Black Iron Pan Fish recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Black Iron Pan Fish recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

(hard rock music) ♫ Gonna smoke me a fatty brisket ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ – [Host] Welcome to Today we’re cooking up
some black iron pan fish at the pit, and it’s real easy to do. Now this classic fish recipe goes back into the late 1700s. It was first mentioned here
in the States, alright? And essentially means any small
fish that’ll fit in a pan. And that includes yellow perch, rock bass, crappy yellow bass, white bass. Oh yeah, this is some real good eating. Today, we’re pond fishing
for some bluegill. Alright, and this is real good eating. You definitely gotta check this out. So bait up that hook, grab a cold one, and kick back and relax. We’re gonna be showing you how
to skin and fillet them out and throw them on a black iron pan with some garlic and butter. Oh, yeah. (relaxing guitar music) – [Man] We’ll get you next year. – [Man] He’s got spines back wing tip. Look at that. These are great. These are nice and deep too. – [Man] Go right to the truck, yeah. (rock and roll music) (alternative rock music) – [Host] Now of course,
we do apologize for eating in front of you like
this, but we call this pitmaster (mumbles). So the next time you’re
looking for a fish recipe for your barbecue, check out (crow cawing)

37 thoughts on “Black Iron Pan Fish recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

  1. Been enjoying the vids with you guys catching and hunting the food before cooking it. Glad to see the animals were free range and it also reminds me of my dad cooking fish keep em coming been watching for like 7 years now

  2. try bass on big salt, just tace de guts out, salt and pepper in the fish and then put him on the salt. the skin will come down easy

  3. I find your videos really great and I have nothing against your kind … But can suffocate the fish but is not really necessary …

  4. There was still good meat on those fish after fileting them. Awesome videos and love how you guys take pride in doing everything yourselves! Take pride in the land and what it gives us! 

  5. I filet most of my fish the same way you do.  Even use the same kind of rapala filet knife.  A fork comes in handy to pin that filet down to the cutting board when you're taking the skin off the filet.  By that time, everything is so slippery I can't grab anything and hold onto.  Great video, guys.

  6. young man you even impress me I fish a lot and cook a lot of fish that look so delicious you going to make me go out and do the same thing

  7. that dude was skilled. cleaning and prepping sunnies is brutally hard if you want to get more than a mouthful of meat off one.

  8. This what it is about taking loving care of you're catch / food..
    5:39 hehe did I count them wrong? I caught a few bread bags full of these did em in the tub lot of work but good eating.

  9. I generally don't fillet bluegills that size- I scrub off the scales, cut off the heads, gut them, clean them off and straight into the flour and egg they go! Pitmaster privilege! You guys will have to get ahold of some nice walleye or pike fillets- that's some fine wild dining there:-)!

  10. This time it is`nt professional unfortunately. The fishing dude should have had water in his bucked and slay the fishes before skinnig.

  11. I really like the fishing segment of this video, looks like a really nice area. I've been hanging out for a similar video since you released this one, any chance of y'all doing another fish & cook vid? Cheers from Aus.

  12. Remek filék !!!! Gratulálok a Séfnek !!! Nagyon gusztusos ! Mennyei finom lehet!!! Köszönöm !! Recept lejegyezve !!

  13. Okay, so I recently read an article about caring for your fish before cooking. Not looking to pick a fight with anyone about being mean to the fish, do what you're gonna do, no problem. BUT, the article was saying that it is better for the flavor of the fish if you keep it alive in water right up until you're ready to clean, then dispatching it with a quick knock. Something about it building up something in the meat as it suffocates in the bottom of the bucket.

  14. BBQ Pit Boys, I really appreciate this video. "Jitterbug" taking care of business, fishing, filleting, & frying up that GUUUUUUUUUUD fish. This is some really some smooth music also; makes me wish that I had a chance to fish with my father when he was alive, just like this. Thanks for the all the videos & what you do.

    #FuturePitmasterfromMaconGeorgia 🙂

  15. It doesn't get any better than that. Between the fishing and the cooking of course we can't forget the eating wishing I was there

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