AWESOME AQUARIUM PROJECT – Stocking the Oliver Knott FLEXI-M Aquarium Kit

AWESOME AQUARIUM PROJECT – Stocking the Oliver Knott FLEXI-M Aquarium Kit

This beautiful Oliver Knott FLEXI-M
aquarium kit has been documented in a series of videos and I’ll place the link
in the description below. I’ve really been looking forward to getting some
live stock to live in this beautiful planted aquarium. Well, today’s the day! My
friend Rob from Flip Aquatics and his wonderful team have put together a nice
package and I can’t wait to reveal it to you
here in this unboxing video. You can see the care that Flip aquatics takes in
packaging and shipping their livestock. I’m not surprised that everything
arrived in great shape. Let’s have a look… Thank you very much for watching this
video! If you do enjoy it hit that like button and if you’ve not subscribed to
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button as well! If you know someone else that might enjoy this type of content
please share it across your social media! Since the very unboxing of this premium
aquarium kit we’ve been looking forward to the moment that it would be a
completed project stocked with beautiful inhabitants. This is an award-winning
premium aquarium kit endorsed by Oliver Knott, a European professional aquascaper.
During the concept phase we made sure to take a nod from nature. We practiced what
may be a balanced aquascape using different types of rocks as hard scape
material. When we finally made the choice of Sieryu stone the aquascape seemed
to come together. I was able to share all of that with the viewers of the River
Life YouTube channel in a series of videos each of which was received with
lots of positive encouragement. we even talked about it on the River Life
YouTube Channel COMMUNITYTANK Live !! livestream that occur every Thursday
night at 10:30 EST. Here’s what YOU had to say about one of the videos in
particular: it was a good-looking name it was fancy where can I get one what a kid
I had to watch it again awesomeness you guys really loved this
Oliver not flexi M M stands for many flexi many aqua stick kit comes with an
excellent aquarium i think it’s that low water glass with the polished edges
beveled polished edges great silicone work comes with a mat that’s you know
custom sized to fit the aquarium and i put the dimensions in the video it’s a
little over 4 gallon 16 liters exactly it’s got a minyan special edition 60
hanging on the back filter multi-staged with a pre-filter there’s a small sponge
that slips over the intake as a pre-filter so you don’t have to worry
about your fry or your shrimp small shrink may be taken into the filter so
it’s pretty cool all of that and more had to happen to bring us to this time
of reckoning when this beautiful nano scape had to be moved into the river
life YouTube channel Studios you can see my bucket assisted technology there –
hell we use the same water that had been
cycling already in the aquarium while it was in the fish studio and what’s with
all this art on the wall more on that later right now I’m focused on how
clearly this tank will refill since the fish have arrived and we have to have a
place for them to stay and now we can see that the aquarium is filling up
relatively clearly this slow siphoned feed of water is not disturbing the
substrate with the recycled grocery bag as a diffuser I’m quite pleased with the
way this is happening when the water and the shipping bag and the aquarium both
reach room temperature I’ll introduce the fish man that looks great
and now back to that art I’ve started an Etsy page river life art on Etsy where I
sell art prints of my minimalist abstract art inspired by tropical fish
here are a few listings and there will be new listings added weekly hope you’ll
stay tuned this is one of my earlier pieces of tropical fish inspired art
that was donated to project piaba protecting fisheries and sustaining our
hobby along the Rio Negro the largest tributary of the Amazon River this piece
was also featured in an Amazonas magazine article and without further ado
it’s time to unveil the occupants of this wonderful aquascape and it is the
chili razz bora a native of southwestern borneo and one of the smallest tropical
fish kept in the hobby maxing out at around three-quarters of an inch it’s
also one of the most popular nano fish for good reason let’s enjoy these new
fish and their striking markings as they begin to acclimate to their new home thanks again for watching this video if
you’re not a subscriber to the river life youtube channel please hit that
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next one why don’t you get out there and see it love it and live it

12 thoughts on “AWESOME AQUARIUM PROJECT – Stocking the Oliver Knott FLEXI-M Aquarium Kit

  1. Thanks for watching the conclusion of this beautiful and exciting project! Catch the previous video installments here:

  2. Beautiful little fish in a beautiful little aquascape in a sexy little tank. Thanks for sharing the journey with us, Rack! @River Life

  3. Golly that tank is like crystal clear! I like your style. There is a small space I call a 'peace room', this little kit would be perfect for.

  4. This aquascape has reminded me of the beatiful water falls and streams that were at the church camp I worked at called "Falls Creek" which was named that because of the streams and falls they saw when they bought the land. And they said God will do good work here and now almost 102 years later thousands of students come there every year to hear God speak!

  5. Wow, this aquarium is beautiful! Great job! I had to buy a new spaghetti strainer for the kitchen because I used it as a diffuser when refilling and it works pretty good! Thanks Rack!!!

  6. I love everything about this video! I have watched the whole series and love the final result. I love rasboras too! Your artwork is also very beautiful!

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