Atlas Monroe’s Numbers Cause Confusion – Shark Tank

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  2. Back in July, we reviewed this INCREDIBLE Atlas Monroe vegan fried chick'n on our channel! We are a vegan family with six picky kids, who looove Atlas Monroe's food. We believe their vegan fried chick'n is a billion-dollar product. There is truly nothing else like it. Shark Tank was only the beginning! I can't wait to see who will help them take their business to the next level. Proud supporter!! 💚

  3. She was to confident and naive on her future revenue. She thinks she can make 12k a day, everyday. Plus, her body language was too loud.

  4. Honestly they should have took the deal, if they offered 1m for the company with no royalty I would decline but a 10% royalty for doing nothing have no headaches, on top of the million they gave you seems worth it to me

  5. She should have negotiated the deal instead of just straight up walking away. It's almost like she didn't really want one.

  6. Next week on Shark Tank:

    "Hi, my name is Barbara Cornican, I've got vegan fried chicken, can I please have $1 million?"

  7. Is this a trans couple? The bearded one looks like a f to m trans and the one in the dress looks like a m to f with a nose job trans…

  8. Everybody’s pissed that these guys refused to grab the first chunk of change on the table like that was some insult to Mark when they’re going to close $50 million in sales within the first 12-24 months based on demand alone and they get to keep 100% of it! Hard call but I really respect them for doing that and if I had a product that good, I would do the exact same thing. 10% isn’t shit when some fat cats come along and net $45 million with YOUR product by making a few calls and you only make $5 million. It’s not actually that much.

  9. This is what happens when you don't understand basic business, and a community of people that cheer on your bad decision. They were offered a fair deal with a nice royalty for doing nothing but "creating a recipe" and not having an investable business. They missed the opportunity to instantly change their personal and business finances. They will be out of money, and some company will figure out their "secret recipe" before they could even open a distribution center. They have lost the opportunity to own this space while it's hot, and most important they lost A CONNECTION to a Billionaire Businessman that could teach them how to keep making millions. From that royalty alone they would have secured a income for giving up 1 idea, if they're so smart they would have a lot of free time to create more great ideas, on top of being part of a successful business. They can't even build a functional website.

  10. I agree she was right in walking away from the $1 million deal because her company is worth much more. But charging $21 for shipping when it costs $2.67 is ridiculous!!! I’m sure it’s good but in 2019 there so many vegan chicken options you can even make it at home

  11. Barbara looks so pretty. Outfit, makeup, and hair everything is on point. Also the female entrepreneur is beautiful as well.
    That is all lol

  12. mark went vegetarian 3 months ago but that didn't stop him from eating the "chicken" before knowing it's not chicken lmao

  13. The problem with there offer is that they make shit tons of money off the product the sharks and the entrepreneurs make little it’s the difference between a million dollars and millions. It’s the reverse Robin Hood instead of the poor stealing from the rich. Its the rich stealing from the poor.

  14. They made a huge mistake not taking the offer. They would be millionaires with the incentive to grow the business on the sharks. They would have no headache, no money issues, no business headaches and they clearly don't understand what it takes to scale a business considering thier website says they won't restock til next year in May. They desperately needed to sell this to better hands while still keeping a royalty. Shame it's probably good too.

  15. Honestly, I would have taken the 10% royalties deal and be chilling my whole life. Maybe I'd counter with 15% royalties… get myself some extra holidays 😉

  16. Truth is that the SHARKS are NOT THE ONLY ones with deep pockets. I am sure they will find the help they need in order to scale and grow. They made 100% the right decision. All they need is a great team.

  17. The smart thing may be to scale the business WITHOUT selling equity with cash from a non-equity partner; there are options for that. That way you are in a better position when you do meet sharks. She needs to get a hold on her numbers (an accountant that could help her), without a doubt but most entrepreneurs are better "pizza makers" than managers. I would have countered but it is kind of interesting that Mark pulls a number out of his azz and most say she was wrong to walk away. If she was weak on her operations numbers, how would she be strong on valuations? This is not easy and that kind of money is chump change for Mark. She had an excellent presentation except for the numbers part. She got exposure for her business. She has a window to make a move from the offers she is now receiving. Consequently, it was not a totally bad day. BTW, I remember like it was yesterday when the sharks turned down Ring's offer. They later sold the company for $1 billion dollars. It is like Mike Tyson says. EVERYONE has a plan until they get hit.

  18. She didn't know her numbers, but she would have been stupid to take the deal. If you have two of these guys willing to go in on a deal together, let alone just one, that means they see huge revenue potential. To say they'll buy her company from her for $1 million and then give her 10% royalties says it all right there. They knew how successful the two's recipe could be, and they wanted that for themselves. Given the pull these sharks have, as well as the connections, they would be able to get their foot in the door at places the brother and sister couldn't. What they were doing was offering a pittance comparatively, $1 million, for a company that has the potential to be worth exponentially more than that. Imagine how you'd feel if you sold your company for $1 million and then watched Mark Cuban ink an enormous deal with groceries retailers or fast food, and suddenly the company is worth $100 million in five years. Who knows if it would be, but the chance is there, and they knew it.

  19. Hey uh… can someone tell her to not interrupt the people she is trying to get to invest in her company? Unless they edit the video to make it look like it

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