Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review (WonderCon 2019)

Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review (WonderCon 2019)

– Whatever they are,
they’re going to regret stepping foot in Gotham. – [Clint] Based on the
DC/IDW crossover comic, Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles is just as much fun as you’d expect from the
surprisingly logical mashup of these animal-inspired icons, who team up to stop
the League of Assassins and the Foot Clan. One of the most entertaining
and unique things about this animated adventure is that the Turtles act as
avatars for the audience, as they offer up near-constant commentary about just how bonkers
Gotham City actually is. – Oh, come on! – [Reviewer] There’s a self-awareness about the juxtaposition of the worlds that feels smart, funny, and fresh. Given that it’s about characters renowned for their martial arts prowess,
the film definitely delivers in the action department. The fight choreography is outstanding, and there’s a clear
distinction between Batman and the Turtles’ fighting styles. It’s also impossible to watch
this and not be blown away by the character designs,
which manage to be iconic, cartoonish, and really, really cool. If there’s one problem
the film faces though, it’s a slightly unbalanced tone. The dark grittiness of Gotham feels more like a fun theme park through the wide eyes of the Turtles. So when we see Ra’s al Ghul and Shredder killing multiple people, it
becomes a little less clear who exactly this adaptation is for. But overall, this is a nonstop thrill ride with a whole bunch of fan service and wish fulfillment moments that never feel like they distract from the relatively simple story. Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is easily one of the best
recent DC animated films, with slick action, a super fun story, and spectacular animation. This will delight new and old fans alike. If you love TMNT and the Bat family, then this will likely become a favorite. And even if not, you’ll
almost certainly find something to enjoy in
this rip-roaring romp. For more DC movie reviews, check out what we thought of Justice League vs. The
Fatal Five and Shazam! And as always, be sure
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100 thoughts on “Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review (WonderCon 2019)

  1. You would expect a crossover like this more from Marvel than DC. But I realized DC has crossed order with several different worlds over the years…the Power Rangers, TMNT, Predator, Mortal Kombat, He-Man, etc. that the beauty of DCs multiverse imo, you could technically say all of them exist within the DCU

  2. At first I over the moon. But then when I saw the first picture of the Turtles and Batfamily, I wasn't sure about the art style, as I wish it was closer to original style of the comic. But seeing it in motion it doesn't look too bad

  3. Can DC stop raiding every single Batman comic for animated movies? There are other characters and storylines that would make great animated movies

  4. Hold up where da shell I been to just now see this batman VS the turtles.. Bruh I hope they got the original voice actors from the early 2000 tmnt then

  5. "Easily one of the best." = 8.2 ???

    With all the glowing praise in this review I was expecting a 9 or above easily.

  6. Raz :"Bring me the Joker, he can keep the batman busy while I perform my evil schemes."

    *Joker messes up his evil schemes

    Raz: *pikachu face :O

  7. i haven seen this but i have those 2 hardcover comic books and i wish that they would have used some special art style like in the comic not this simple one that we have seen so many times.

  8. I hope Batman realized quickly that fighting the turtles and/or the Shredder was not easy (especially the Shredder, as he be one of the most dangerous foes Batman would have ever faced).

  9. Yeah these guys are terrible at reviewing DC animated films. They praise the wrong ones and crap on the great ones.

  10. There’s nothing “super” about Batman. He could trip and fall down steps and die. He’s not a real super hero.

  11. They need to make this into a game.. with the same artist.. it looks amazingly authentic like dragon ball fighterz

  12. I think they should do a justice league/mighty morphin power rangers animated movie based on the comic next

  13. I wish that Leonardo was voiced by Bryce Papenbrook, Donatello voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch, Raphael voiced by Austin Tindle, and Michelangelo voiced by Todd Haberkorn.

  14. You need to be a child to appreciate this. If you're an adult,read the comics. They could have done so much better with the story and the art. I felt like I was watching a cartoon on Nickelodeon rather than a DC movie. The comics are better. Hands down. If you disagree,it's more than likely because you aren't old enough to drive to a comic store and buy them. IGN loves giving shitty movies great reviews and great movies shitty reviews lol. They need to hire some new people. Hard.

  15. I absolutely love the Batman costume they chose for this movie. I like when they combine the gray blue outfit with a darker tone. Maybe it could be a little darker of a blue, but that feels like nitpicking.

  16. I will have to see this when it comes out. I've been seeing the Batman and Ninja Turtles teaming up in comic books, I never thought they would of made a animated movie on it.

  17. So is this the first movie crossover between two comic franchises from different companies? I can't recall anything like this, and not counting cameo movies like Rogger Rabbit and Wrecking Ralph.

  18. Now we need Batman vs Predator, Justice League vs Power Rangers, Superman and He-man, Spawn and Batman

  19. If the animation was like New 52 Batman ( Batman vs Robin or Son of Batman) and the TMNT were animated like their movie in 2008 I think this would be a 10

  20. I completely agree about the mismatched tone. The presentation is cartoony and some of the jokes are too corny for adult, but then they stab people, cut heads off, and spill blood. Enough to make it clearly not for kids. So it's hard to tell who this is for.

  21. i just wanted to see batman eating pizza with the turtles, this movie gave me that. i will be gratefull forever

  22. This was a very tight crossover movie! However one problem with it was there was NO MASTER SPLINTER in the movie too like he was in the comic! He should've been there too to teach Batman a thing or two himself like about being more open to others and how life & justice doesn't always have to come from the darkness cause you know deep down Batman is STILL in pain about his parents

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