Bengali style fish curry | Shorshe Bata Diye Mach er Jhal | Mustard fish curry recipe | Fish Recipe

Bengali style fish curry | Shorshe Bata Diye Mach er Jhal | Mustard fish curry recipe | Fish Recipe

hello friends you are welcome in another mouth watering session from Letscookeat Bengali food is known for its taste aand is popular all across India well our today’s recipe also belongs from Bengali Cuisine and is popularly known as Bengali Style Fish Curry so lets not waste any time and quick start the process lets look over the Ingredients for making Bengali Style Fish curry Fish – 1 Kg tomatoes – 2 medium size chopped into pieces which we will use to make puree few garlic pods one medium size onion . we will grind both garlic and onion together and make paste green coriander leaves finely chopped poppy seeds – 1 Table spoon , 2 Table spoon yellow mustard seeds we will grind them together 1 Table spoon black mustard seeds mustard oil In Dry spices – 1 TBSP Coriander powder , Turmeric powder, Red Chili powder and salt lets start the process for frying the fish we will take a pan and heat the oil till our oil get hot we will add salt and turmeric powder in the fish add turmeric powder in fish first add turmeric powder in it and little red chili salt little coriander powder and now mix it well every peices should mixed well with the spices you can see that our spices is evenly coated in all the pieces and now even the oil got heated now we will fry these peices be careful while putting the fish pieces in the pan and keep the flame in low do not over crowd the pan i have kept the flame in medium and we will flip the pieces after 1 minute so that it get cooked from both the sides beautiful color came to the fish the fish got fried now we will take it out on kitchen towel and in the same way we will cook the remaining peices i have crispy fried the fishes you also fry it well from both the sides on medium flame till the remaining peices of the fish get fried we will grind poppy seeds and yellow mustard seeds together to make paste at first we will grind it dry and then after grinding we will add water and make paste all the pieces of the fish got fried now we will fry the head of fish be more careful while frying the head after putting it in oil we will cover the lid the head also got fried now we will make gravy , I have taken out the excess oil in remaining oil we will add mustard seeds once it starts crackling add onion and garlic paste in it now add onion and garlic paste add chili powder in oil thiis will bring good color to the fish and turmeric we will fry it until the raw smell of the garlic vanishes even though we have made puree from tomato but still we will cut one tomato and add it in our mixture now add tomato puree and coriander powder fry it well now add the paste of poppy seeds and yellow mustard seeds we will not fry it for more time only 2 -3 min in high flame add salt the masala got fried well now add water add water as per the gravy you want , if you want thick gravy add less water or else little more water i have added 4 cup water as i like thin gravy you adjust the proportion of water as per your taste and once it comes to boil then add the fried pieces of fish in it gravy came to boil now add fish pieces in it now cook it for 4 – 5 minutes more and then it is ready to serve add coriander leaves well friends our delicious fish curry is ready do try at home leave your comment below and please subscribe to our channel and share it with your family and friends we will be back soon with another mouth watering recipe till then keep watching and enjoy cooking

16 thoughts on “Bengali style fish curry | Shorshe Bata Diye Mach er Jhal | Mustard fish curry recipe | Fish Recipe

  1. Awesome recipe…. I have tried at home it's sooooo delicious n thank you for your recipe… We like it thank you

  2. veri nice thanks for u …Ajke AMR bondhura fish niye asece but Ami ki vabe banabo bujhte parchilam na …thank you very much

  3. Lovely! I am getting hungry 🙂 Please see my recipe for Salmon too here -> Made it on Bengali new year (Pohela Baishakh)

  4. Usually garlic and onion are avoided in curries in which poppy seeds and mustard seeds are used as onion and garlic trend to dominate the aroma and taste of poppy seeds and mustard seeds.
    While making the paste of poppy seeds and mustard seeds, you may use a green chilly and quarter tea spoon of salt to avoid the bitterness of mustard seeds.

    If you soak poppy seeds and mustard seeds in water for half an hour , it would be convenient for you to make smooth paste .
    Usage of green Chillies are preferred than red chilly powder as these types of curries should have yellowish gravy and not red gravy. Even Tomato puree to be avoided.
    After switching off the flame , you may garnish with finely chopped green Chillies and a tea spoon of raw mustard oil to get awesome aroma

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