Best Aquarium Fish for beginners

Best Aquarium Fish for beginners

When it comes to the best beginner fish in the hobby, I guess you can look no further than my Asian aquarium However, I think we should first start off with what’s been going on with this tank because we actually haven’t really done much of an Update since the inception of this tank originally we scaped it with some rocks and some Manzanita branches on the bottom to replicate roots, and then we had a large stump in the corner that stump was far more Rotted than I had thought and I had to remove it simply because it was deteriorating the water quality in the aquarium rather Rapidly I guess after I did that I almost lost interest in this aquarium until more recently You see I added in a piece of manzanita from the 375 It’s just kind of randomly placed in there, and then I took a handful of Anubias and tossed it in there I thought they’ll end up where they want to end up whether they’re gonna float or attach themselves to some of the wood or within The substrate or whatever they’re going to do and that’s exactly what happened now this tank has a much more natural feel to it especially since I’ve just Left it alone the bottom is covered in a substrate that I’ve mixed It’s got some sand some fine grain sand and that’s a multicolored. You know river gravel That’s kind of small in size as well anywheres from one to say three millimeters in size I’ve also strewn a bunch of leaf litter throughout the aquarium giving that an even more natural look and There’s some Java ferns as well as a little bit of moss here and there But the bottom of this tank is my absolute favorite in fact if I were to base this aquarium compared to every other Aquarium in the gallery the bottom of this tank is my favorite by first this piece of manzanita I don’t like and I never did like however I got some really interesting Behavior out of the fish once I added it into it So I decided to leave it in there because they were actually acting so much more natural and in line with how they would in the wild You see the stocking in this aquarium is about 50 or maybe it’s 75 Carla Quinn rasp Or is an absolute classic in the Hobby and is arguably one of the best beginner fish as well But not the point of today’s video in fact I wouldn’t even rank these guys in my top 10 beginner fish, but I know a lot of other people do In my opinion one of the best if not the best beginner fish based on my experience and opinion and some information about them is The gourami all different types of gourami, but in this aquarium we have the pearl gourami I went with pearl gourami for two big reasons one is their appearance two is their availability and cost Their availability and cost you’ll find gouramis in almost any local fish store all different varieties and different species However, they’re also relatively cheap and affordable anywheres from three to eight dollars each and for such an amazing looking fish I think it’s definitely Worth the price of course those prices are going to fluctuate all over the world not everybody has the same prices everywhere But the pro Brahmi, I like them the best for their appearance One they have that classic oval-shaped body like the gourami should But their coloration and some of their features is what attracts me to Attracts me to them the most they get their name the programming based on these little pearls or these little dots white dots that Cover their entire body and even some of their fins however depending on where they are in the aquarium And how they reflect in the light those pearls really shimmer and really give them an absolutely amazing gorgeous look They even have some blues and reds and blacks You know a nice mixture of colors, which makes them really appealing especially since they’re a beginner fish you’re getting a fish That’s an absolute stunning looking fish yet It’s also a beginner which to me is better than a platy or a guppy or some of the other Top-rated beginner fish which are nothing wrong with them But I prefer these guys simply because we get those beginner aspects in an absolutely beautiful fish It’s not only if there is a coloration as well as their their body or their markings on their body absolutely stunning in my opinion But a couple of other things that draws my attention to them is that? Subtly that runs from the nape of their head All the way through their eye and down their body just a simple little black line makes them look a little bit eloquent looking a little more delicate and I just can’t stop staring at them. I’m always staring at these fish probably more than anybody in this rack. I look at these guys Of course they’re modified pectoral fins Absolutely fascinating as well, and which really gives them that classic gourami look without them I don’t know if they’d be as appealing to me But I guess that’d be up to you in personal preferences these modified pectoral fins serve a purpose They’re highly sensitive feelers these guys use them to feel out and explore the entire aquarium sometimes. They’re feeling the food with them It’s almost like they’re tiny little arms that they can’t really do much with besides move them around But they can move them in any direction I find that they use them to feel each other the most and see who’s around them And I believe they’re using to communicate with them. I’m still trying to study gourami sign language. I’m almost there I’ll translate in a future video. Okay, so they’re commonly available they look great They are easy to care for these guys will of course eat any types of food that I offer them I give them flakes small pellets frozen foods that readily accept almost anything that I offer which is key to Survival of fish you need to make sure they’re eating Some gouramis can be aggressive towards other gouramis or even other fish So you kind of want to watch out for that but most importantly you don’t want to put in Known fin nippers with gourami because they will eat at those modified factorial fins or those feelers Or we can call them antennas because it’s kind of what they look like they also withstand a wide range of water parameters as well as Temperatures so this tank runs at about 26 degrees, but they can easily withstand temperatures lower low as say 24 23 degrees Celsius upwards of 28 PH in this tank is 7.6 They can withstand acidic as well as alkaline PHS as long as everything is consistent and steady Don’t worry about chasing the ideal numbers Just use and work with what you have any success. I’ve ever had in the hobby was due to consistency and simplicity I never complicate or over complicate or look to chase any numbers that I don’t necessarily need I focus on What I can provide the fish and the best of my ability and they tend to do quite well But when comes to the gourami easily the the most well known fact about the more at least one of the most interesting things to me is that they are a Labyrinth fish now what this means and you might have heard of the word on labor ends before which is like a maze Well, they have a maze like structure in behind their eyes but in front of their Gill plate it’s a very tiny structure, but it allows them to go to the surface of the water all right gasp a air bubble and Trap it in that labor that absorb that oxygen that way as opposed to through their gills Which most fish do now of course they can go between each one, but what that means is that if water Quality is not favorable to the fish. They can still go to the surface and gasp for air So if your oxygen content is kind of low which plagues a lot of new beginners or maybe the tank is kind of sort of Cycling, or you’ve got some ammonia in the water They can still you know survive for extended periods by gasping at the surface allowing them to live even longer than most fish would be able to withstand those things and Another interesting fact about the labyrinth fish the paradise fish is a labyrinth fish And that was one of the first if not the first tropical fish ever kept in an aquarium So as you can imagine you know 150? I think it was about 150 maybe 200 years ago probably a hundred fifty years ago we didn’t have the technology and availability of providing an environment like this however the Paradise fish was able to withstand those conditions a lot has to do with being a labyrinth fish so in considering all of this The gourami in general is a fantastic beginner fish now because there’s so many different variations and strains and Species of gourami you have a time to pick from my suggestion would be to look into the dwarf gouramis Or some of the more smaller sized gouramis like the pearls or oak lines or three spots. We’re ever gonna There’s so many different types, but they tend to stay under the five inch mark which means they could probably do really well and say a 30 gallon tank the dwarfs can probably do a little bit better at a 10 or 20 But you definitely don’t want to get a giant red tail gourami those guys get absolutely Monstrous and so like three feet I’ve seen full-grown ones They are absolute beasts, but there’s still a gourami, but definitely not the beginner type gourami like these pearls Anyways, that’s my preference for the best beginner fish based on a number of factors I’d love to know what you guys think is the best beginner fish, and why it is. Let me know in the comments section below There are a few of their little fish in here We’re not talking about in this video, but I can see them now but when I’m Filming they didn’t want to come out so I decided how am I even talked to them because it’s like they don’t even exist in Here, but when you got bright lights, and you’re waving your arms everywhere and cameras rolling the fish tend to not want to cooperate

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  1. What do you think is the best aquarium fish for beginners? AND WHY?! Let us know in the comments!

    I gave a sneak peak to this fish YESTERDAY on Instagram ►

  2. Would they (smaller species) do well in an outdoor pond (Completely sheltered and above ground) in the Midwest? How many in 55 gallon?

  3. If anyone can help me out, I have $50 for amazon and want to get some new stuff for my aquarium, if anyone has any recommendations for plants, filters, or any thing else please respond !

  4. joey it would be nice to hear your views on this
    i fed my honey gourami betta food(aqueon?) some days and tetracolor food till they each got about 2 1/2 inches and died but personally i think this food is better to give your gouramis
    i know they're pearl gouramis

  5. Hey Joey Im new to the hobby and help. My tank is cloudy and tried everything to fix it and it still cloudy

  6. We have 4 different dwarf Gourami in our 40 gallon aquarium and they get along surprisingly well. The tank is heavily planted so they do have their own spaces. They are awesome fish to keep. I love their little feelers.

  7. I definitely agree with you about gouramis! I have a male and female dwarf in my 18 gallon tank and 2 pearls in my 29! I would caution against putting pearls with black skirt tetras, though. One of mine gets along with them, but the other likes to chase the tetras!

  8. Pristella tetras! They'll survive in many different water perimeters. They're even found in brackish water in the wild!

  9. joey! i love this but it would make me so so so happy to see you do a video drawing attention to Dwarf Gourami iridovirus. Dwarf gouramis are not the safest fish to be buying lately, it has something to do with bad conditions and mass inbreeding from singapore. about 1/3 of their exported fish are infected and more become infected in shipping bags and pet shop tanks. not enough people know about this!! i had a pair of males from the same spawn, turns out they both had it and it took a few months of observing them to diagnose it. one went to a vetrinarian to be treated the best he could be, but it was untreatable and the other is in my tank currently, but he isnt thriving.
    because of his condition. however, as long as he is a happy fish i will provide for him, but i absolutely refuse to buy another DG until breeding facilities clean up their act. These fish deserve better lives, i wont support those companies by buying another diseased fish, only for it to be completely untreatable. i have to have him separated from other labyrinthe fish because they could be susceptable. i went to the pet store and they knew about the virus in the species but still continue to stock the fish. we have to stop buying the species or they will never stop their methods of breeding them 🙁 Gourami are great first fish, but i wouldnt recommend a dwarf to anyone that isnt prepared to deal with the dissapointment of an inevetitable fish death, and knowing that you are just making the fish comfortable until that time comes, however prolonged that time period is. my current gourami is over a year and a half and still going strong, but unfortunately he has many signs of the disease, most are euthanized rather than natural death because the decline is so slow with this illness. you have to constantly evaluate your fish's quality of life, because it will likely diminish before his natural time does, and its very disheartening..

  10. some biggners wants to buy monster fish so they
    can buy a gaint gurami but tank size should be minimum 500gallon because they increase their size very quickly

  11. I totally agree! Inhave 4 or 5 Blue gouamis and i love them! I was tired of bettas (even though i still have some) and wanted a cousin to the betta that wadnt as imbreed. Love these fish!

  12. My daughter researched for months and went with the Sparkling Gouramis. They actual did fight and all died so I decided to do a Blue Ram Cichlid as my show piece.
    My Ram did super and I introduced a male. They are peas in a pod! Even with my other fish 😊

  13. Ive have been watching you since day one I got one question how is your other flower horn doin you never video it would be great to see her

  14. Hey king..huge fan of your from India..I just need a suggestion from you..can you just tell me a routine dite for my 3.5 inch red dragon flower horn(small version of frank😅)…please..

  15. My first fish, which I still have now, was a school of 6 Cherry Barbs in a 10 Gallon tank. I never had an problems with them, and I did for a time have them with 5 Ender Guppies before they got their own tank, and they worked very well together. Would definitely recommend Cherry Barbs!

  16. Zebra Danios. Did he say that? Cause they're cheap, hardy, active, etc.

    Gourami's are good, but you ideally need 10g+, which let's be honest is pretty rare for beginners

  17. Hello all, I am thinking about getting the Aqua Range Aqua Expert 70 Aquarium. If anyone has this tank, roughly how many fish do you keep in it?

  18. Hey joey! What is your next big project? Such as 10.000 gallon tank ? Big pond : covered by walls and roof to keep it warm in winter as well? We all waiting for your next big project!

  19. I'd recommend ember tetras, I started out with them and they're still one my favorites! Plus they're tiny and cheap (at least at my LFS)

  20. I got gouramis and ended up with only 1. He is now named hannibal and has his own tank with a school of tetras. Beautiful fish but he sure he an a$$hole.

  21. i know this sounds wrong but i wanted to build self sustaining food chain in 55 gallon planted aquarium with shrimp (cherry and ghost) snails and guppies but i dont have a predator for guppies.does somebody knows species i need

  22. I am a fan of loaches! I have clowns, yoyos, and zebras and they seem to be easy! I also have a big tire track eel which is technically a loach but would not recommend one of them for a new fish keeper.

  23. I would say the mollie is a good starter fish as well there are a lot of different types of mollie as well

  24. Specific Tiger barbs tank ! They are super résistant ! Cool to see , eat anything and recognise who his their master

  25. Great vid as allways Joey.. i myself have had various fish over the years.. currently on darf gouramis, neon, cobalt and electric blue… great looking fish mixed with neon tetras and rummynose tetras… and of course good old clown plec.. very easy to keep.. cant wait for your next video. ^5

  26. I have had a 30 gallon tank sitting in my closet for a few years, and a few days ago I saw your video about killifish. I just ordered about a hundred of them(from thailand)! They seem like they dont need anything fance other that good protien. Do brine shrimp smell?

  27. I have a nice little school of pearls as well. Just love them! I feel like yours would come out much more often if u turn down the flow in ur tank. My guys are out free swimming in the open tank area all day long.

  28. Neat. My first aquarium was stocked with 10 Harlequin Rasboras and 3 Dwarf Gourami. Through out the years, my easiest fish to care for were Peppered Corydoras.

  29. I’m planning my first aquarium, a 120 gallon saltwater tank (I love marine tanks and planning on doing a reef but imma take it slow) then I wanna do a 60 gallon predator tank buts that’s it then

  30. Hey Joey. Great looking tank, as usual. Just a small remark, the water flow seems a little too high for the pearl gourami. As most gouramis, it is a bubble nester that inhabits backwaters in the wild and therefore, prefers low to no water flow. I don't think you'll get any bubblenest with that setup and most of the fish are already showing adult coloration and are probably ready to start spawning.

  31. I've been hopeful to start up an aquarium, likely with gourami, since they have a lot of personality, but I'm in my new house and I'm worried that with my water softener, my water wouldn't be the balance they need. But, I've no way to tell. And, it'd be expensive to buy jugs of water every time I need to do water changes. Any input on water softener-treated tap?

  32. Do a video to make a theme in aquarium…i dont have any idea now…im blank for my tank…i want to do the amazon theme for my snakeheads…can you do one video

  33. And how you do the water is very very clear…how is the filter and what water you use and how you do that very very clear and clean water…

  34. Betta, tons of variety, hardy, Labyrinth breather, and can stand mediocre water parameters. Also, some do well in community tanks if paired with the right fish. They can even do well with each other given a larger heavily planted tank.

  35. lovely video! Ive slowly looked into this hobby again after ten years. I think barbs seem like an easy and great looking fish, and active. they shine if kept in large groups, and can take different water parameters, eat anything and come in many colors. they even breed easily apparently. but i havent kept them yet sadly. phosphor, pink and tiger are my favorites.

  36. I've always wanted to have a nice tank, but the water where I live from the sink is incredibly high in minerals.

  37. Joey … your tanks look like " living pieces of art " !!! Each one so different , creative and so beautiful !!! We love watching your tanks …. your fish room is the best on YT !!!! We hope you will continue to post vids for a long time to come … we feel happy to have found you 😊💛 !!!! Also, appreciate that you use this platform responsibly and to educate . Best Wishes always 💛..Eddie n Jill.

  38. Will tiger barbs rough them up? I’m thinking of setting my 75 back up and I really love the look of tiger barbs.

  39. Your so right. I keep like 10 of them in my 150 and 55g refugium sump. I love them however i think they are defently under appreciated in the generial hoby. Thanks for sheding soms light on this topic – Nik Diefenbacher

  40. I had not considered the Pearl Gourami for my beginner tank. I'll consider for my next tank. I like Mollys and Swordtails but education provides insights to make different choices. Thanks for posting.

  41. I had green barbs and tiger barbs when I was a teenager. Super fun fish to watch and easy to care for. Very tough fish

  42. My number one aquarium fish would be sticklebacks! In particular, three spined sticklebacks. This is because they are everything you should look for in a beginner fish. They are small (maxing out at 3-4 inches), peaceful, colourful (the males are a bluey green and have orange/red undersides), and they are near indestructible!!! Well, the are very hardy. They don’t need a heater either as they are cold water fish.

  43. Love your videos always watch them and you give excellent advice I know it’s your opinion but I always go with it thank you so much I have a tropical tank and I’ve got a garage and love it thank you from Great Britain

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