Att göra en klassisk Rügen Herring

Att göra en klassisk Rügen Herring

always use a mask with chemical filter when making soft plastics I thought we would make a classic color now. We will not airbrush this one, it will just be different layers laminated with some glitter. This is one of my signature colors,
called the “Rügen Herring” However!
We will need some plastisol. Remember to shake it. We will start heating it in the microwave for
about 2 minutes on maximum heat. For this one we will need some green highlight powder. It is called Pearl Green Highlight powder. We also need some big flaked silver glitter. So this is what we need, plastisol, green highlight powder, silver glitter and some black glitter. Alright let us check on the plastisol. This lure will be laminated which means that there will be two different colors in layers. Because of that it is not that important
that the bottom color is crazy hot. This plastisol is extremely clear with
almost no bubbles at all. Alright, the Rügen Herring.
We need the green pearl powder… It is important to not add too much of this,
that will reduce the oily effect that you want in this. It should not be too opaque but a bit transparent. We want this oily, shimmery effect like this. And then some silver. This lure is really supposed to imitate the herring. A herring differate in its colors and it often have a bit of green shimmering through. Let us pour these. Remember to always pour from the back and forward.

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  1. At Barhöft i catch a Lot with this shad blue pearl Shad ever👌👍🙏with Team Bodden Angeln…Crischi and Botschi..

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