980’s they started a fish farm house here they started as small scale industries the main reason to start here is the water availability from rettari river and less population at this place they run the business in successful manner time runs people started to migrate this place due to water scarcity and hike in land value so they find difficult to run this business here so they swifted their fish farm business redhills and gummidipondi which was located 10 km distance from here they converted kolathur as sales hub for aquarium fishes now redhills and gummidipondi becomed fishing farm and kolathur as sales place now kolathur becomed asia’s biggest market for aquarium fishes they are exporting the aquarium fishes to different countries like japan, china , taiwan Singapore , Malaysia , Srilanka more than 100 shops are available here and selling 2000+ variety of aquarium fishes here you can find all kind fishes and colors suppose if you cant find the right one that you need They will arrange and give it to you that is the specialty of this place they are doing both whole sale as well as retail Based on variety and quality price will be fixed Starting price of aquarium fish is 1 Re cheap and best place for pet lovers Either you are from chennai or nearby chennai OR from some other place If u visit chennai or you came nearby kolathur Visit this place without fail you will be amazed by seeing more crowd for pet lovers more no variety fishes ,cheap prices In starting they businessed only aquarium fishes later based on customer interest and demand they start selling of other animals too They changed kolathur as perfect pets market here you can find all kind of imported Dogs, cats, parrots, pigeons , love birds People visit this place to purchase their favourite pets so pet lovers visit this place one time then it will be your habbit

28 thoughts on “Asia’s Biggest Aquarium Fish Market Kolathur (Chennai, Tamilnadu ,India) with english subtitles

  1. Naanum kolathur pathi oru vlog panllanu nechaen,neenga panteenga.
    Anyway good effort.
    Kolathur is really a paradise for me.

  2. I'm mohanbabu from krishnagiri… Nan fish enga local areala illadha varieties directa kolathur vandhu dhan vangitu poren… Nalla imported gold fish varieties iruka shop name and address kudunga bro pls…

  3. Hi friend, Video is nice and more useful, I planned ro keep parrot, Green terror, Sevron, Peacock cichlid and mono angel in 3 feet tank, kindly advise your opinion

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