Baby Turtle Savin’ is a Hobby!

Baby Turtle Savin’ is a Hobby!

– You guys are used to
seeing me catch enormous mud dragons, turtles that
weigh between 20 and 50 pounds. Let’s just take a look for a second at a baby snapping turtle. (epic music) What’s going on, guys? So one question I oftentimes get is, “Does Coyote Peterson have any pets?” Earlier this year, I introduced you guys to my dog, Charlie Bear. She’s a rambunctious Rhodesian Ridgeback mixed with a Grayhound. And I also have a Sulcata
tortoise named Greenbean Sherman. However, I do have four temporary pets, a few baby common snapping turtles. Now, a number of years
ago when we were out on the road doing the
Brave Adventures book tour I said to a couple of
the different audiences when they would ask if I have pets, “Yes, “I have four turtles
that I actually rescued “from a weird sort of
lagoon that was around “a swimming pool.” So they must’ve hatched
and went into this area that was not exactly conducive
for baby snapping turtles. So we rescued them and those four turtles have now grown over the course of the past two years into mini-dragons. These two are just the
first two that are big enough to head off into the wild. And let me introduce
you to Rock and Atlas, two of my baby dragons. Hi guys, how are you doin’? Are you excited? I know, right now they are
thinking to themselves, “Wait a minute, I’m not
inside my terrarium. “I hear birds, I hear running water. “I can smell the swamp. “I wanna get out there and hunt. “And don’t worry guys,
in just a few minutes “we are going to release
you into this protected “wildlife sanctuary.” Now, I’m gonna put one
of the turtles back down into this little tank. And let’s just take a look for a second at a baby snapping turtle. You guys are used to
seeing me catch enormous mud dragons, turtles that
weight between 20 and 50 pounds. And these guys are tiny
but you will notice that the design of a baby snapping turtle is almost identical to its
bigger brothers and sisters. Of course you have the
carapace, which is the top of the shell. And then the plastron, which is the bottom of the shell and which is much lighter in coloration on a baby turtle. But then you’ve got
that head and that neck. Look at that big long neck stretched out. And now, are you
developing some aggressive tendencies yet? Let’s see. You gonna bite? No, not yet. Sometimes they do try to bite me and that’s exactly what
I wanna see, the turtle taking on its natural behaviors
even when in captivity. Now you may be asking
yourself, “Well, Coyote, “if you’ve had these turtles in captivity “for a couple of years, how will they know “how to go out and hunt?” Snapping turtles never
lose their instincts for being reptiles. So as soon as these turtles
are into the environment they’re immediately gonna start hunting and they’re immediately
going to start thriving. Now, these turtles are two years of age. But keep in mind when a
snapping turtle hatches it’s only about this big. That’s pretty much bite-size so anything that comes across it is going to take the opportunity for a quick meal. Now, Rock and Atlas
have definitely reached the size where they are
ready to head back off into the environment. These are voracious
predators at two years of age but there are still predators out there for turtles of this size. Mink, raccoons, even
fox will take advantage if they come across a turtle like this. Now, where we’re releasing
them is very close to where they hatched out. The environment is covered in duckweed, it’s got thick mud,
plenty of lily pad cover, and with any luck these turtles are going to have an easy time staying hidden and out of the way of danger. So you guys stay safe. I’ll be thinking about you often. We’ll always go back
and look at your little baby photos because in a way they’re kind of like my children. I’m sad to see them go
but I’m very happy to know that they now have a
better chance at eventually growing into the monster-sized mud dragons that we’re constantly searching for. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave. Stay wild. We’ll see you on the next location. All right, guys. It’s time to head off into the swamp. (upbeat music) All right, well, the baby snapping turtles are officially off and into the wild. With any luck, they are
going to thrive here in this protected body of water. I feel like a parent watching
his kids go off to college. It was a good day. If you thought these
baby dragons we rescued were adorable, make sure to go back and watch the episode where I should you the safest way to help a
snapping turtle cross the road. Turtle saving is a hobby. And don’t forget, subscribe and click the notification bell so you can join me and the crew on this
season of Dragon Tails. (wilderness sounds)

100 thoughts on “Baby Turtle Savin’ is a Hobby!

  1. You know, the story of the Ninja Turtles is true. Chuck Norris swallowed four baby turtles and when he pooped them out they were 6ft tall and knew karate.

  2. Does Coyote Peterson have pets?

    Random Guys: Duh… his name is Coyote Peterson! He Owns Coyotes!!

  3. What if when he put the baby turtle in the swamp a big fish jumped up and ate it that be so crazy and sad

  4. On the beach that Im going I only find crabs slugs and something that I don't know if it a slug or not it looks like a slug and a sea cucumber …

  5. Awwww i had to do the same thing but i found my turtle in a farm and it was the size of a Penny and there where cows every were and me and my friends got worried cus they can step and crack his/hers shell we took it home and we where taking proper care (Google and we went to a specialist) we took care of it for four year's and I was in love with the turtle but deep down I knew what the turtle wanted a proper life and having children and family surviving whatever and it was time to let it go (btw I was looking for a swamp and the turtles mom but I dint see none) so I spent hours looking for the perfect and healthy place and it was time to let it live it was rough I took like 1 hour saying good bye so yeah that was rough I cold it Ruffy its been 3 months I hope his still paddling his little feet/fins idk 🙂 and I hope your 2 little turtle's too.

  6. Ever since I saw your channel I have been loving animals coyote, I actually have my own animal saving channel called The ASSOC!
    From Peyton

  7. “It ain’t much but it’s honest work”

    Yep that’s what it is coyote not much for you but it’s honest work.

  8. А ты для меня можешь отправить грифовую черепаху пожалуйста просто я увлекаюсь этими рептилиями

  9. I like how now I’m in the Caribbean on vacation right now so I could see any of the animals on this channel that come from the Caribbean.

  10. There was a baby turtle in my driveway. I didn’t know. My mom almost stepped on him. Like he was bigger than a quarter, but not big. It looked like he was hatched that day. There is a bayou a couple houses away. So maybe he came this far. I know it’s bad to take a turtle out of its habitat. But he could’ve dried out. It was like 100 something degrees. Yeah, we could’ve put it back in the bayou, but I begged to keep it. He has proper lights, food, etc. we learned about red eared sliders. He is now the size of my palm. He is doing well. Hasn’t been sick. His name WAS Starla, but he showed my know. that so now he is Sturt. His nails are getting longer. And he is so cute. Only bit me once.

  11. Intelligence amongst other animal species is amazing, I love how they consciously know what to do when they have to do it to survive. That's exactly how evolution and genetic inheritance works, even with the mind. Just like a human baby knows how to eat and scratch itself but doesn't have the necessary intelligence to comprehend words or other grown human concepts, those other animals consciously know what they have to do. A squid genetically and mentally knows how to change colour while observing their surroundings, a human can't do that, because humans evolved different types of intelligence thanks to the society and physical environment they live in. Superb, you funky little turtles, slay on!

  12. I have a pet box tortoise she is so cute and I am obsessed with tortoises and turtles I try everything to have her tank be just like the wild thanks for helping them. I kinda want to be a sea turtle protector

  13. He does not know how to take care of a turtle. You can see the deformed edges of the shell of one of the turtles. This shows he did not use a UVB bulb/basking light

  14. I had a pet snapping turtle I found on the road. It was a little bigger than a quarter when I found it and when I let it go about 2 and a half years later it was big and mean. I took it to the place where I let him go in a Tupperware bowl and on the way he got out and tried to bite my dogs while I was driving haha.
    I miss that guy.

  15. One time one my freinds caught a baby snapping turtle, he kinda freaked out. Meanwhile i ran over to the turtle picked the little dude up and got the hook out and somehow didnt get bit. It was an awsome experience.

  16. Clearly you weren't taking care of them right. If you've been taking care of them for 2 years like you said they'd be bigger by the time of this video. I found mine as a hatchling and is only 6 months old and is as big as yours lol

    And you basically screwed them over by taking care of them for 2 years then releasing them. You should've released them as babies.

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