Autumn Rainbow Trout

Autumn Rainbow Trout

There’s an active fish in the bay By the rock There he is He’s out there now There’s a wave after the fly There he was I got the line over the fish Oh no. I lost him Shit There’s a fish following After the fly! He’s getting closer Look at him He’s not ready yet Bring him in anyway so he’s not getting too exhausted Nice fish Look there, behind us Yeah, he must have passed us He took the fly Shit So the line broke? Yes it did. Damned fluorocarbon Time to stop using that material I think There’s another one Would have been good to have the fly ready now Yeah, really good Why didn’t he take? I think he missed the fly He’s rising again Where is he going? He’s coming That’s a nice fish He’s a happy camper Shit Is the line stuck? Yes The line will brake I made it You had more luck than you deserved Lucky he didn’t run like that before 2,5 kilos Awesome fish Look at the light in the trees Yeah, it’s awesome There he is Did you see? Absolutely He’s feeding on something in the surface He couldn’t resist it. Oh no He’s strong Nice fish Good job Yeah, he was a really happy camper

26 thoughts on “Autumn Rainbow Trout

  1. The rainbows seems to have lived up to their reputation of being strong fighters. Gorgous footage, landscape and people, as always… Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the reply K & R. For rainbows and brook trout here in upstate N.Y. I like the Rangeley Centennial and marabou Mickey Finn: two streamers with lots of yellow and red. But browns are tougher. I lean towards black or more baitfish matching colors for them.

  3. Really excellent video series on fly fishing. I wish you would publish videos more often- I really enjoy these. I fish here in Utah for both browns and rainbows and there's no comparison between the two as far as being strong and energetic . The Browns are like reeling in a log compared to rainbows, at least the strains found here.

  4. Another fantastic video – I really appreciate the time you put into the soundtrack and editing, and how you obviously appreciate the sights and scenes of the location in addition the action of catching fish. Seeing the coffee pot boil over made me go make a pot right now. Nice work guys, thanks for taking the time to document your adventures.

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