Best value nano tank All Pond Solutions FW-29 Aquarium Review and Overview

Best value nano tank All Pond Solutions FW-29 Aquarium Review and Overview

Hey YouTube in today’s video I’m going
to take you through the All Pond Solutions FW-29 fish tank
which is a small fish tank they supply that comes complete with filtration and
lighting and at the moment with a 10% discount you can get it all in for £36
pounds that includes free delivery and I think that’s an absolute bargain for a
small fish tank. The idea of this project is to start up a fish tank as if you guys at home are starting out completely fresh you haven’t got your own fish tank at
the moment and you want something maybe for a kids bedroom and this project I’m
going to take it through cycling how fast I can get this cycle and if that’s
something that you’re interested in or want to see any more videos on this then
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about this fish tank The specifications of the tank, it’s supplied with a 4 watt
LED light and the pumps rated at 2.5 watts and will pump
around 350 liters an hour That’s more than enough flow for a tank this size, in fact it’s almost slightly overkill compare it to other tanks around the
same price point you’re lucky to either be supplied with a lighting unit so this
is really geared towards people that are on a budget and really want to get into
keeping tropical fish. The filter works by drawing water up through the pump and then there’s a spray bar which sprays the water through the filter that’s
located at the top of the tank now if you need to fish keeping we need to bear
in mind is all of the surfaces in your fish tank including inside the filter
are used to harbor friendly bacteria this friendly bacteria is used to
convert the pollutants that are generated by keeping the fish into more
friendlier substances which can then be taken out in water changes and used up
by the plants. If you want to know more about the nitrogen cycle and cycling
fish tanks then check out some other videos. The filters supplied with two pads
a course and then a fine filter floss pad. I’ve reached out to APS to ask
about the arrangement of how these should be placed in the filter they came
back to me and said that the coarse foam should be in the bottom of the filter
with the finer filter pad on top with the spray bar spraying water directly onto that With normal filtration you would have your course
mechanical filtration or your coarse pads first to filter out larger deposits
before it reaches your finer filter pads to save the maintenance and not clog up
your filter media the only logical reason that I can see as to why they
would recommend this is because they’re using or suggesting that that coarse pad
is used as a large surface area to colonize bacteria so actually the
mechanical filtration is the fine pad and then your biological is the foam. I’ve swapped out that and done it the normal way so be course and then fine it
and then I’ve placed Biohome Plus in the bottom I managed to get 300 grams in
here which is loads for this fish tank and provide loads of surface area to
colonize that bacteria on. Overall I love the design it comes in six different
colors which can be used to match it to any room that you kind of
want to put it in. There are a couple of points to know when you’re putting
this together so I noticed that the spray bar when it goes into the rubber
attachment which is like a right angle rubber attachment, it doesn’t make a
great fit and water sprays out over the top and sort of circles around the spray
bar I fixed that with a bit of PTFE plumber’s tape you know it’s just a
pound of ebay if you’ve got some great you can loop it round, it won’t
cause any harm to your fish and that just sit makes a better seal on that
rubber attachment. When you open the lid it does drip slightly down the side, I’ve noticed on mine on the left-hand side I think it’s probably the alignment of the
lid so just be careful keep a towel handy, it’s not a huge amount
of water but it’s just from the condensation that forms on the top of
the lid and then finally the lights the lights great but I don’t think it’s
going to be brilliant for plant growth we’ll see and I’ve got some improvements
planned for mine but it has a slightly washed out appearance and that can
usually mean that it’s missing some of the colour spectrums that are good for
growing plants. When it came to fitting the pump, annoyingly the instructions
that are supplied with the tank don’t actually match up to the supplied
components that are in there. Now APS did send me the updated instructions
on a piece of paper but I can walk you through them and once you know how to do
it’s pretty straightforward you’ve got a piece of plastic with what
looks like a holder on it that’s going to be the piece that holds the pump in
place. You should see some slots in the pump that you’re able to slide that
piece of plastic into takes a bit of encouragement it’s not the easiest thing
to do once it’s in there that’s gonna then be held in place. You can put that
into the tank getting your cables into the right area and then what
you have is a small PVC tube that gets fed through that and attached to the
pump so you push that through you push that onto the pump and then you’ve got a
right angled rubber attachment that goes on top and the spray bar then connects
to that. The spray bar is the one with the holes through it. Additionally you are supplied with a longer PVC pipe with no holes in it and that’s designed to extend the
intake down to the bottom of the tank. I haven’t fitted mine I’ve got quite a bit
of substrate and thought I’d probably reach right to the bottom so I’ve left
it off he’s completely up to you if you want to use that. You also get an air
intake if you want to use that – which will provide some venturi effect which
is to aerate the water, now the spray bars go in into what is kind of a wet and dry filter so it’s already getting quite a bit of oxygen
through that so I’ve left mine off the light is connected to a standard switch
it’s apparently waterproof or at least splash proof which is a nice touch and I’ve got
mine connected up to a lighting timer you should do too if you’re planning on
growing some plants because it’s good to give a consistent lighting schedule on
your fish tank. Also it helps with algae growth that you limit some of that
lighting hours I’ve got mine coming on at 11 a.m. and it goes off at 8:30 p.m. so it’s around 9.5 hours and it works absolutely fine on a timer. When
you are filling the tank measure how much water’s going in because I’ve noticed
with all of the substrate the rock all adds up so I’ve only actually got around
20 litres of water in this tank which then brings me on to the
stocking options that y ou can put in here. On the box is a goldfish I was
quite disappointed with the marketing on that the website is better with the
suggestions of fish that you can put in this tank but a goldfish is a no-no, there’s lots of small species of fish that would happily live
inside this tank you’ve got things like scarlet baddis are beautiful fish
slightly harder to keep Chili Rasboras they’re tiny about Rasboras and a great
choice, Betta’s would be perfect for this tank one Betta would look stunning in
there, shrimp of course shrimp would be perfect in this tank and
you could probably put some filter pad over the intake of the
pump if you wanted to stop some of the shrimp getting sucked up there depending
how small they are. All of those really small nano species perfect for
this but avoid goldfish. Overall I really like the tank I’m really pleased of it I
hope you liked this video and if you want to see more on this tank or how
quickly I can get it cycled and my challenge to myself then hit the
subscribe button and check out some of my other videos thanks for watching see
you next time

19 thoughts on “Best value nano tank All Pond Solutions FW-29 Aquarium Review and Overview

  1. We got this tank around the time you posted your video. It's nice overall, looks good, but the light seems to be lacking. We have chilli rasboras in there and they look dull, so do the plants. I have the tank quite heavily planted and I'm looking into upgrading, or at least adding a little lamp on the side where my dwarf grass is growing. I'm really looking forward to how you've upgraded yours!

  2. Hi thanks for the video I am new to fish keeping and did not wash my plants as this is what the fish store told me Do you think I will have problems or any suggestions what I should do The tank is still cycling so no fish yet tia

  3. Really good video thanks. Did I understand that the bubbler would run from the air pump that runs the filter also?

  4. Really wish I hadn't bought this tank . It's a great size for betta with thick rounded edge glass. BUT the glass as a blueish green tint. With the light on it looks great and water clear BUT with the light of its horribly dark even though I've got it in a light room. I don't leave the light on all day in other tanks in the summer . Not sure I'll ever use it tbh

  5. Thank you for saying goldfish are a no no for this tank. So many people would assume this is ok for them 😢 just bought this tank for my ramshorn snails and I might get some of the rasboras you mentioned 🥰

  6. Hi can i no the dimensions of this tank please as the ones stated on all pond solutions online would mean this tank is 39.5 litres not 29

  7. Hey, thanks for this video. Just got one of these for the kids it’s pretty decent. Found the manual with the tank doesn’t match the tank right enough but it’s very straight forward set up anyway. Thing I found confusing was the water level, manual said to the rim, I see that’s how you have yours so it’s over the filter. Speaking to the manufacturer though they advise so the water trickles into the tank via the filter holder. What’s your thoughts on this ?

  8. did u have any issue with venturi working? as I've attached it and tried turning knob but it does nothing. no bubbles etc at all

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