Best of Sydney CBD Episode 2 (Fish Market and Darling Harbour)

Best of Sydney CBD Episode 2 (Fish Market and Darling Harbour)

hey guys welcome back to my channel Colombia in Sydney today we are doing episode number two of the best to do in Sydney CBD so come along with me today we are going to do Darlene Harper and we are going to do a fish market personally I love fish market for having lunch so that’s what we are going to do there I’m not going to show you a little bit around so to get there you can go to the Central Station they take the light rail so let’s go people [Music] okay guys we just got to the fish market station well let’s go also you have to cross through here and please be aware trains holy moly remember always top off this is super popular so probably will be full of people and here’s a map this is the fish market parking lot there’s the ocean so fish comes right super fresh and here is the main building and are at this side some restaurants and it smells like fish so be prepared for that so you feel like always serve look at those massive oysters system you can basically here find whatever look at the crowd whoo bleep massive crabs lobsters everything you can find it here oh just $169 per kilo not too bad [Music] [Music] [Music] knowing inside shark feel it oh my gosh sushi sushi race Association doughnuts sushi sushi Donna Karan factor also we now let’s have lunch my friends please one of this one nothing you want salad everything here amazing okay now I have lunch and just going to have some lunch near the beach now be here to the ocean I’ll be careful with this stupid stupid birds they are evil evil my friends don’t trust them okay look at this beauty look at these beautiful huge half lobster I don’t know what that value is amazing an octopus holy moly look at that someone a fish well okay you can get that everyone the suit potato the same thing that I don’t know what is and crap guys and also shell oh my gosh alright let’s try this I’m really excited about the lobster ah to it with a big massive cheese actually has potato date but it’s mashed potato evening – now one – holy moly they are planning to take over the world all right guys that was pretty much for fish market with good delicious I think the worth it winner here was the Powell’s lunch well fish and chips but with Salman which is good now we are going to downlink our bar you can I think literally walk from here it’s like 15 minutes so that’s why we are going to do let’s go so guys this is the me same and it’s pretty cool because there’s actually has to mind that you can go in like a war ship is pretty cool have not been there yet well I was in the museum but I didn’t go into these ships because I was actually a Mary there but it looks amazing I really want to do it I will definitely recommend it if you like that kind of stuff there’s an aquarium that is quite expensive this is the beautiful city landscape look at this freaking cool [Music] guys we change our plans we’re actually going into the machine because free entry why not why holy moly okay guys so apparently the free entrance is just for something boring that I don’t even know what is but we can’t go there inside it’s thirty two dollars just to get there but we can explore around see like there’s a lighthouse there’s like a pirate’s both lusco let’s see if we can get there or maybe it’s going to be all the $32.00 holy moly there’s Jack Sparrow Oh guys at the end it was not free I don’t know what the hell is free seriously well you can be close to it let’s say sorry the entries $32 for everything in the museum for adults so not today it’s a red light and it’s raining there are some pirates there oh I don’t know if you can see that there’s people there holy moly you got everything for today this is darling harbour definitely good for some drinks and everything but look at this weather I’m terrified before drinks chill around it pretty much everything for the video this is definitely worth it and more infinitive summer and no writing as it is right now but thank you for thank you very much for coming along share subscribe and all that cool stuff I really appreciate when you leave me comments down below see you in the next one fine let’s get a taxi Mike this I miss summer so much already freaking raining I mean according to the forecast now raining but you know it Sydney he likes to be tried you so a big tip for you even if it says that it’s going to be freaking sunshine always have an umbrella and good rain yeah because the weather here is so between [Music] you [Music] Oh [Music]

23 thoughts on “Best of Sydney CBD Episode 2 (Fish Market and Darling Harbour)

  1. Congratulations, Juan Diego! Nice edit … I want to go to Sydney rs
    Karla was right in recommending her channel to me.

  2. hey, nice vlog but to be honest as a local here i should recommend you not to go to fish market its not fresh and has been monopolised. In addition we found live worms in Oysters so just headsup

  3. only tourists go to fish markets LOL it stinks like they kept all the rotting fish in fish markets. you can even smell it from above Anzac bridge.

  4. The Sydney street food is one of the world cleanest place. Look at the London street food, US, China, Pakistan, India, and more.

  5. Great video! I think you'd love these new organic curry mixes, herbs, spices & hot sauce – checkout

  6. WOW I find that that rainy weather and the mist gives the Sydney harbour such an amazing scenery. Can you tell me what the temperature was there during that day if you remember? Since you were wearing a jacket.

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