Beach Fishing & How To Kayak Out SHARK Baits

Beach Fishing & How To Kayak Out SHARK Baits

Shane’s wife: Whatever you do just watch that hook …kinda keep a hand on the line no, no they’ll push you right up on the beach …the hardest part about coming back in is if the waves push the kayak sidewayz You want to get it out of the water quick as you can so it doesn’t hit your leg That’s the hardest part of it …and the worst that can happen is you tip just get back on again, so

55 thoughts on “Beach Fishing & How To Kayak Out SHARK Baits

  1. Good job dropping those baits. I still owe my sister for when I bet her she couldn't paddle out to some rocks. She did it and now she wants a kayak.

  2. I see a lot of guys make snarky comments on the way you dress in your vids.No complaints here.But if anyone doubts you are a real angler, they should look at the intense look on your face when you get a follow or strike!

  3. Yea I think u looked more than just a little nervous lol. Still did a great job! I've yaked out a lot of baits before and till this day I still get nervous out there. Life vest and whistle at all times! Never know what can happen out there lol safety first! 👍

  4. [Safety Ninny rant on] PDF, even when just offshore, young'n.  Especially if you've not practiced a self rescue/reentry before AND in the dark AND in chop like that AND chumming your way out for sharks. [/rant off]  🙂

  5. Fun video. Good work dropping the baits! Hope you were well oiled. Those noseeums will destroy you dressed like that on the beach at dawn and dusk.

  6. HA HA Darcie Good Day Of Surf Fishing And Great Job Dropping The Shark Bait Keep Up The Great Video's Your Smile Is The Best Cheers Kenny

  7. Been kayaking for lots of years and I don't think I would even do that at night!  Very hard core kayak fishing there! Great video as always!

  8. I remember catching Blacktips off the Sunglow Pier in Daytona using cut Bluefish, was in Cuba over Christmas with the family and was catching little Jacks and Bone Fish from the shore with about any lure I put out. Nice video.

  9. better fisher than most men,n of course beautiful,n extremely brave,id wrangle a bull,or tiger with u anyday.but where i live the whites roam these waters.keep being a badass,i can dig it.

  10. Good thing to do is wear 2 headlights, one for the front and one on the back of the head, incase you go over people know

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