Betta Fish Care, Betta Fish Tank Set Up, Diet, And Tank Mates (Betta Splendens)

Betta Fish Care, Betta Fish Tank Set Up, Diet, And Tank Mates (Betta Splendens)

Hey Y’all Mandy from my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today
let’s talk about the betta fish now the betta fish is a very popular pet amongst
fish keepers and beginners alike now the only downside to this is that a
lot of beginners don’t really know what they’re doing with the betta fish or
they’re misinformed about how to care for the betta fish and so they end up
living their lives in tiny little bowls they’re often overfed which can lead to
constipation and there’s just so many problems with
how betta fish are being treated sometimes there’s just so many people
out there that just don’t really know that much about the betta fish these
fish were originally created over 600 years ago through selective breeding in
Thailand from their relatives who lived in small streams and rice paddies these
fish were specifically bred for aggression to be used for fighting which
is why they are also known by their other name the Siamese fighting fish now
there are a very wide variety of different types of betta fish from crown
tails to veil tails to marbled and dragon scale there’s all different types
and they’re all equally very beautiful fish
so the minimum tank size the betta fish needs is two and a half gallons bigger
of course is always better five gallons or ten gallons is fantastic betta fish
do need somewhere to be able to hide in their tanks and they also are very
intelligent fish so you want to put lots of decor or plants especially plants are
great now for your tank setup most people will need a heater betta fish
tend to do best in temperatures between 78 and 80 degrees so their temperature
needs to be at a stable level because if there is a lot of fluctuations in the
tank maybe at 78 degrees during the day but it might drop down to 7
at night and you don’t realize it so keeping a heater on the tank will make
sure that that temperature stays stable unless you live in a really really hot
environment where like I’m dealing with right now I’m having a blast my a/c it’s
110 degrees outside and I can barely keep my house at 80 degrees but as soon
as the temperature starts to drop outside for wintertime I do throw a
heater in there to make sure that the temperature stays steady and stable for
my fish you will want to have a thermometer on your tank to make sure
that you’re regularly checking where your temperature is at and then there’s
not any problems with your heater that you need to make any adjustments so when
you’re setting up your betta fishes tank when you add the water to the tank you
will want to add bacteria supplement as well as water conditioner betta fish is
pH they do best between neutral and slightly acidic water so on your tank
you will want a filter and tank there are people that don’t use filters but
you’re gonna have to do a lot of water changes and a lot of checking on the
tank now the betta fish is not the most strong swimmer so you’ll want to use a
low flow method of filtration Bunge filters make great filtration for betta
fish those usually have a low flow under gravel filters are also usually pretty
good but they’re starting to become harder and harder to find I’ve noticed
internal filters tend to be pretty low flow from what I’ve experienced and seen
so those are gonna be your better options you don’t want a high power
filter on your tank because it’s just gonna blow the betta around and he’s
gonna have a hard time swimming he’s gonna get exhausted and he’s probably
gonna get sick now when setting up your betta fishes tank for the first time you
will want to try to cycle the tank before adding your fish into the tank
cycling the tank will allow good bacteria to flourish that will help aid
in taking care of any toxins that are produced from fish waste for more
information about cycling your tank I will put a link to my nitrogen cycle
video in the description below and I will put a link up here as well now
for the betta fishes diet most people will feed pellets or flakes when you’re
feeding pellets or flakes you want to look for a really high quality flake or
pellet with high quality protein and preferably no fillers brands like new
life spectrum bug bites or Ken’s fish tend to be great and actually have fish
food in their fish food now betas can suffer from bloat and constipation from
things like over feeding feeding low quality pellets or flakes UD’s and not
soaking the pellets or flakes before feedings so to help prevent bloating and
constipation you can soak your pellets or flakes into chlorinated water for a
minimum 30 minutes before you’re feeding without soaking the food first before
feeding the food can expand in the gut leading to potential illnesses now the
betta fish is an insectivore and they enjoy a wide variety of live and frozen
food items such as blood worms Daphnia and brine shrimp because they get so
easily constipated you really have to make sure that you are never over
feeding because your betta fish will get very sick and constipated and a lot of
times they end up with secondary problems from the constipation and a lot
of times they don’t make it so betta fish are pretty aggressive and
territorial as far as fish goes so they don’t really get along necessarily with
with many other fish male Vedas don’t do well with other male betas they need to
be housed in separate tanks you never want to have two male betas in the same
tank they will fight and they will fight till the death female betas can be kept
in sorority tanks of at least a minimum of three female betas if there’s only
two female betas in the tank they might get territorial and they probably will
start to fight as if they were two males now setting up a sorority tank or a
community betta tank is not necessarily something that I would
suggest for a beginner you really need to know these fish and to be able to
spot if there’s going to be a problem because even females can be
extraterritorial and act more like a male betta than a female betta good tank
mates for pretty much any betta usually snails work great if you do if you do
decide to do a community tank with other fish then I would recommend a minimum of
a 10 gallon tank and you want it to be well planted with lots of spaces to hide
for the fish now betta fish have very long flowing delicate fins so you don’t
want to put anything in there that’s going to be nipping at their fins and
really bothering them finish like platies auto-sync lists neon tetras
these time to be pretty peaceful fish and tend to leave the betta fish alone
for the most part there’s always exceptions like I said I don’t recommend
doing community tanks for someone who is a beginner unless you’re talking about
just adding a couple of snails which my betas always seem to just completely
ignore them and the snails not really gonna do anything to the betta because
they’re always suctioned on to the side of the tank or the bottom of the tank
they can’t really swim around other good tank mates are things like Cory catfish
shrimp cherry shrimp are always really lovely there is always the risk that
your betta might decide that those shrimp are lunch so just kind of keep
that in mind as something if you’re going to add shrimp into the tank then
maybe some ghost shrimp since they are cheaper and considered a feeder now the
average betta fish can live between three to five years there have been fish
that have lived past the five years but it is a little bit more rare so because
betta fish are in smaller tanks they probably will need more frequent
cleaning you will want to check your water parameters
now and then as I said betta fish like neutral to it slightly acidic water they
like softer water and of course they want clean water so you will probably
need to do small water changes of fifteen to twenty percent at least once
a week so the betta fish really can be a beautiful addition to your aquariums as
I said these poor fish so many times they’re putting these teeny tiny little
bowls and I understand a lot of times when you purchase them they’re just in
this tiny little cup but I promise you they do swim they do like to swim around
you can see my betta fish Chi he is constantly swimming around his tank he’s
also very aware of me and as soon as I come towards the tank he’s up at the top
of the tank staring at me waiting to be fed so they are smart they are good fish
with the proper care and maintenance so that’s all for today’s video I hope it
was helpful if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my
channel where I post new videos every week thanks for watching guys bye

100 thoughts on “Betta Fish Care, Betta Fish Tank Set Up, Diet, And Tank Mates (Betta Splendens)

  1. FUN FACT: Bettas are known as the "Siamese Fighting Fish" because they were so very popular for their fighting sport in Thailand (formerly Siam). The emperor of Siam became so involved with these fish that he licensed, collected, and even taxed the sale and breeding of these fish and there was official betting… like horseracing… but betta fighting. They did not fight to the death, but to the retreat. The retreating fish would lose.
    TANK ON! 😀

  2. I’m planning to get a beta fish and I have a 20 gallon long tank but I do not know if I would need a 20 gallon high or a 20 gallon long so which one would it be to fish to put a better fish in?

  3. How should you feed the fish in a community tank to make sure the Betta isn't over eating by eating the other fishes food?

  4. i have a tank just under 20g. i have a school of 8 cardinal tetras and 1 small cory fish. i do 40 to 50 % water changes every week and im slowly building up my plantation in the tank. would this be an ok environment for a beta? i have 2 small snails too bit i dont see them often as they like to bury in the substrate. my friend said it should be ok and she keeps betas but im aprehensive as hers is kept alone

  5. my 46 gallon community tank is working out wonderfully, tho i am going to be rehousing my betta, not because he is being attacked, but because the flow is a bit high for him. i have another betta in an 8 gallon hex tank, and he is doing great. tho i wish it iwas a tad bit bigger so i could put a bristlenose in there.

    in my 46 gallon i have as follows, 10 pristella tetras, 5 black neon tetras, 5 blue neon tetras, my betta, and 2 bristlenose plecos. 1 albino and a spotted.

  6. I was a early beginner my friend gave my a beta fish and my mom,dad, and my friend gave me no tip or advice but I knew a lot for some reason he lived in a big tank with lots of heat fillteration and plants he lived a long life nut one day my other friend when I was gone she put a bunch of food soon he got constipatian and blather infection i tried healing him but it did not work oh did I mention he had tangled fins because my other friend took the net and kept doing stuff to him the he died form his batter infection and constapation even tho I healed it me and that “friend” are not friends anymore oh and I changed the water when it needed it now I’m gonna save up money and get a tank with everything including the fish

  7. Try to watch the camera lens while making video, it will create a viewing angle and feels like you are actually looking at viewer eyes,
    2) make sure you find a place where there is no reflection taking place with your spectical,
    This tips may help you with increasing the subscribers
    3) everything else is good✌️
    4) the the best for your future video's

  8. 6 Gold and Black Skirt tetras short fin. 1 lonesome guppy. and maybe 4 corydoras and one female beta ok? ive got 10 fake plants ranging in size. 2 objects. rocks and a mossball. 20 Gallon

  9. please make video for Betta fish what type of shape tank must be length and wide ,height ,glass or mold tank , what you think about cement tanks thank your videos are great , subscribing now, smart girl thanks for educating and bring awareness 👍😊

  10. I own 4 betta fish, I keep them in 3 gallon aquariums of course separately. Each has heater and filter. They are decorated with plastic plants but I'm carefull with them, I always buy the smooth ones that cant cut their fins. I only have problems with the feeding. I give them frozen white and red mosquito but I dont know how much should I give them. Can somebody help me?

  11. A sorority needs to be a minimum of FIVE female bettas, More is better. Three almost never works out and you need to be very experienced keeping the species to even consider starting one. It's also important to make sure that you are capable of sexing your fish, because a lot of the time males are mislabeled as females. Minimum tank size is 20 Gallons LONG not tall, bettas prefer shallow water, and the tank must be HEAVILY planted, preferably with live plants to suit their natural habitat and reduce stress. A stressed fish is an angry fish and they will fight more if they're overly stressed. It is never recommended to ever try a sorority with anything smaller than a 20 gallon long, a 10 gallon is too small!

  12. Planning to get myself a betta so here i am. Informative video and nice editing, except for one thing. you gotta change the camera angle actually. you have to keep your angle straight towards the viewer. its like you're talking to somebody else behind me jks. thank you.

  13. I had mine in a 29 gallon with a bunch of different tetras.  Everything was fin for 2-3 months until the rummy noses just decided to start attacking him by nipping his fins from out of nowhere.  Sadly I had to put him into my 10 gallon rasbora tank and things are fine now.

  14. Can someone please help me I’m getting a Betta and 3/4 neon terta and I have a 7.5 gallon tank is that good?

  15. I keep mine in a 40 gallon tank with 2 pleco and 2 baby turtles. BEFORE YOU REPLY WITH HATE FOR THE 2 BABY TURTLES! I’ve raised turtles for many years, I’m always monitoring them and once they get a bit bigger they will be removed so the fish isn’t eaten.

  16. This is a great video. I already went out and purchased a betta fish, having read several articles about betta fish and owning several goldfish knowing about the myths of goldfish care.
    I've given my male betta a 25 litre tank, put in two different kinds of live plants, a fake plant and a leaf hammock. I have a heater and filter going, started with a piece of sponge from my goldfish tank filter and some water and left the tank cycling for a few days before picking my betta out.

    I have two kinds of food for the betta. Freeze dried bloodworms and AquaOne's betta pellets. The packet of worms says to be fed to the fish 2-3 times a week but my betta is refusing the pellets. He's spitting them out and now won't attempt to eat them.
    I see now that they are made of mostly wheat, soya beans and then fish meal. Maybe this is why?
    I only have the one betta. What should I do to encourage him to eat? Are there other foods you suggest?

  17. Hey…really enjoyed the video…I’m 12 years into fishtank keeping and I do setups for friends with a lot of succesfull results. Whenever a betta is put in a community tank with compatible peacefull fish the only problem that comes out is feeding time. Betta’s are not as competitive for food like other fish and will hide during feeding time due to companions overtake that will stress it. Even with very large tanks and I’ve tried with over 90 gallons tanks, a betta will hide during feeding time due to competition for food with other fish.
    The best is to keep a betta in a tank by itself or little critters like shrimp and snails. I still haven’t been able to give a betta a fine life in a community tank. Always had to remove them to a dedicated tank.

  18. I’m getting a black crown tail betta fish in a few days so this was super useful! I have had a betta before, but didn’t take the best care of him which I regret so much. Anyways thanks for the info!

  19. I just found this video trying to find out more about what to feed my betta because i’ve noticed he’s constipated but I saw all over youtube that feeding a pea helps but that doesn’t seem like something they would naturally eat so I was just wondering if you could give any advice on that! thank you 🙂

  20. Lol I had a 50 gallon tank with a bunch of fish including 6 male Bettas, never once fought guess I’m lucky

  21. I got my fish from the fair and he died like 5 minutes ago I’m pissed he was 9$ and barley lived a week.

  22. All I know
    1. Have Big tank
    2. Only feed them a little
    3. DO NOT put another betta in the tank and that's all

  23. It’s funny how complex Americans take care of their fish. All we Asians need for fish is a custom pond, some live food, and plants. (Rarely filters) While most Americans be like: heater, water C., air pump, filter, medicating liquids, etc.

  24. I have had bettas for many years. In the beginning I always kept them separately, it seems cruel keeping him in a cage by themselves, so I eventually started adding toys like ping pong balls after adding a mirror to the side of the tank I noticed that once my male betta got used to his Reflection he didn't flare, so I started adding them to community tanks. I've had male bettas in with everything from pea puffers to angelfish. As long as you keep your temperature and pH stable your fish should be all right.( every fish is different) Now with much success in my 55 gallon I have 3 males and 9 females. This is not a bear tank I have quite a bit of vegetation. I'm sure if I put them in one-on-one it would not be good. Never adding fish during the day always put them in at night to let them adjust. 5 months and still going strong

  25. nooo i just bought one yesterday and the guy at the store said i need this tank and it was a 2.5L and i though it was small but he kept telling me they need a small tank and now i feel so bad for my fishy🤧

  26. I kept a betta in a 2.5-3 gallon glass bowl he had plants and a cave to hide in. no heater (I lived in a pretty warm climate) or filter (I'd clean the bowl every few days). he not only lived, but was a happy thriving little fish for about 4 and a half years before he passed. 
    no disrespect intended it s a very informational video. just stating my experience.

  27. Wow I’m a beginner and I got all of that first try I just got a second betta in a different tank the loner one I had lives in a 10gal my new fish lives in a 5gal and they both have lots of real plants and hiding spaces. But this video helped a lot for picking a tank buddy

  28. My betta fish likes to hide in his sea weed and swims on the bottom of his tank anyways we got him yesterday is he sad?

  29. I really want one of these popular fish keepers on YouTube to collab with all the others and decide and agree on like…the top 3 aqaurium heaters to use specifically for a betta fish in a 5 or 10 gallon tank and share correct wattage you'd need for each of the three heater brands.. :/ i feel like that'd help a lot of ppl out including me. Ppl worry about heaters cuz some ppl have such horror stories of their fish getting cooked/fried and I really don't want that to happen to me when I get my next betta :/

  30. How do you stop your betta from attacking its reflection on the side glass of a tank? I thought about painting it black but want ideas first! It only happens when the light is on.

  31. I subbed. Also you are extremely attractive. And thanks for the video. I’m trying to see if multiple betas can be housed together. So thanks for all your info!!! Much love. I will always support your channel

  32. I'm currently fishless cycling a 10 gallon for my future betta buddy. I'm using seachem prime as my water conditioner but don't know how to tell if I'm dosing it properly. Any help??

  33. Oh thnx lady my dad finally agreed on getting me a single Betta fish! My dad bought a medium sized tank Rs 13,000 and the Betta was 2,500 Rs. My Betta is a blueish purple one idk male or female… We bought a tank heater and a thermometer to check the temperature of water and it is always above 23 Celsius degrees ( is this enough temperature like I measured today it's 26 degree Celsius. I measure temperature once every hour.) I feed my Betta fish food and frozen foods like shrimps and raw fish pieces twice a day. I wash it's water once every 2 days. I do some tricks for my Betta and it sometimes responds to it. Most of the time my Betta is like touching the pebble decoration on the surface of the tank or its hiding in its hiding houses. I don't really want to get another betta coz my Betta seems fine alone and Bettas are territorial towards other sooo no.

  34. Pretty informative video but what irritates me is when YouTubers don’t look straight at the camera lens and watch their self on the screen please stoooop thaaaaat😂😂

  35. Hello I just got my betta fish 6 months ago and I have some questions.
    First of all here are some facts about my fish Kylie:
    -He is a Male
    -He lives in a 1 gallon tank that the box says is "Heated" by the bright light it came with
    -We clean his water once a week
    -No heater
    -No filter

    So Here are my questions and I'd love it if someone answered.

    1. I have been using bottled water for his tank the entire time and I was wondering if that is okay.
    2. My mother has been overfeeding my fish without me knowing (She meant no harm she just didn't know how much he needed) Kylie was getting 6 pellets a day versus 4 spread out in portions of 2 pellets in the morning and 2 at night, Is it alright to not feed my betta for a few days to let him digest?
    3.My betta has been blowing bubbles in one corner of his tank for a week and now the bubbles have grouped up at the top lid of the tank without water on them. Is that a bad thing?
    Thanks and have a great day! Awesome video btw 🙂

  36. I'm getting my betta on Friday, he's gonna be going into a community tank with my other fish! I've owned a lot of betta's in the past

  37. I was so miss underformed 🙁 but I'm changing my tanks and having a fish room of my own ! I ushaly feed my fish every other day and that get four pelets … Is this good ? …my fish has a suvire case of fin rot and I never new and now it has spreed to another fish of myn and I'm not sure what I should do??? People said if it this sivire than I should stop his suffering but I don't not want to do any thing like that ??? I'm treating my other fish that cought it and he is now being treated but my other one lookes like the one on the thumbnail , ecsactly ! What dose this mean ?

  38. What's a good tip to get a thermometer. We live in a tropical country and so we just take for granted that the water temperature would be okay but if I think about it it can drop to lower than 70 at night

  39. Great video thank you for producing the content. I've seen males together in a large well planted tank with rocks and live plants where they can actually each have their own territory and then they don't fight to the death– or really don't fight at all they just protect their territory.

  40. I have a betta fish called Marcelo he red and a viel tail

    This is my tank set up form him
    1- 5 gallon tank
    2- air pump
    3- filter
    4- places to hide
    5- good diet
    6- my love and affection
    7- and a heater set to 26c

    If am missing something please tell me 🤗

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