Best Catfish Bait Recipe with DJ MOE

Best Catfish Bait Recipe with DJ MOE

What’s up guys welcome to my channel video TV and today I got the best recipe for the best cat fishing bait ever if you guys want to know how to do it you stay tuned we’re going to be making it right now the things that you need for this recipe this recipe will be a dull recipe so firstly you need is our all-purpose flour cornmeal hot dogs cheap dog food corn cherry kool-aid garlic and water all right guys the first thing you guys want to do is you want to dies your heart does so see you hot dogs out of the package and you want to dice them up now I’m going to be making quite a bit of bait probably whatever I can feel this big pot right here you guys don’t have to make as much if you guys are making less than that you might want to use half a pack of the hot dose but i will be using the whole pack so let’s get dicey names going to be dicing some garlic hi guys thanks going to be open in corn this is the cheapest brand I could find I things like very nice hands very unexpensive you don’t want to drain the corner you want to have all the Jews just add it to the mix just like that all right like I said I’m making a lot of bait so i’ll be using the whole can next when we open in or dog food again super cheap seventy-nine cents i think the cheapest brand i could find the missing your dog food i like to use this brand because as you guys can see is really thick and this is juicy and it’s big so it’s gonna give although lots of flavor so what today oh yeah you want to do that I like this is what we have right now at hot dogs garlic core dog food now we’re going to be adding coolie now this is going to give them cover and it’s going to make it a little bit sweet of cactus like sweet so we got a savory we’ve got sweet we’ve got Doug foods at the corn and I’m going to put some color all right so we’re going to be using the kool-aid to add some color to the base now we’re going to add it some of the yellow corn mill again Superchick cheapest brand the cheapest product you can find Catholics don’t care they’re going to love these anyways so you want to find the cheapest Potter you can find and finally we’re going to ask the all purpose flour use regular flour guys slower I trust do half and half ratio between the cornmeal and the flowers that seems to work better for me now this is not a stink bait guys this doesn’t stink this doesn’t give you a foul smell you can touch with your hands and you can wash it off right away but catfish catfish them to love these foul as you can see a little bit of the kool-aid right there makes it look like this blood sit right there so as well make sure that everything is incorporated all the ingredients are incorporated hi guys the final part where the consistency it’s pretty dry so you can see but I can still make my bait balls and these will be around my whole hook okay so you want to keep it dry as much as you can but you want to still be able to mold it into little balls like this now what I’m going to do is I’m going to put some of it on this little container this is actually where the cornmeal came so I put some of these in the container and then I’ll put it on the fridge so I’m not gonna be taking all this out I’m going to be fishing for a few hours tomorrow so I’m probably going for me as much but yeah if you make a big pot at this you can always put in small containers and andys it and almost wish it you can put it in the freezer freeze it and you have bait for a couple outings so you guys want to try this I’m suggestions do it man you’re gonna catch a lot of fish I caught plenty good size Chandu cafe blue catfish I haven’t caught many flatheads though because everybody knows the best way for flat head is light bait but these are special for blue cats and channel cats they know this stuff so alright guys that’s it for today if you guys like this video please give it a big thumbs up if you guys actually do this bait in the use of my recipe and go out and catch fish just let me know down below the comments I will really love that if you guys haven’t subscribed to this channel please do so I greatly appreciate that alright guys that’s it for today I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe I’m telling you this thing can catch fish so just give it a try it’s really unexpensive i spent like 10 bucks getting all this stuff alright guys that’s it I’m out and I see you guys next time you

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  1. Hi friend if I subscribe to your channel you help me with your subscription in my channel also let me know

  2. Well it's looks very good. But it's looks like it's neededing something more for it Be more Sticky lot more than that . What would you put into it Be more Sticky. Let every one knows.

  3. Not a bad recipe BUT you need to just put the garlic,hot dogs, corn … in a blender .. also add chicken & beef livers to the blend, then mix in the dry mixes, along with crushed wheaties, NOT cherry, but black berry or raspberry kool-aid, fish like them because they drop into the water, also kool-aid is NOT sweet, actually it's very bitter,…
    Now that's also a great recipe my friend, AND it will also catch BIG carp when you cast in those areas. πŸ‘‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ˆ

  4. I’d like to see a video of you using this bait…looks very interesting might have to try it. Great video…#antique catfishing

  5. Hey thanks for posting this video! It's very interested and helpful too! I hope this video helps me catch a lot of fish!

  6. All of these catfish recipes kill me.. too much money, too many ingredients, too much time.. cat fishing and catfish bait is super simple.. but of course im not going to tell you what the secret is..

  7. Damn squirrel headed bastards I go catfishing to feed my family not to go to the grocery store to have gourmet food for the catfish I can't imagine doing some stupid s*** like this gass on it Big Boy!!! Oh I use live perch its what catfish loves for zillion years!!!

  8. U need to teach my wife this recipe she can't cook for shitπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸŒ‘οΈ

  9. I recommend Oscar Meyer hot dogs on a treble hook. Where I'm from it's a guaranteed channel cat bait. Also where I'm from we HAVE to use Oscar Meyer hot dogs. If we use ANY other brand all we catch is boney ass white perch and small soft shell turtles.

  10. Looks like it would work…. have none of you ever used oatmeal balls to catch carp? Do it the same way itll stay on hook just have to rebait often

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