BBQ Grilled Trout In Beer Butter | Felicitas Pizarro

BBQ Grilled Trout In Beer Butter | Felicitas Pizarro

Hello you wonderful people, today I am here in a unique place very close to heaven. I am in a shelter called Refugio Berghof, south of Argentina. And I will be preparing a grilled trout stuffed with lemons, onions, lots of herbs and topped with beer flavoured butter. Oh my gosh. Now lets begin, now over here I have my 2 kilo Trout which has been taken from the lake behind me. And I will be stuffing it. Now lets begin with the filling, simple but lovely. And I will cut over here slices of lemon. It is great to add some fish to our diet, once or twice a week, because it is rich in vitamin D, vitamin B and essential oils. Thin slices of leeks, 2 red onions over here and whenever you have a problem with the onions where it makes you cry, you can use one of these! Some slices and I will fill it now. So taking the onions, the lemons and leeks will give lots of flavours to the flesh. Now I can see. Good now lets make some slices and cuts on top, just 2-3cm deep. You can make these at a BBQ, in the grill or in the oven. It’s just simple. Between the cuts I will put half a lemon in each one of them, maybe some leek. And I will add some salt, you can use sea salt. Don’t forget to season it inside. Let’s take some fresh parsley, basil and some chives, making a beautiful bouquet inside. Final touch, black pepper. Am I looking good today!? Olive oil. Now lets go to the bbq grill It’s spectacular! Lets add some more flavours to the fish, to my trout. Over here I have butter because butter and fish together taste really good. With the rest of the leek, the onion, the parsley, I will chop them and add a garlic clove. Let’s chop it, and take everything to the butter. Add some pepper, salt and my special and last starch which is craft made beer just a little bit Hands lets bring everything together When doing this I am taking the butter to my hands’ temperature to warm it up so it can melt a little bit and join. And it is a little bit like a spa for my hands! So lets take some chunks of this butter. Simple as this, and add it to the cuts. Now add some extra butter to the inside of the trout. Once you have done this with the butter, lets take it to the other side. Oh yeah now we are talking! Leave it to cook for 5 to 10 minutes. And it will be spectacular! Ok my trout is ready, lets have a look. Wonderful! Now it is time for me to test! This kind of lemonocity, the leek, the beer, everything is perfectly blended inside the flesh of the trout. Thank you lord. Remember to subscribe to Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube channel for more awesome videos, and if you want to see more of my Argentine flavours subscribe over here. My name is Felicitas Pizarro, goodbye!

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  1. Silly me, I thought this was a Jamie Oliver video, and I'm just as silly when I think Mario Batali stars in videos with "Mario Batali" in the title. Recipe looks good, though.

  2. Gonna do that with some sea trout for sure!! Do ya think the butter would work with whiskey instead of beer? I'll try it both ways just in case.

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  4. i really wanna live there
    how much i need money for living there ?

    please help me god

    i wanna live there always fishing hunt bbq wth wine or beer

  5. Its like, you are the typical crazy aunt whom kids just wanna have around with during cousins sleep over. Shhh don't tell your mom, here's your beer money!

  6. Look I'm not interested in what your name is, but I have taken a careful examination of your many talents in this video, and will accept you as my wife, congratulations.

  7. Como diría Tanguito, Es un amor de primavera que anda dando vueltas!! La amé. Que espectáculo de receta de paisaje y de mujer. Un abrazo

  8. 1) esa trucha es de criadero (las truchas de lago no tienen carne rosada)
    2) sabor a cerveza imposible le puso 3 gotas
    3) se le quemó

  9. as a little i always loved signs
    so when i see someone putting lemon,black pepper and a beer in a fish that scene giving me a sign that i am about to see some high level of retarded being
    but at least,you are super cute and look like nice person

  10. Was convinced that poor, enormous fish was going to be a horrible disaster, she seems long on enthusiasm and short on actual cooking savvy. Hated to even look at a developing accident scene. Came out looking absolutely terrific. It could have been her expertise, could have been her luck. Let's call it her expertise. Either way that whale came out looking wonderful.

  11. Why wouldn’t you scale it first? Properly grilled salmon/trout skin is really good. Not finding scales in your mean is also really good..

  12. She has great presentation and a bubbly personality. But I guarantee those onions and leeks are raw. Even a big trout like that cooks within less than 20 minutes. Not enough time for the aromatics to cook. They'll simply provide aroma but can't be treated as a side.

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