Best Fish Taco Recipe

Hi, I am Shawna Coronado, and I am here with
my favorite chef, Chef Ryan Hutmacher, and he is “The Centered Chef”.
He is going to teach us how to cook for ten dollars or less for a meal.
I am so excited! We are sitting right now in the middle of
sustainable water features. Wow!
And that is how I grew these vegetables. By doing the whole “saving the water”
thing. And having rain water feed it.
I am so excited. Can you tell me what we are going to be fixing
today? We have a really simple dinner that we are
going to be putting together. So we are going to be having grilled Tilapia
tacos. Oh my favorite!
With a tequila glaze. All right!
And we have an avocado salsa. Wow!
It is going to be awesome. Wow!
I can not wait. So we are going to get started on our glaze
right now. Okay.
Which involves a little bit of, we have a hot pan going, we got a little bit of honey
right here. We have a little bit of cider vinegar.
And it does not stick. It is not sticking at all.
Amazing. And we also going to add some tequila to this.
Wo-hoo! A little bit of tequila, and we got some chili
flakes here. Okay.
For a little bit of heat. So what we are looking for Shawna, is, this
is a liquid right now, but what we are going to wait for is for it to turn into a syrup.
We are going to add a little bit of sliced, really thinly sliced jalapeño.
So I am just going to take this Shawna. So hot!
We are going to go right inside of there, give that a stir.
Now let us go to our Tilapia right here. So, a really nice, delicate fish, but it is
going to hold up on the grill. Okay.
So what we want to do with this is, we are going to go a little bit of salt, a little
bit of pepper on this. We are also going to drizzle a little bit
of oil right on top of these guys. So that is because we want to make sure that
they do not stick to the grill. And how long per side?
These are delicate, so these are going to go probably about four to five minutes per
side. They are going to get some really nice sear
marks. Okay, So quick then.
Absolutely. So we will take a look back over here at this.
Wow, look it is syrup. This is the consistency that we are looking
for, we got some really nice bubbles in here. We have just got a little bit longer on this.
In the mean time, let us get started. My eyes are totally watering.
The jalapeños are kicking in. That is awesome.
We can hold back if you want. No, no!
Take the heat out. Well, while we are waiting on this, we are
going to get started on our avocado salsa. I am going to use your help for this, but
I am going to give you a little bit of a demonstration. So, an avocado.
What we are going to do is cut right into the side of it.
We are going to go long ways on it. Okay.
What I am doing is just tracing right around the pit that is inside.
So did you see that? Easy, peasy.
Going to twist it to unlock it. Oh wow!
We are scoring this in a certain direction, now I am going the opposite direction.
The skin is actually stopping the knife from. That is amazing!
Going into my hand. Alright.
So, then what we do is we take a spoon and following the contour of the inner part of
the skin, we are going to cut that and we got beautiful.
Easy. Small chunks of avocado right there.
So it is my turn. So you can not have salsa without tomatoes
right? Absolutely.
We are going to have a nice rustic salsa with these tomatoes just from your garden.
And they are the sweetest ever. These babies are super sweet.
I put a little bit of red onion in there and some cilantro.
You are finishing up with the avocado and we are going to add a little bit of heat to
this, so I am actually going to throw in, seeds and all, some more jalapeño.
And I am going to put a very small chop on these.
Might be a little spicy. It is going to be a little bit spicy, but
it is summer time. Uhh, okay.
We are living large. Then we are also just going to add some fresh
lime juice here. We are going to go with one more.
Okay. We are going to add some salt to that.
We have some cumin powder here. A little bit of cumin spice.
Right on top. While you are mixing that up, we are almost
done with our fish. I am going to toss these corn tortillas right
on the grill to soften these up. And we are going to turn these fish.
So now we have our fish ready to come off the grill.
Let us just grab that up real quick. It looks great.
We have really good grill marks on here. It is very delicate and very flakey now.
We are just going to grab these tortillas off of here.
Nice and warm. Yum!!
I can not wait! We will bring it right over here.
Alright! And before we put that on there, we are going
to go with the tequila glaze you got hiding over there just to your left.
And then we are going to with the salsa on top there.
Now. That is a nice hearty portion there is not
it? Just right there?
I like the salsa! It is the guacamole-ish thing.
That looks fantastic. It looks delicious.
I am just going to pick it up and eat it. Simple comfort food right there.
So while you are enjoying that, you better be enjoying that.
Mmmm. We are going to recap.
Grilled Tilapia with a tequila glaze and an avocado salsa in a corn tortilla.
All that, for ten dollars or less. What a deal.
Are you going to come again? Absolutely.
Great! We will see you next time.

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