Hello youtube viewers Today I’m gonna cook yellow peas daal deliciously In the daal I’m gonna add salt, adding salt Adding oil Adding chopped onions Also adding.. Garlic Also adding green chili’s And adding turmeric powder After adding all Then I’m gonna cover the recipient I’m gonna cook it in the pressure cooker Like this it will cook well With the daal I’m gonna cook bitter melon Washing it well After washing it then gonna cut well, cut it open, remove all the pits from inside Then gonna cut into thin slices Then I’m gonna nicely fry it Daal and bitter melon which is going to be fried together with dried smoked catfish Daal is ready In the daal I’m gonna ad from top some spices I’m gonna add in it garlic Onion And cumin seed Then I’m gonna fry these deliciously Adding the onions After frying this nicely, then I’m gonna add it in the daal Garlic and… Onions and… Cumin seed You guys should try this as well Now gonna add a little bit of cumin seed Looking beautiful and it’s going to be delicious You guys should try to cook same This is done Then now gonna pour this in the daal So I’m adding all these in the daal Poured it And now I’m gonna… Stir it a bit Oil is already heated to cook the bitter melon Because the oil is hot, I’m adding the dried smoked catfish These dry roasted fish needs to be fried now Then I’m gonna add garlic Adding onions I’m cooking this way in order the prevent the onion and garlic from getting burned That’s why frying the dried smoked catfish first Then I’m frying the rest Gonna add green chili’s in it So this is going to be fried After it got fried well, then I’m gonna add the bitter melon in it It will be a very tasty food Very tasty I love to cook food I don’t like to eat that much as much I like to cook It’s my favorite hobby to cook food So the dried smoked catfish is nicely fried and that’s why gonna add the bitter melon in it You see, this is the bitter melon BITTER MELON This food will be very tasty and you should eat it with daal Adding salt Gonna add this secret ingredient 🙂 for the flavor Almost done Now I’m gonna fry this Frying the bitter melon like this It will be very delicious Now this is done, it’s done cooking Now I’m gonna turn of the heat I will turn of the heat and after that I’m gonna decorate the plate I’m gonna take out the rice As you can see I have already cooked the rice I’m going to eat a little bit Because I’m immensley HUNGRYYYY I’m so hungry Now I’m gonna add daal in it DELICIOUS!!!! SUPER TASTY!!! This is how i eat Pouring more I’m gonna put the bitter melon with the dried smoked catfish on the plate Like this And I’m gonna take a little bit of the Chutney of Podina (coriander) Like this… And now I’m gonna eat this Very tasty HHHHHHMMMMMMM HHHHMMMM HHHMMMM OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHMMMMMMMM Very tasty My hamster (named Loes) also eats daal rice bitter melon with dried smoked catfish He eats it very deliciously, just watch The way her mom eats, he also eats same Delicious We both ate it very deliciously, We are eating it together Who will give this kind a life to a hamster? Only I can give it to my hamster And I’m giving him a good life My hamster eats very sweetly His name is Loes He’s eating Daal, rice, bitter melon with dry roasted fish The way his mom eats, same way he eats He’s finding it very tasty

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