Best Aquarium Store in Ohio, Gerber’s Tropical Fish Store, Part One Freshwater

Best Aquarium Store in Ohio, Gerber’s Tropical Fish Store, Part One Freshwater

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing you a midweek video how’s everybody
doing hope you’re doing well yo your boy d just dropped his kids off with the mom
heading up to Findlay Ohio I’m here in Dayton know I’ll have to stop in and say
hello to mr. John Gerbert of Gerber’s tropical fish I’m excited to show you
guys what he’s got going on to redid his whole fresh water room got two videos
coming for me on it here we go mr. John Gerber’s in the mix what’s going on –
how are you go great that great to be in here again man so you told me you got a
lot going on with your your fresh water room I want to just get the people in
here and show what you got going on i walked in i saw black one of the black
glass tanks dude last time I was in here man your fish room was like low to the
ground on wooden stands you put a little money in here man what’s going on what
are you up to well we wanted to get the tanks off the ground so to be it
customers eye level so we got them on concrete blocks it brings them up and
then we put a whole new filtering system in and we’re able to carry a twice the
varieties and twice the volume that we used it so you double the size of your
freshwater room yeah we double the capacity because of the filtration
system oh I gotcha awesome man let’s take a look around
obviously we got some sweet peacocks in here yeah we just got a shipment
innocent peacocks that we’ve got the peacocks you got some labs you were
telling me some crazy story about back in the day you had the clown loaches
that it got blurry in them from we’re always to go to Indonesia and I went to
a farm in Indonesia literally they had clown loaches that
were size of footballs while they were trying to breed them that’s awesome did
they ever interbreeding yeah you’re starting to bring them in everybody’s
cool what else we got here these are just some young electric blue hats that
have them colored yet nice yeah a lot the glofish make the daughter’s thank
Adam little kids love them you solo it huh yeah no kid you got the mbuna larger
ones we got a lot of small ones over here that’s all and up in here we got
small I know half compresses up we also got some sick little closer here oh
those are tight man black belt simple some Immaculata
watch this back to her hair 7 beautiful colors man I saw those in Peru they
didn’t look anything like that he’s got a cool coloration on him what else we
got down this way man yeah dude the new the new fresh water looks awesome dude
I’m real pumped for you we just got in some cherry the pearl cherry collarbone
Wow they look happy just got you really even color up Lane one
yeah I figured the Reds going to be pretty intense and they got great
hitters already developed for how young they are nice oh we’ve got a little
little little guppy action little plan to take action to those Guppies are hot
man whoa yeah where’d you get that angel fish that’s guys no joke that’s just a
local really yeah we that’s a good-looking square I know all the full
article stripes on that Wow let’s go looking fish see what kind of
seal Figgis is that these are the ultros got them in they were actually great
they’re wild cop but they’re raised in a Florida farm I got to grow up and then
down here down here we got just some Tetris some new potted plants we’re
trying to put them in mud and do a little bit of research with the mud and
see if we can get more success in the product plant all right louver the book
and for those rummy knows I saw a second over here yeah I’m loving that you got a
whole nice supply of rummy knows man these are very nice size rubbing those
oh nice yeah those are awesome well you got a lot of there and for
those of you don’t know rummy those are your low school like they stay real low
so they’re pretty hot and then your Cardinals yeah Cardinals are no joke
either I want to show these Angels too it’s going to come out in the camera but
yeah that looks pretty good and then what do you got a pocket some English
Japanese we got in some the electric drill paris-nice
no 200 fish dollars you’ve got a traumas in there and I do that if it’s those
awesome man you’re kind that is packet or use I’m
gone flame came in as a flame alright another couple of nice angel that’s a
falling pair yeah lot of times it’ll do is I get the brought some images and
we’re going to spawn and then we’ll sell them but people want to start breeding
with some breeding pairs of discus that we have for sale to you know let’s go
check those discs out I got a lot of districts people on my channel yo these
are no joke right here these are now by no red up in the top there first time
I’ve had those in here dude those are haha yeah and what just to be fair they
just came in they haven’t even been here for 24 hours so I think once I get them
stabilized the color is going to be even more magnificent than it already is
well if you’d like people can get discus all over online and everything so like
you know why should someone come in here and buy a fish like that from you well
the thing is here we literally feed these fish 5 to 6 times a day we have 5
6 different foods we feed them and we really get them well conditioned and
acclimated to the tank so that when people get them home we’re going to have
a lot better a lot better fish than efficiency set up at a facility that’s
not really being taken care of and fed six times a day yeah and do and actually
they’re fed so well here that a lot of them will end up pairing off and then we
end up the breeding pair right these two here are pairs that came in they didn’t
come in as breeding pairs they just came in and because they were here for three
four months and conditioned so well yeah they started spawning yeah we actually
had crime globally that’s bad and just to show you guys like this is a no joke
setup this isn’t like some random thing like you got what’s the six we talked
about this a second ago what’s I mean what’s the gallons here like you got
this is we have many systems and big sis right here is a four hundred gallon mini
discus system 450 500 gallon system but we also haven’t hooked up we do water
changes daily with ro/di water yeah we do a small water change every day no
kidding so the fish can come in they could be beat off you power feed them
then their money because you’re getting a fish it’s well fed and also well
filter you don’t have that big – like the problem is most people get an
undernourished fish a store and they don’t have a filtration system big
enough to really power feed them to turn them around so these fish are awesome
man these discus with hot food looking real good you don’t never done a discus
tank I’ve always talked I’ve always thought about it I just never popped it
up this high now when we start out when we started keeping them in ro/di water
we just did the amount of success just really yeah is that so that’s the advice
of dead people with discus you keep them in tomorrow what percentage are Orr oh
yeah ro/di really Hardy I means it’s less than five parts per million of
Gunks in the water and if you look just look here this is Dayton Ohio tap water
okay and if you look at it right most cities for water is about 425 parts per
million of gunk and a wife we have guys that work here and clean these tanks
weekly you can see all the calcium the lime deposits there’s all kinds of brown
algae then you look at this tank it’s it’s not clean anymore Riley in the same
amount but that much less work we have a look at how clear the tanks in the glass
right so what parts per million is a district area less than five parts per
your Y to get it down to plus and 5.0 fooling man you got some nice little
small angels in here these are some of the red boys there’s young but they’re
starting to show a lot of red fur they’re got some bomani across see Alice
for my planet egg people back here got some gold anubias ship that in just for
dust that’s right got the old Anubis valve on from my
man John by getting me some good stuff loving it and then uh what else we got
going all you got the nice little brush our DS in here some lamps can cross this
up oh whoa I didn’t see that little fish nice got some frogs I saw Oh what are
these loaches man of these yo-yos or both wait now these are the those are
the Angelica’s proteasome angelicus yeah there’s about four or five different
types I’ve got some of the because this yeah look like you do like yo yo is to
me like robusta boccia here a lot of them similar but when they get a little
older then you’ll see the distinct difference in their pattern all right
you had them in the Lakatos and Angelica sort a small size they’re similar gotcha
Ted Stander’s nice was it haha yeah love the filtration here dude I
love the way you got it segmented off and everything that’s really go for on
nice we do a big business on african cichlid do you yeah is it the Ohio
cichlid Belt as they call it I think it gives the high pH or the hard water
around this area just makes for breeding sickness pretty decent easy I won’t get
my electric blue jack dempsey yeah we like to do a lot of buy one get
one freeze around here so we did this week we’ve got the electric we’ve got
chemistry small red kappa Rhonda’s does it go one thing to does there’s a lot of fish
it obviously we can’t see in this video yeah you know we have captive bred synod
honestok or loaded guys we’re going out of the tubes here I’d have to get a mask
on are in the tubes you know there’s after break the biggest
thing is when a lot of people come in here when they buy online you know they
can just click it go from picture to picture and they see a cool fish
there’s hundreds of fish in here that people don’t even realize we have here
because it’s just you know PVC pipes right here’s a perfect example we got a
tie grunts if you run a small Thai grass together eating a fat fish man
we’re eating blood worms krill and doing really well sometimes you know it hard
to throw it on the scale dude iced all those live in Peru that’s it take right
this is that thing is awesome man does get monster but still what else y’all
you’re like you know we’ll have fire wheels some Lord if I would Brian do you
had fire eels on that big ol loach those big vultures are money too wow those are
cool dude what are these what’s up with these buffers man you just got those and
these are pretty rare not rare but you don’t seem that up with a moped blast
oh yeah the GlassFish today do these puppies no need any salt then those are
the pure no no no you can put them in salt you can put them in fresh the
biggest misconception on the on the figure-eight popper the puffer is the
problem is with most people when they have them is they don’t feed them enough
and then they go around and they pick on the fins of the other fish these little
puffers can almost eat their body weight daily will give them each puffer here
can eat a whole piece of krill the size of them good yeah no foolin I don’t know
that were that big yeah they don’t chase around the other fishing that nice boy
lookin rainbows we have a lot of picasa mist in here
one of the things about my blue costumes is a lot of stores will sell like a two
inch Picasso us but I’ve been doing this for over 27 years importing fish and you
know when you take a flick ausmus out of the pond at 2 inches they just don’t do
well they’re just too young so what I like to do is that get them up to three
inches where I know the customer is not going to have any problems at all with
them so you pay $9.99 instead of $6.99 but
you’re not going to lose them because I always try to get size I try to bring in
fish to the size where I know my customers not going to have a problem
right you’ve been doing it’s 27 years in this warehouse I’ve been 20 so I and
then another 12 years I was it pets to put it over the water what is that got
for 10 ofoma sue this is Africa Wow then this is great man I don’t remember
seeing this many fish last time I was in here you can click the link below to
check out the old video it’s come a long ways oh hello Archer fish yeah he shares
some big arches on the others you’ve got some big ROV got some of their four
inches positive dude I’m so pumped I stopped in any man let’s check it out I
know I know you keep some monsters which I’m surprised you do but it makes sense
take care is some red tail cats or people what happens you feel obligated
and assess it we sell people small fish and they outgrow their aquarium so we
always say we’ll take it back and trade why bring stuff back from outgrow there
that’s awesome then we find people that have you know
500 gallon aquarium they’ll even have we’ll have small fish palms and wise
look at these red oh my lord Reggio catfish farm that’s crazy alright man so what’s the deal you got
to give my viewers a deal dude why should they come in here man what’s the
deal what are you going to give them a deal we can do something to do a buy one
get one free coupon for $15 ba ba ba ba I said the 50 bucks is going to get
anybody in here come on dude give 20 bucks man
give them five oh no I’m going to do a on your website they go down and they
can download a coupon for $19.99 yeah and buy a fish yeah everyone a female
dog about you now we’re throwing fun for saltwater and freshwater slut oh nice
did you hear that fish tank people jogger we’re hooking it up buy one get
one $19.99 or less that’s that’s pretty tight man yeah you got a phat selection
I mean you can’t ain’t you where you going to go find the archer fish do
these fishermen wicked do they’re so big oh whoa get out of here man Wow do those
look hot that is not how big they get help me to
get actually I’ve been in Thailand and sitting at a restaurant you watch them
in the in the river swimming next you and I’ve seen them 1012 inches really
yeah Oh what’s this stingray you guys been in
a black yellow polka-dot as a little bolt I sting right those are rare yeah
those are real hot and then you showed me a stingray a second ago oh yeah okay
all right we go look we raise them here we got three raises what I know these
are wrong for you yeah we should we spawn them their blog they’re live bear
they have live pumps little physics one in there yeah just hanging out all right
then they shower head and make it like it’s raining and that triggers that’s a
spawn really this guy got beat up by a customer’s other stingray so we’re
healing a muse all right here we got in this is captain thread luckily raised
and we sell in this this is a marble matoro the marble matoro has a whole lot
more dots and pattern and a regular majora’s yeah and i mean this this is
young it’s this is a very young fish as it gets older it’s going to just be
incredible with all the offset oh other way no it’s gonna get food Wow what’s it
what type is it again that’s a marble matoro statement yeah that’s a type fish
man captive-bred cool dude looking good man oh I’m pumped to
be up here Oh check it out so you have about how many
gallons of fresh Wow this ship are those are those are the Bristol ship bumpkin
dude I’m getting one of those bad boys that’s a hot one too they got the
rounded fins and everything that’s like a textbook shoe bumpkin goldfish while
you go fish junkies yeah that guys come up with d-nice man
we have about I’d say 15,000 gallons of saltwater we have about 10,000 gallons
of freshwater nice so he feel like big lungs this year long fish yep nice sorry
folks well you heard John Garber is giving a buy one get one I got to do the
work you hook the coupon up for you all but thanks Ram we’re going to show the
saltwater hearing a little bit but everybody making an awesome one and tank
on right you

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