Beginner Beach Fishing: Catch fish fast with these baits! Cape Cod Experience

Beginner Beach Fishing: Catch fish fast with these baits! Cape Cod Experience

Today, we’re going to be talking about some great beach fishing baits: squid and cut bait. So, today we’re going to do a head-to-head challenge we’re going to be fishing for an hour using mackerel on one rod and our Super Salty Squid on the other rod. So we are fishing in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, right now we have found a nice little spot that we’ve found a lot of different kinds of species of fish, I like multi-species fishing, I like catching– I like throwing bait out and not knowing what I’m going to catch, and these baits are perfect! Squid and mackerel are– squid and mackerel are some of the go-to baits in the Cape Cod area. today we are targeting whatever’s gonna bite this and this, I’m not sure what’s going to bite it, I’m guessing a bunch of porgy, maybe some bluefish, um, maybe a striped bass or two, Who knows? That’s the fun of the game. Let’s go play. [Brendon’s Dad] Shaky shaky. [Erin:] Are you using squid or mackerel? [Dad:] I’m using squid right now.
[Erin:] Squid? [Dad:] Yeah.
[Erin:] Alright. [Dad:] I like it. So for the mackerel, I’m going to just filet it, Oops… [Erin:] What happened? Huh, the spine. This is not fresh. The meat is very soft… and generally, the fresher the bait, the better, but, uh, yeah, this doesn’t look so good. We’ll see how it works. Eugh… this is why I don’t buy frozen bait, guys. [Erin:] Really stinky. Look, it should not just be separating from the meat like that. I’m also doing a horrible filet job, because this is a dull knife [both laughing] and uh, this is really soft, squishy meat, and I’m just cutting the mackerel– I’m cutting the mackerel to the size hook I’m using, which is a 2/o so I don’t need it too big. Actually… chum! That’ll attract some fish. [Erin:] I think it worked. [Brendon:] Alright, so we’ve got some mackerel–
[Erin:] Wait, wait, wait, wait. [Brendon:] On the squid. [Erin:] I know that’s like–
[Dad:] Nonstop, man. [Dad:] Nonstop, buddy. [Dad:] You know? [Dad:] I think the squid will win. [Brendon:] You think the squid will win?
[Erin laughing] [Brendon:] I don’t know, this is pretty stinky, I think-I think this is going to attract some kind of fish. So my dad my dad and Erin are going to be using the squid, I’m sticking to the mackerel. Let’s see how many fish we can bring up with it. I’m using the same rig we tie for the Senko Skipper Adventure Kit, basically, in the kit we include everything to tie these rigs, um, and how to read the beach, how to catch fish on the beach, it’s a nice little crash course if anybody needs help, um, but I’m using 2/o circle hooks here I use circle hooks because they’re better for the fish. Alright. Let’s give it a cast and see what happens. I just flung some of the mackerel off. [laughing]
[Erin:] For real? Yeah, like, when I use these frozen baits, a lot of times I cast it too hard and the whole bait comes off. What I can do next time is wrap my bait in some kind of elastic thread so it stays on the hook a little bit better. This one’s on the mackerel–Ohhh!!! It was a crab! [Erin:] What? It was a big crab, like this big! A big spider crab! That munched it all off. Man.
[Erin:] Well your Dad’s on. [Brendon:] I’m trying the mackerel again. [Brendon:] Eugh! It’s so gross! … and half of it flies off when I cast it. [Erin:] You’re having a bad time, huh? [Brendon:] I’m about to just switch to squid. [Erin:] You have to give it a fair chance, Brendon!
[Brendon:] I am! I am! [Erin:] You said one hour. [Brendon:] Yeah… [Erin:] Woah! [Brendon:] On. That was pretty quick.
[Erin:] Yeah! Oh, this is something decent. Ohhhho! That’s a nice-sized one! [Erin laughing:] Wow. That’s a decent one. [Erin:] Hold it up. Okay. Nice. Crabs didn’t get to it, but look at all the bait now. Gone. Porgy. [Erin:] Ah! [Brendon:] Alright, Erin. Erin is going to be using Erin’s going to be on this rod, I’m going to be on the Mojo Surf right there, I’ve got mackerel, she got squid, let’s see what’s up. [Erin:] I’m going to win. [Erin:] Oh, come on! [Brendon laughing maniacally] On one! Woahohoho! [Erin:] Woah!
[Brendon:] That’s a big robin! [Erin:] That’s one of the biggest ones I’ve ever seen. [Brendon laughing] What the heck? this thing looks crazy. Look at this guy. Woah.
[Erin:] Put your foot next to it. [Erin:] Yeah, there you go, it’s pretty big. [Brendon:] Supposedly these are a big nuissance in this area. [Erin:] Are you happy to catch them? [Brendon:] I’m happy to catch them. Aahh! I’m getting–
[Brendon:] You’re on! [Brendon:] Are you on?
[Erin:] It’s small, too small. What the… All my bait’s gone again. [Erin:] Wow.
and I have like, 4 or 5 pieces of mackerel left. [Erin:] Really?
So, yeah. I mean, it caught some fish. [Erin:] Yeah.
But it just goes so quick. [Erin:] I think your fish, like, were bigger, they fought hard, it always pulled your rod a lot. My last two pieces of mackerel, and you’re still on your first two pieces of squid! [Erin:] Yeah.
[both laughing] We haven’t changed that! and I’m out of mackerel. [Erin:] Has your Dad changed? Dad, did you change your squid yet? How many times did you change it? [Dad:] A few times. My Dad’s changed it a few times, he said. but, uh… first time I casted my… first time I accidentally casted the mackerel off, second time, crabs ate it, third time, caught a fish, ate all the– it ate all the bait before I brought it up, and, I don’t know, it’s just mackerel does not stay on very long and this is not very fresh so I don’t think this is a good representation of using fresh mackerel. Fresh bait is always better than frozen bait, freshly frozen bait’s good too, but the bait that I got was-was really mushy. It was no good. I missed it. I missed it! [Erin:] What was that? I don’t know. I mean, it works pretty much as soon as I throw it, but I bet you there’s no bait on there anymore. [Erin:] Are you on? Oh. [Dad:] This is a good one. [Erin:] Woo–oh, nice. Squid, the second I casted it. [Erin:] Oh my goodness. Uh, my mackerel rod, I don’t think—I think it’s all gone. [Erin:] All your bait?
Yeah, I’m pretty sure. There’s nothing–initially I casted it, something ate it for a second, uh, I didn’t set the hook, and now nothing’s even touching it, so… i’m pretty sure it’s gone. Scup. Look at that, bait’s still on here. This is your first piece of squid. [Erin laughing] I haven’t done much fishing yet, though, [Brendon:] This is our–
[Erin:] It’s hard to focus on both. this is our first piece of squid on here. I’m going to put a li—instead of mackerel, since I’m out of mackerel, I’m just going to use squid, haha. This is reliable. More reliable. Take the chunk feed it through, see that? Trim it up. That’s one. This one, I’m going to cut in half, a little bit thinner. and do the same thing. This is why I like the chunks, because I can cut it up to to whatever shape I want now, this is on a much bigger hook, so, hopefully, I’ll be able to catch a bigger fish with this. [Erin:] Oh, maybe that’s why you were catching bigger fish in general on the mackerel, remember? Oh yeah, maybe. [Erin:] On! [Brendon:] On?
[Erin:] Yup. Ooh! They shake! [Brendon:] What is it? [Dad:] There you go, there, pick it up. [Brendon:] Alright, girl.
Whooo. Yay. [Erin:] What’s the thumbnail–WHAA!! [Brendon:] Oh, she got another one, missed it on camera, but she got it, here’s video proof. [Erin laughing]
Show the camera, video proof you got it, there you go, good job. [Erin:] Video proof, I need pliers. [Brendon:] Video proof, okay, guys, we just dropped the camera and she’s a little upset. It’s okay. We’re both a little upset. But look at that! and look at that! smile on her face! Fishing helps you solve all your problems. This thing is incredibly strong! For a little porgy? [Erin:] Right? Aren’t they? For this species of fish? I bet you it’s a little porgy. They fight like a sheepshead! [Erin:] Yeah, I agree. [Erin:] They look like it too, right?– Ooh!
[Brendon:] Oh man! Look at that one! [Dad:] Yeah, that’s a keeper right there. Wanna keep it? Huh? [Dad:] Man… we might as well bring some home. Looks like a sheepshead too, kind of.
[Erin:] Yeah. Alright, we’re taking this guy home. Comment below your favorite recipe for porgy. [Erin:] Ha ha! [Brendon:] Woah, two! [Erin:] Ah, ha ha! They are heavy! They are both so big! Brendon, they’re so heavy.
[Brendon:] Oh, man! [Brendon:] Those are nice ones! [Erin laughing] Whooo! Alright. [Brendon:] Alright, looks like squid wins, huh?
[Erin:] I think so, in my opinion. Wow, these are seriously heavy fish. Dang, Erin! That’s a nice one, and two of them!
I know! This one’s like, really really quite big. [laughing] Nice! Alright, give’em a kiss. Ah! I was scared it was going to bite my lips. Nice! [Erin:] Yup. Good job, Erin.
[Thank you.] [Dad:] Good job, Erin. Time to cast out again. [Erin:] Woah, who got a double? [Brendon:] On the squid! [Erin:] Oh my gosh. [Dad:] Good times, good times. I’m telling you guys, this squid works for a lot of different species, I had no idea it would work so well for here. [Erin:] Go ahead.
So here’s our conclusion, guys. The mackerel worked great, the squid worked great, however, the mackerel did not stay on the hook very well! I would cast it off and it would fly off, crabs would bite it off, every time the fish bites the mackerel, it’s really easy for it to get the bait off, um, whereas the squid, we used one piece for a long time, the mackerel was kind of gross, I didn’t like fileting it, this had to do with it being, uh, frozen and not very fresh, um, but most of the time I buy frozen fish, this is the same story, it’s really mushy, it’s really gross, um, don’t like to handle it. This squid, you can try for yourself, it’s in the link in the description below, get yourself a couple of packs of these, and a surf fishing adventure kit, and you’re good to go for the day of fishing! Our job here at Senko Skipper is to help you guys get on fish, and we really, truly stand by that, we’ve developed all of these products to help you guys as much as we can, this guide right here answers all the questions–a lot of questions that people have been asking us, a lot of questions that I wish I knew as a beginner, um, if you want to read the PDF, that’s available in the link in the description as well. Um, but I’m going to get going, watch the sunset with Erin, uh, do a little bit more fishing, sayonara, guys.

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  1. One trick I like to use is panty hose. I buy cheep packs of lady's panty hose and press cut them in little sqaure, big enough therapy the bait entirely. run the hook threw all four corners, wrapping bait inside of it forming a pocket for the bait. I like to black drum fish alot and I use clam for bait for them, black drum here live clam as first. learned this little trick trying to deter the piranha pinkish here. just to make one clam last longer then just putting it straight on my kook. just thought I'd share.

  2. Out here in southern California catching fresh pacific makeral is the best bait it stays on the hook and is really really bloody great for anyfish

  3. Howzit guys, next you use frozen baits mackerel let it defrost completely put it in a big flat steel drip try and cover it with salt, the salt will observe all the water leave it for about 8 to 10 hour's then take the mackerel out of the salt and in to a dish and then go you find it will work mush better

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    Another great vid by the way.

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  9. The mackerels stomach acids break down the flesh very quickly after death. Mackerel freezes well and flesh stays firm if guts are removed shortly after death. If not you will just have a mushy bait which wont catch that well. The squid is excellent and would come recommended for some of the bream species in our waters though.

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  19. When I use cut bait, I normally save a little bait fish and put it in the freezer. Bring it with me to fish (both fresh and salt water). Once I catch my first fish, I them use it as my cut bait.

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  22. Mackerel is my favorite bait for stripers, I always bring a smaller rod for Mackerel, I actually use smaller pieces of mackerel to catch the Mackerel, I then usually liveline it or filet it and I always tend to catch tons of stripers that way

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