Better than Fried Catfish

Better than Fried Catfish

fried catfish awesome stupendous tremendous but it’s not fried it’s baked it looks like it’s fried it tastes like it’s fried but it’s not as messy as fried so a super super easy recipe but the forgetten catfish because the first thing we want to do is make tartar sauce because the sooner you make it the more flavor it’s going to have so make it advance a few hours ideally the day before all you need is mayonnaise and a little bit of sweet relish I’m throwing in a little bit of a jalapeno pepper just to put a little zing in there and then you can put some lemon juice or some vinegar I’m going to use the pickling solution from the jalapeno peppers because more zinc uh Zing’s my thing just stir it up and then that’s it get it nice and mixed put it in the fridge and then when you’re ready to use it it’ll be there but do it in advance because it’ll have more flavor you know don’t wait till the last minute because it’s not going to you’re not going to get the full impact and for my breading a lot of times I use panko breadcrumbs but it’s kind of a southern thing to use saltines which is what I’m doing here look how powerful I am I’m pulverize it you know I’m like Thor and that’s like something that Thor breaks but anyway it doesn’t have to be completely pulverized if you’ve got a few hunk of chunks in there that’s all righty and then whatever spices you want to throw in there boom follow your heart whatever the hell sometimes I just use curry powder like I do with my chicken but for this I used a little thyme and oregano salt pepper some garlic powder some cayenne some paprika but whatever spices that you want to throw in there a little bit of cornmeal half a cup and then a little bit of all-purpose flour and then stir it around and then there you have it that is our breading mixture and this is enough probably for about two pounds of catfish which is what I bought but I only cooked up one pound you know these are like eight ounce fillets but they’re ginormous they’re so fat in the middle these are much bigger than I like I like little dinky skinny fillets of catfish but these were just Megalodon mutant catfish but i but i coat them generously with olive oil you know both sides lots of olive oil enough so that it’s coating the pan as well so it doesn’t stick you know – Oh too much when I’m making it up and then I’m very generous with the bread coating you know make sure you coat both sides of your catfish press it down in there you know get the crumbs smashed on there and then there you have it you know look how big these because this is like a big pizza pan and those I mean watch when I put it in the oven here you know look it’s almost as wide as the damn oven but uh bake it for about 30 to 45 minutes you know at 375 degrees you know until your catfish is done like these are big pieces if it’s smaller it won’t take that long but see when I’m pushing on it how it bounces back up so that’s one way that you can tell it’s done and also if it’s black then it’s overdone oh you know if it went it has enough color and when it springs back when you push on it then your catfish is done you know I’m serving it with a little bit of coleslaw and some tartar sauce too much tartar sauce maybe but I’m a tartar sauce freak I’m a freak about a lot of things but especially tartar sauce and there you have it you know alrighty what do you think you got you up to me I got cast renewed coleslaw delish everything boy and all mm-hmm and thanks for the homemade tartar sauce oh yeah tartar sauce is easy to make as you see a little a little a little crazy on my tartar sauce we got our pants in the window cuz that’s a cool thing to do so there you have it go ahead and give this recipe a try and let me know what you think and bone Appetit alrighty I’ll make the link off to the side there we’ll take you to the coleslaw video you know check out the other videos subscribe share like exercise touch your toes if you see a little old lady and she needs help across the street you know take the time to do that

100 thoughts on “Better than Fried Catfish

  1. Pants in the window! WOOOO! I'm making this sometime this week. Looks awesome. I always make my own tarter sauce, too. I don't really care for any of the store bought stuff.

  2. OMG! I can't wait to try it!! I just want to say Iove you! HaHa Thanks for this video! A GREAT alternative to fried fish which I love! And I'm a tartar sauce freak too! I had no idea it would be so easy to make…Okay, I'll stop ranting now! lol

  3. I opened this vid because of the title. I just knew you were lying. There AIN'T Nothing better than catfish. Fried, baked, blackened..however, I don't care for any boiled fish. Also, I never used sweet pickle relish in tartar sauce. I guess I'll have to try that, too.

  4. Thanx Chuck. I fried some catfish today and wish I would have seen this earlier. I'll try this in a couple of days. I'll put a little Cajun seasoning in my mix! 🙂

  5. have you ever tried katchup dill pickle realish and horse rerlish? mixed of course arrbys horsie saucy is good to but when at home

  6. what really gets my goat is that most dont understand……salt is heavy and sinks to the bottom of the container …bowl…. this you just cant do unless your salt and herbs are prossed… coffee grinder .or season your meat ect first then coat.. coating with salt falling to the bottom yep last one tastes good ..yeah go figuer

  7. Thank you so very much for this for the tarter sauce tip. That's the catch, the longer it sits. I wondered where I've always gone wrong. THANKS

  8. I take thick fillets like that and slice them in half like you would cut a flat bun making 4 thinner fillets. If you're coating the fish heavily w/ olive oil, that's not much different than pan frying it w/a little olive oil! You could season the fish and smoke it on a screen rack in a smoker for a true oil free cooking.

  9. Tartar sauce.  Or, you can be like people in Bermuda and use Mayo, sweet relish AND mustard.  And if you want a sweeter kick, add honey to taste.

  10. This recipe works very well for catfish. When there is no catfish use skinless chickthighs. It really does work well.
    As for tartar sauce preparation, go to Food Wishes+tarter sauce. Make this the day ahead. You'll be glad you did.

  11. thanks man,i love fried fish but i dont have a stove in my aparment .This recipe was perfect for my little toaster oven

  12. Aquaponics ensures better quality farmed Catfishes and of course edible crops. So encourage Aquaponics for complete water managed food production.

  13. I love your well used and loved pans– they remind me of some of my late mom's pans that I now use– great memories.

  14. I always enjoy the videos and humor. I was laughing at the pants in the window. It is nice to see his wife as the taster for the family. Love the tips he gives. Well done.

  15. My mom used to fry flounder the same way! She would serve it with lemon…and catsup-to get us to eat it. Dont use catsup anymore. Good to have the recipie and baked is cool.

  16. You and camera girl are awesome, I like the joy you get out of cooking. I will certainly try this dish!!

  17. Looks delicious! I'm a big tarter sauce fan, too. …I'm new here, what's with hanging your pants in the window? Lol.

  18. lol great recipe…voice did match the face! lol i was expecting some 25yr old who works as an accountant. or someshit. great vid.

  19. You like the tarter sauce way to much;) girl stop it !! Just come out of the closet maybe Franklin it’s been poking to much !! But there’s nothing to be afraid of!!!

  20. In MS we have catfish houses, serving whole catfish, medium size with cole slaw, hush puppies and baked potato or fries. Miss it so much as I am in another state.

  21. Love this breaded baked fish technique… neater than frying. I like the pants on the window, too — west-side facing window to catch the afternoon sun.

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