Best Lures for Trolling 5# – Red Gill 11,5 CM – Lure Review (Pros & Cons) – 4K

Best Lures for Trolling 5#  – Red Gill 11,5 CM – Lure Review (Pros & Cons) – 4K

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 5th video reviewing my favourite trolling lures Life like imitation of a sandeel My favourite colours are pearl, blue pearl and red pearl You may watch the difference hue near the tail Red Gill is used as a teaser with a big lip diving hard lure Presentation is finished! It’s time to watch it in action! Always expect the unexpected… Often, the smaller fish is caught with the big lure …. and the biggest fish is caught with a smaller lure In my fishing rig is the big lip diving lure and the trolling speed that sinks both lures into the water column next I show you the fishing rig schema Between the Red Gill and the swivel 40- 50 cm Between swivel and the hard lure around 120 cm and 150 cm depending on the rod length I dislike the original Red Gill hook Always change for 2/0 or 3/0 stainless steel hooks PROS: Great lure works right, perfect shape and imitation of a sandeel and the colours available Cons: The hook rusts quickly , the price and some species easily cut the tail If you have difficulty finding a shop to buy the Red Gill I suggest as an alternative the lure Eel from Hart. Thank you very much See you soon in the next video!

18 thoughts on “Best Lures for Trolling 5# – Red Gill 11,5 CM – Lure Review (Pros & Cons) – 4K

  1. Привет 👋 А хвостики такие длинные не откусывают? Сколько заглубление у воблеров?

  2. Olá Nuno. Também uso as redgill (depois da tua sugestão) com bons resultados aqui pelo Cabo Mondego.
    Antes também usava as Eel da Hart, mas também não são baratas.
    Também é mais frequente atirarem-se à redgill do que às afundantes.
    O grande problema são as muitas redes que às vezes estão montadas e limitam a área de atuação.
    Em novembro conseguiste ir duas vezes, és um sortudo. Já não vou à mais de um mês …
    É fantástico os idiomas que já sabes 🙂
    Parabéns pela publicação de grande qualidade.

  3. Πολυ ωραια τα βιντεο σου , μπραβο.Θελω να σε ρωτησω : Παντοτε βαζουμε παραμαλο; ειτε εχουμε σκληρο τεχνητο ειτε εχουμε σιλικονουχο;

  4. vamos amigo from greece you r the best keep trolling!!! that red gill is very good for sea bass but have and one better than this for sea bass check to find if you havent raglou clear pearl 10.5 cm or 12 cm

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