Baked Seabass with Asian Greens | Jamie Oliver & Bart’s Fish Tales

Baked Seabass with Asian Greens | Jamie Oliver & Bart’s Fish Tales

What’s up Food Tuber’s! Okay we’re going to do an incredible dish. We’re going to be doing fish cooked in salt. It’s epic. It’s amazing. It’s delicious. It’s nutritious. We’re going to do it with Asian style greens. This is beautiful. Romantic and for a special occasion. To show us how to do it we’ve got the one and only Bart from bart’s Fish Tales. Wooo! How are you doing, brother? Thank you for having me. What I do? I travel the World to live to fish to cook together with the most amazing beautiful sustainable fisheries around the world. So yesterday morning I went fishing right in the middle of the North sea. We got this bunch of beautiful seabass. And drove all the way to London. If you know these stories behind it it tastes even better. So we made this seabass in a salt crust which means all the flavours will stay inside. So I have a big bowl, some rock salt, we have a fish of erm one kilo and on one kilo of fish you use one kilo and half of rock salt. And for every 500 gram you use one egg white. So we need 3 egg whites for this dish. I’ve added a little splash of water. You want to make it muggy and yeah it should stick to your hands. Tell me about this fish. We make it Asian style so I cut my lemongrass a bit diagonal. I have some lime slices and tuck that into the belly of the seabass. Beautiful. So, coriander just fold it First we’ll make a beautiful nice little bit of the sea crust. About 1cm thick? Yeah. This should be closed because you want the juices to stay inside the fish. Okay so all around then? Yeah cover it all around. It’s very important to make sure the skin is not damaged because if the skin is damaged erm all these salty flavours will come inside and influence the taste. Are you happy with that? It’s beautiful. It is. I feel like a child again. Sand castles. How long are you going to cook that for? So it’s 190 degrees right? And we have it in the oven for like 25-30 minutes. We gonna make beautiful salad. So seaweed and sea plant really rich in vitamin B12. Really good for your bones. It’s nutritious and the way for our future. And it’s sustainable and there’s loads of it. So here we have wakame. So we get rid of the leaves. So you’re using the stalk? Yes. We’re going to slice it in stripes. I just want to show you. This is coming straight out of the sea here you have a pan of boiling water, no salt. We add it to the water. And take it out. Wow! It turns from brown to green. That’s the before and after guys. Look at the difference! So I’ve blanched the stems for like two minutes. So Bart shall I just prep these down so they’re small and delicate? Yep. So at the same time I’m boiling water here I’m going to And also guys, spinach, chard, you know those gorgeous cabbages. You can do exactly what we’re doing now. Beautiful. It has amazing colours. Okay so lets talk about this dressing then brother. What flavours are we using? Where is the inspiration from? Yeah well the inspiration comes from Japan. We start with one and half tablespoon of soy sauce. And some lemon. Some rice vinegar. Mirin to make it sweet. Brown sugar. Some chilli. Garlic too. Half or whole? Half. I’m going to use some ginger. About a teaspoon. Whisk. Perfect. So we’re going to put this onto the greens. Yeah. Some sesame seeds. So this is essentially marinaded. Little bit of lime zest to top it off. That’s so delicious. Wahey! Easy on the salt crusted seabass. I just go around the outside of the fish like this. If we’re lucky what we’re gonna get is the most incredible fish. Beautiful! There’s your oven there guys. Start cutting from head side towards the tail. Now you’re going to fold it over. Oooh! Just look how easy this meat comes away from the bone. I’m just pushing it. Look at that! Woo! Man, we gotta plate this up. Look at how juicy it is guys. Nice job Bart. Gorgeous miso sauce. There’s only one thing to do now. Eat it. So I’m going to try the fish first. The flavour is ridiculous. It’s so clean. It’s so juicy. And then of course the seaweed. It’s got texture, flavour. So there you go guys. Something a little bit different. If you want to check out any more of Bart’s fish Tales then go over to his channel now. Hit the box down there. Guys if you like it, give us a thumbs up. Of course if you haven’t subscribed subscribe! Cos it’s free, and also subscribe to Bart’s channel as well! If you love your fish. Until next time from me and Bart. Bye! How do we say bye in your language? Bye bye! Ciao.

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  1. why salt for the sealed oven thing? just asking, though i assume because it's easy to pack, pat, and form.

  2. Thank you Jamie! It was amazing cooking together! And guys, if you want to see how I caught this beautiful sea bass, go to my channel where I have a video of the whole journey, from sea to plate! Cheers, Bart

  3. Just been watching Rick Stein's trip to Japan, very interesting, amazing knife skills. Like the look of the sea bass in the salt crust, also like my greens don't remember seeing them in the supermarket, but something else to look out for, keen to try Miso, Thanks Jamie, Bart.

  4. I'm very happy as Japanese because I utilize the seasoning of Japan('ω')They're seaweed and a major achievement in sweet rice cooking wine in fermented soybean paste, aren't they? I was saying a bus, but is fish black bass?

  5. Wow this looks like such a cool recipe to make! And a great way to try different salad ingredients. I will head on over and subscribe to your channel!

  6. Cooking fish this way looks awesome, need to try! Thanks for the vid. Dag zegen in onze taal is toch "doei doei" Bart! 😁😁

  7. Oh yeah, in Thailand we wrap bits of the fish and glass noodle in cabbage with a little bit of sauce. Perhaps try that : )

  8. This is a meal rich in Iodine, which is an important nutrient, especially for people who consume unfermented soy products like soymilk and tofu.

  9. Excellent collaboration Gents. Very familiar with salt crusted cooking. However the seaweed was really interesting. Too bad it's not more readily available. It made for an amazing salad. Bart deserves more YouTube recognition. I'm posting his videos to Facebook. Blessings ChefMike

  10. Mmm lekker hoor! Haha hopelijk was het leuk!

    It must be a honor to cook alongside Jamie Oliver. 🙂

    Thanks for the video! 🙂

    Bye Bye, Ciao! Hahaha 😛

  11. I swear I'm in love with Bart! Haha I think he's my favorite cooking channel now… He beat out Laura Vitale (whos videos pretty much taught me how to cook) and Food Wishes!  That says a lot! I wish I could go fishing with him lol but in Vegas, I wouldn't trust the lakes. Fishing in the Netherlands is like a dream!

  12. It was splendid to watch it all start from the North Sea to your kitchen and out of the oven comes a crusted, crystal salt treasure to reveal the perfectly baked fish.

  13. I have tried wakame once and I really loved it. Sadly it seems very dificult to get a hold of here in Sweden where I live. Online it is quite expensive also. Though I really hope it becomes a more common thing so that it gets a bit easier to buy. The amount of nutrients in it is crazy. Something I warmly recomend to all the vegans/vegeterians out there to try if you haven't.

  14. UUGGGGG this is amazing! Two pros doing what they do, making something dangerously mouth watering haha. Thanks for the seaweed salad Bart!

  15. I love Sea baaaaaass!!! the shhhmell of it, the tasshhhte of it, the texshhhture!!!! Even better if it ishhh made by shhomeone from Holland!!!

  16. @Jamie Oliver @Bart's Fish Tales Looks impressive. What does that seaweed taste like? Is it salty? I have only had dried seaweed, like nori. That seaweed is interesting when you cook it. When you blanch regular veggies, they can go darker on you. Sustainable seafood is always a great choice.

  17. which supermarkets do you know that stock seaweed? I don't think I've ever seen it in asda or tescos? I'd love to eat more

  18. Such an beautiful dish!
    hey jamie, its mike here again, the student!
    a BIG BIG update here, you'll see!
    july 16th will be my last test for the exams…
    again, i want to thank you so INCREDIBLY much for all your help and support you've given me!
    my 3-course menu will be:
    Russian salad with mayonnaise.
    main dish:
    Grilled chicken filets, self made tagliatelle, and ratatouille
    Vanilla bavarois.
    im also planning on switching up my channel to a cooking channel, where people can watch how i make dishes, but that will come later!
    ill keep in touch!

  19. It looks delicious, but I wish you guys went more in-depth on why cooking using the salt crust is beneficial

  20. I've seen this recipe done once before on TV from a lovely lady who I cant remember the name of, it's been so many years and it has stuck with me because of how unique it is!

  21. What a fantastic dish. Would love to try this with a German gose beer – it's a slightly sour, really lemony beer with salt in it! Should cut right through the fish and be amazing with the zesty filling.

  22. Yum!

    Jamie, I have just found out about labneh recently and it is so yummy and fun to make at home. I'd love to see your take on it!

  23. What can be better,grow your own veggies and catch your own fish. Huge fan of the last 2 videos. 2 thumbs up.

  24. Lovely recipe Bart and Jamie. Bass is the best fish to eat in my opinion. Such a lovely firm and meaty texture. I just hope people realise there is a legal landing size limit in the UK. Too many tiddlers being taken for the pot and stocks aren't able to be replenished. Your channel goes a long way in terms of fish sustainability. Keep up the great work 🐟

  25. Wonderful greens, beautiful colors, fantastic dish, super healthy, make fish in a salt crust. Thank you @Bart's Fish Tales  Thank you @Jamie Oliver for sharing with us!

  26. "I am searching for sustainable sources of food blabla…We eat so healthy and it tastes so much better if you know the story behind it."

    slowly claps hands


  27. Love the seaweed recipe, would like to see more recipes using it.
    Is all that sea salt thrown away in the end? Are there any other uses I could put it to?

  28. great video! and sidenote: you should make a collab with dan and phil (danisnotonfire and amazingphil) it would be awesome!

  29. I love presenting fish like that, so impressive…and I'll bet Jamie's hands have never felt smoother after that salt exfoliation! "Like a babies bottom!"

  30. I love you, Bart. Fish is tricky and I'm learning to perfect fish dishes with your help. This looks amazing.

  31. This reminds me of Jamie's salt crusted baked chicken in his earlier cookbooks. 

    That seaweed sauce looks amazing!

  32. Hey Bart!
    I love your fish cooking recipes! and that is why i am going to share my recipe to win your book!
    The dish is called fresh salmon pesto sandwich!
    First of! slice fresh salmon into small dices, mix them into the pesto sauce you've prepared (here is mine: basil leaves, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil, thyme, lemon juice, green chilli, fresh cream, salt, pepper, avocado, onions, mint cloves) Prepare the bread, cut it  to make the space in between, but don't cut all the way to half. grill the bread with butter and mozzarella cheese in it (make sure you scratch some garlic on the bread too) Finally! lay in the salmon pesto in the between, add some pepper and ure ready to go! i hope you like my dish 🙂

  33. I feel like less than 1% of viewers are gonna attempt making this. However it looks good (except the seaweed, dont like it personally)

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