Baby Dugong Crying | Animal Rescue | Love Nature

Baby Dugong Crying | Animal Rescue | Love Nature

At the airport a very unusual passenger arrives on a late night flight. The badly hurt baby Dugong is just days old. It was found separated from his mum off the coast of North Queensland. This little guy is facing an uphill battle. He’s stressed and he needs around the clock feeding and attention. It’s probably a bit thin, a bit dehydrated hasn’t eaten for maybe days. He probably got those wounds from the tusks of other males. Calves that stay with their mums rarely suffer these nasty attacks. He was probably orphaned shortly after his birth. A check over reveals more wounds and a fresh umbilicus point. Finally it is back in the water for his first feed. It’s a massive shock to his system to be without his mum and out of the ocean. But Sea World Dugong carer Wendy Blanchard is patient. It takes her all night to get him to take even a little of the milk. Which is a veterinary mammal formula mixed with coconut cream for extra fat content and some antibiotics Dugong’s are listed as a vulnerable species. Over the past 30 years their numbers have plummeted 60 percent The fact that this little one is starting to take the milk is a good sign.

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  1. My favourite animal is a manatee but I also do love dugongs and I can’t stand to see a defenseless animal hurt, especially a baby. Its so bad to hear that the numbers are dropping, it would be so sad to see these beautiful majestic animals go extinct. We have to protect them.

  2. They are so cute cute I am crying cause they are rare I'm angry at humans. Humans sucks. Hey Don,t kill the dugongs humans

  3. SeaWorld does have a good side. If it wasn't for them, this animal would be dead. The animal rights activists would just let it die in pain and not let people help it.

  4. it was seen with all those scratches in Northern Australia? didnt know Australia dont have laws to protect this endangered creature, maybe it’s mom was victim of poaching, it will never leave it’s baby alone in danger unless it’s own life is in danger or it got killed from cruel poaching. though there are also many sharks in Australia, why would a Dugong get in water infested with sharks if ever? whoever did this cruel act to the poor creature, your portion of punishment is already reserve in Judgement of souls, the Creator God is always watching.

  5. Because local ppl caged this baby under the sea to attract tourists. The baby struggled and hurt badly:( After that It was found by a diver and rescued then.

  6. Since when did Sea world of all companies become a conservationist organization? Thought they just tortured Whales for people’s amusement.

  7. My class is doing an endangered sea animal project and I got the dugong and to see it cry is sooo sad! 🙁

  8. im surprised they dont whant to make it into some sort of soup with medicinall properties ,
    like the do with our tigers ,, they cant leave anything alone,, sell the bones to china ,, they will make them into orniments ,,

  9. Beloved Baby Dugong "Mariam" Dies In Thailand With Plastic In Stomach..
    RIP 😭😭 …
    Human race responsible for this horror …

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