Why did it break off? It happens sometimes. No! Have to catch it again! Stop! It’s a big one! Should I hold the reel? Pull! You caught a very big fish. Hey guys! How are you doing? Welcome to the second episode of our “Battle with a Monster Catfish” series. Before we get started, guys, I would like to share with you pictures that Jai Saetern from Sacramento, US, sent to us. He caught very nice striped bass on a Realwobbler Retro Red Head crankbait. What he shared with us about his fishing experience with his new lure was the following: “On the way home we decided to catch striped bass for dinner. This custom wood lure from Realwobbler is a striper candy. I limit out in 10 minutes. We are really happy for Jai, guys, and wish him further Tight lines and many big fish. And now here comes our video from this past summer. Cast where I told you! The lure will pass through this spot. Here they are also chasing. Toss it, wait until it comes here and start reeling! Fish on! Did you catch something? Yes. It’s a baby. Wow! A small one. Come on! It splashed me. Nice! Using the same unique Realwobbler lure in the evening. Tsetse, I caught a tiny fish on this crankbait. Unhook it and keep on casting! You’re loosing time. OK. I was wondering why the lure has become heavier. Common bleak. Poor thing. Hope that it survives. We are looking for big ones; not like this finger-size common bleak. Was hooked. Did it attack? No, the lure passed by it. The big one that took the lure away has to come again! To see what it is. Right? Come on! It shall come. So that we can also take our lure back. Tsetse, why don’t you cast a Belly lure? Crankbait is better now. OK. It is not appropriate for a Belly lure now. Tsetse! It got caught. Is it pulling a lot? It stays on one spot. Pull it; it’s a big one. It’s a big one; right. Or not as much. I don’t know. It’s not showing. Come here! Right here! Fast; you have to run! Come on! Now.. Stop! It’s big. Should I hold the reel? Pull! You caught a very big fish. It started swimming. Don’t hold the reel! Drop it! Kate! Yes. This catfish.. Give it to me! How are you going to take it out? Give me the rod! Come on; come! Give me the rod! Take the camera! OK. Big one! It broke off. A lot of big fish. Big one! It went there to the stones. We can’t do anything about it. Subscribe for upcoming fishing videos and new handmade lures! Is it a smaller one? Yes; it is. It can’t pull the drag. It’s a nice one. It’s pulling strong. Yes. Look how it’s pulling. Not to mention how the big one does that. Couldn’t one like this one come to me? Well done! It’s time to leave. 4 kg/ 8.8 lbs. Yes. Good job, Tsetse! Let’s go now! Yes; it’s time. It bit right before we leave. Just a moment! On a jointed lure. Guys, I wanted a big catfish and I got it. I was not able to do anything about it and take it out of the water; neither was that Tsetso. But the fight was great. Tsetso thinks that the catfish more than 40 kg/ 90 lbs was. I think it was way more than that. Not only was I not able to get my lost lure back, but I lost another one, which was kind of funny afterwards. At the end Tsetso caught the 4 kg catfish, which was manageable, easy to take out of the water, so it was cool to have a catfish at the end of the day. And, guys, if you would like to fish with any of the Realwobbler lures, please check the description below! You will find information about discounts there. If you like the video, please give us a Thumbs up, share it with your fishing friend on your Social Media, if you are new, subscribe for our next fishing adventures! See you next time; bye, bye! And Tight lines, as always! Stay there! Drop it!

19 thoughts on “Battle with a MONSTER CATFISH #2/ Борба с ГОЛЯМ СОМ/ Kampf gegen RIESEN WELS/ SILURO GIGANTE

  1. Madre mía, que mala suerte, otro grande que rompe. Yo cuando los pesco desde el pato el freno del carrete lo llevo casi cerrado, pero llevo un equipo preparado para eso, carrete con gran freno y caña acción 40-200. El trenzado del 0,45, y aún así si Cohen el cauce del río algunas veces rompen. Con un equipo ligero desde la orilla es muy difícil pararlos. Al final os quitastéis el bolo y os divertísteis que es lo importante. un saludo y que siga la pesca.

  2. Here comes episode 2 of our mini-series "Battle with a Monster Catfish"! Live strike and a great fight with a huge catfish! See what happened аnd who won the fight! 😊🎣 Please Comment below, Share the video on your Social Media and Subscribe for more, if you are new! Tight lines, guys!

  3. Im sure next time you will land that monster Katya! 40+ kg…. thats a huge fish, wow! Good stuff my friends and I'll catch yous in the next one 👍

  4. Yo sick video man I just subscribed I'm also a fishing YouTuber if you would like to come check out my channel that would be awesome-

  5. It’s really cool to see a catfish hit an artificial lure. I’m in Texas and can relate to your mosquito problem. LOL! Well done!!

  6. Браво на вас! Мн готини видеа правите! Това вече няколко пъти го гледам,всъщност и ви изказвам възхвали за всичко,което снимате! Бомба сте и наслука! :))))

  7. ne e golema riba nego ti neznas da pecas ne drzi masinu sa rukom pusti da som izvlaci konac pomalo dok se ne umori

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