Bananas, Sardines and Sharks

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  1. I really liked this video, the visuals are great, the story is well-told, your dialect is easily undertandable for foreigners (like me). Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. This has to be the most informative and interesting channel on youtube, quality short docu's that trump vsauce imo, spread the word people this guy deserves at least 1 million subs.

  3. I think these stories can be told all around latin america, people never argue about the consequences of the cold war in this side of the globe.

  4. Awesome Video. It echoes what I've long believed that our right and privilege to buy things cheaply subjugates others around the world and we americans are guilty for making them poor. The issue is our the trail of clue leading to our crimes is a long one so it is easy for us to believe that we are just rich by luck and they are poor because they are unlucky. We need to recognize that we should take advantage of our privilege to undo the damage we have done in the past. There are many many instances like this in history unfortunately but no one likes to believe that their parents or grandparents could have been criminals.

    Also I've loved your channel since the very first video keep up the good work.

  5. Very well done. Great job with this story! Inspired me to write about the history of Guatemala and the bananas: (:

  6. So what was there a civil war over if there was no communists? Oh wait that's right there was radicals that had to be put down by the government. 

  7. Does the distinction between fruits and berries have any significance to anyone other than botanists?
    I tried reading up on the definition. At first it seemed like the fact that bananas had soft flesh with seeds everywhere was the factor that determined that they were berries.
    But then I noticed that apparently avocados and grapes (but not oranges) are berries too. So I gave up on trying to understand it. Seems like a pointless definition

  8. how do we know the ousted leader who nationalized railroads and ports wasn't a communist? Well, the producers of this video said so, So it must be true.

  9. Corporations run the US and its subjects, not the people. But the average American still loves to drink their Kool-Aid. 

  10. You almost had this story completely right…. Your video was missing the key component and that was Edward L Bernays and his P.R input.

  11. Capitalism dreamed it up, government made it possible.  Anyone with $$$ & a brain is going to vie for influence as government is allowed to exercise all violence.  The problem in the equation is government.

  12. i think thats kind of fucked up to remove a democratically elected president just because you dont agree with his ideology..america had no right to  intervene 

  13. Berries are a type of fruit, the only difference is they created from one ovary verses most fruits come from multiple. So yes, bananas are indeed a berry but also a fruit.

  14. Love your videos Delve. A little inspiration from Adam Curtis? If not his work will be right up your alley. Subbed and went back to watch your old videos, can't wait to see more. 

  15. One generation ago any one in USA would have defended the fruit company…

    this is what is happening in Mexico with marihuana.

  16. You're essays are so well done on subjects that live in plain sight. Excellent work. Can't wait for the next one!

  17. hold up. maybe the reason for all the coup d'etats for any communist party/government/ruler in any tropical country is bc of bananas? bc there is this tragedy called G30 s-pki in Indonesia and the actual clear reason why it happened is still blurry even though,of course, there are theories. There is this one theory that states that CIA also played a part. Maybe they were also paid by united fruits lol idk.

  18. This is the most amazing video I've seen in a long time and now I feel compelled to learn more about a topic I knew nothing about and didn't care about one bit. Learning is fun.

  19. During the cold war USA and USSR were playing chess on the third world. As I say, the cold war was cold only for the powerful countries. Human being can do such wonderful things and can be so stupid as well. I hope in the future people laugh on us saying "happy for living in a different era".

  20. What a surprise, the US government is committing horrible atrocities somewhere and destroying democracies.

    Nothing has changed since then.

  21. this was shit it didnt even mention that the modern banana is actually the worst sub species of banana and the original better tasting one died out from disease

  22. I remember reading about this in about 2 pages in "The 42nd Parallel". That book is an amazing blend of fiction with nonfiction historical motives. They talk about ths

  23. thats the story of south america, we never go on cuz exist USA, we have to feed them, we have to clean their ass, cuz they can't pay another guy for that, thanx to CIA we lost Jaime Roldos Aguilera

  24. So what you're saying is that using money, produced by that nations land, to enrich the lives of the citizens rather than have their own infrastructure sold back to them is a bad thing…

  25. It kills me that people would rather sit on Facebook every day & read about what doosh-howard had for lunch when you could actually get some knowledge into you & learn something meaningful. The world we live in though :, /

  26. Great video btw, I suppose we're blessed in Australia to have the majority of our Bananas grown here. Still something to think about & investigate though.

  27. How is the US to blame for the long years of bloody conflict in Guatemala after the 1950s banana coup and why would that have been different if the coup hadn't happened?
    It's curious that is was the Eisenhower Admin that perpetrated the most egregious covert operation in American history. Eisenhower was so circumspect about foreign entanglements and so generally moderate. The Cold War certainly encouraged Americans to do things that seem unwise in retrospect.

  28. I love how the US is always painted at the upholders of democracy and freedom when they are willing to destroy a country's economy and overthrow a democracy for the sake of fucking bananas.

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