Big Trout Drama

Big Trout Drama

Did you see it? No There. Good There. No There. Yes He’s on the other side of the islet This is not easy He’s still on This is a nice trout Look, he’s coming up again This is not a small fish He’s going back up to the pool This is sick. I have to go upstream He went back to where he took He want to go home I’m shaking On a small nymph A small emerger He goes down on the other side Here we go again He goes back down again I have to follow him Oh my god Why doesn’t he give up? Don’t let go of the tension Don’t worry about that And it’s a barbless hook Barbless. Size 14 This won’t end well He’s still on. There he is The gold of Ätran! He’s tired now So am I He’s hurt Yeah I see it What a fish 2 kg gold of Ätran I’m gonna hold him in the current It feels really good. It’s been a tough day He wants to go now I’m releasing him Yeah, do that There he goes. Bye bye So nice. Finally The whole day One fish. Twelve hours and one fish And it was worth it What a fight Incredible

27 thoughts on “Big Trout Drama

  1. Hi guys dave here from Ireland. Another fantastic fish,location and FIGHT!!
    You really make a top class film……more,more!
    Thanks for brightening up a rainy Sunday

  2. Excellent!  I look forward to each new adventure with you guys.  (It was a fantastic trout spring in Pennsylvania this year because of all the rain during June/July.)  Thanks for the great videos.

  3. A very nice video- the first part remembers me the many missed fish I had- and in the second part you are a lucky man with the big fish- and a real Gentleman to put it back in such a nice and animal friendly way- thanks

  4. Love all your videos, but this one in particular resonates with me. I fish a spring creek, and have been skunked more often than not. 12 hours on the water, sometimes without even seeing a fish, and just when you start to lose concentration, the big one hits. Landing it fills you with joy. Even if you miss it, its not wasted time. Any day on the river, regardless of the outcome, is a blessing.

  5. Wow, impressive fight for an equally impressive fish. Nice work, thanks for your efforts and sharing this with us all.

  6. Bravo. And with that one sole buck everything else didn’t matter. The art of an angler is to never forget the moments 👍

  7. Wow I'm in love with your videos!! By the way, what brand of waders does the fisherman use? Thanks

  8. that was an amazing film congratulations, a beautiful fish, it was just as exciting to watch you catch him thank you

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