Baked Fish with Moroccan Charmoula Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 295

Baked Fish with Moroccan Charmoula Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 295

Hi this is Alia
And welcome back to cooking with Alia To show you the flavours of morocco And today, we still have my aunt Nadia She is going to show us amazing amazing Moroccan Dishes We are going to make a Moroccan fish Baked in the oven with Charmoula And charmoula, you can actually make it and put in the fridge You can make a lot of Quantities and put
in the fridge for a week And use it on the fish every time you need it So it is very easy Nice, it is going to be amazing! I love it! Let’s start We are using a whole fish of course the inside of it is cleaned
up and the fish scales are scraped Also make sure the eye of the fish is removed as
it adds a little bitter taste of the dish Make a deep cut in each side of the fish. Use the sharp pointy edge of the knife to stab the
inside of the fish, so the marinade gets inside. Place all the charmoula ingredients in a blender and mix until well integrated. You should get a smooth thick marinade. Place the fish in a baking pan. Take ½ of the charmoula marinade and pour all over the fish. Make sure that the fish is completely covered with the marinade. SO we are going to prepare the Tomato Sauce Cut the tomatoes in half. Grate the inside part of the tomatoes using the large
“eyes” of the grater. Discard the tomato skin. Mix the grated tomatoes with the rest of the charmoula. Pour the tomato mixture around the fish. Slice the lemon and tomato into thin slices. Place the slices on top of the fish (alternating
between a tomato slice and a lemon slice). Pour whatever is left from the charmoula on
top of the tomato and lemon slices. Preheat the oven to 360 F / 180 C. Place the fish in the oven and bake
for 35-40 minutes or until done you can test the fish meat, it should be cooked and soft).
Do not overbake or the fish will become dry. Serve immediately. Bon appetit!

28 thoughts on “Baked Fish with Moroccan Charmoula Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 295

  1. Ooh, this recipe looks so yummy! I'm definitely trying it. What kind of fish is best to use for this recipe? Recommendations?

  2. Khalti najiya is the best wow been looking for this recipe forever Thanks alia for hosting such an amazing lady … her voice is soothing

  3. I'm definitely trying this , the way your aunt does is slightly different than the way my mom does it , but it seems easier , loved it and loved her caftan 🙂

  4. Alia u r so beautiful sis ur voice is so nice. Can't wait to make this for my husband. Wat is best to accompany this dish. X

  5. Alia this Fish looks yummy .. How many degres should i have on my oven ? and what kind of Fish do u recommend using ? was it 40 min ? but how many degres ?

  6. All looks good, thanks for uploading. One minor suggestion – maybe next time, don't add the nail polish to the recipe, its cleaner to cook without it. Otherwise, looks awesome!

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