[ASMR] Amazing Monster Fish Blackmouth angler👾통 아귀 수육+아귀 튀김 먹방 Eatingsound Realsound Mukbang

[ASMR] Amazing Monster Fish Blackmouth angler👾통 아귀 수육+아귀 튀김 먹방 Eatingsound Realsound Mukbang

Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. Today I will be trying a monkfish. It’s my first time seeing alive monkfish. Its mouth is this much big. Please click go back button if you feel uncomfortable with watching alive monkfish. Let me take it out first. If you get bitten, your hand will be gone. I will be careful. I’m scared. This one just tried to bite me. I want to show you guys with my hand holding it. But it’s so scary. Seriously this one looks scary. Wow.. I’m horrified. If you push the mouth.. No~~ Don’t get close to me. I want to show you guys but I’m scared. Anyways, this part is very solid. It’s very strong. The bottom part looks like this. Monkfish lives in a deep sea. Stay away! I can touch it! Tail is moving.. The tail.. I got this!! If you watch the side part, you can see the leaf hanging. I guess it’s because this fish lives in a deep sea. It’s my first time holding a monkfish with my hand. Incredible! I will start cookking. Please click “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons! It’s almost done. It’s a fried monkfish. and a steamed monkfish. It’s gonna be a good meal. You can see its orginal shape still remaining. The tail part is awesome. I will put some sauce on the tail. Fire spicy chicken sauce. I will try it. This is the bone. It’s very chewy and it does not taste like a fish. Monkfish skin contains lots of collagen that’s good for your skin. I feel like I’m getting pretty. It’s so yummy! This time, I will be trying a fried monkfish. This one I cut it in a half since I fried it. The tail. Wow.. it looks so yummy.. Seriously it’s so tasty for real. Trying the body part this time. There is lots of meat inside. (I love the texture of bean sprouts) The body part of fried monkfish. (I didn’t even know something was on my mouth) I need a coke. Do you guys know what it is? This is the river of monkfish. I will try it. (This is a precious food ingredient) What would it taste like? It just disappears. Like a tofu, soft and creamy. It doesn’t smell fishy at all. It tastes just like very nutty tofu. There is also lots of meat in a fried monkfish. I will put some water parsley with a sauce. The scent of water parsley just goes perfect with monkfish. Its mouth is still.. Oops. It hurts!! Look at this very thick bones. Today I tried a monkfish~ How was it? I might not be able to go to sleep tonight since this food is good for stamina. Please click “Subscribe” and “Like”!!

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  1. 아니 도무지 이해가 안되네요
    살아있는 애를 가지고 장난치는것도 아니고 보여줄거면 제대로 놓고 카메라를 확대하던가
    저렇게 살아있는 생선을 장난감 굴리듯이 대하는모습 너무 보기 안좋아요 보니까 중간중간에 일부러 툭툭 치시면서 때리시면 시비를 거는데 살려고 바둥거리는애를 무섭다하고 오바떨고 아니 무서우면 가만히 놔두시던가요 ..;;

  2. 안녕하세요, 살아있는 바다 생물과 함께 비디오를 제작 해 주셔서 감사합니다. 나는 항상 매우 흥미 롭습니다. 보라색 너 💜

  3. 你是一個妓女,只傷害動物而擁有更多的追隨者,在所有業力到來之後,你很幸運以這種方式取得成功

  4. I love your outfit😅 btw do u see random fishes everyday and looking for a YouTube fish -able to eat and make tons of likes and subscribers?
    (No hate)

  5. 당신의 입이 화상 않았다 화재의 후회? 그렇지 않으면 위험이 맛있는 보이는 그냥 그 음 첫 번째 부분에 대해 잊을 수 있습니다 … 그 롤 일어난 적이 없다

  6. I subscribed to her channel just to watch her reactions when she trying to get the animals that are alive to not bite her but get in her hand lol

  7. You should try to make a monkfish stew its made with the intestines and the actual fish meat. I here it taisty amazing

  8. Amistades me da un buen de nervio ver esto pero tengo que ver el desenlace xd para ver si alguno de estos días la ataca un animal por jugarle al vergas

  9. Am I the only one that has to check every single cm for the lil bones? Like… I don't like when I swallow the bones with the meat…

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