Blue Crabs and Fish – catching the easy way in the Philippines (2019)

Blue Crabs and Fish – catching the easy way in the Philippines (2019)

you are watching Channel Juan, and in this
edition, we are not just exploring the bounty of the land, we’re going out into
the sea. good morning, Romulo, your Kuya and
Uncle here from Holland but this time I’m still in my hometown in and the mother
Island of the hundred Islands National Park. Today
it’s exciting very because I’m joining the fishermen to check the pasabing or
the fish traps. we’ll be fishing and crabbing. I’ll be showing you us as well
along the way the fish traps where we grow the remotes magazine and is very
known this is exciting join me this is the view of the sunrise
sunrise Sun rises above the mountains of the pavilions and here comes our ride
dude of a sobbing it’s what to say or let’s watch the sunrise as the boat
approaches look how calm the water is good morning gomez morning and this will
be our boat and this is and this is Hercules our pilot my aunt is also with
me this is the idea this is the beautiful beautiful sunrise
from the per serving I’m now standing on a flat form oh yeah
yeah well how come here is the end of the for the vertex of the Basava of the
trap there’s the it’s before I just sketch it’s difficult
to visualize it’s its be formed
and due to the form of the sobbing the tears are drawn into this water after
the Sun and further down it gets smaller thus the first chamber second Chum
chamber and this is the final where the eventually are affected remove the
seaweeds to easily separate the crabs and fish the scene in camera but this is
idea and thank you foolish calculus the owner of this for operating the first
door the face of the crabs enter there and get confine or trap into this first
chamber and then there’s another door it’s our work so it’s the Pacific Ocean
check it out we will not lift us we’re not revealing the clouds in the face these are the beautiful ladies of our
beachfront sorting the film aha

39 thoughts on “Blue Crabs and Fish – catching the easy way in the Philippines (2019)

  1. Love to see the sunrise its very relaxing. Ang saya ng mga manang. Sarap ng crabs lutuin sa butter garlic.

  2. Good morning juan excellent video nice sunrise I like the humble of the ladies picking the blue crabs Java a wonderful day blessings friend

  3. Ang ganda naman ng sunrise nabighani ako and i am motivated pursuing things even its hard. Wow dami pong huli at ang sarap po nyan kase fresh pa po

  4. This is an awesome channel! You should't be vlogging, you should be in a huge network featuring anything you want in the Philippines. I love your voice.

  5. Ang Sarap niyan fresh na fresh ang fish. May ayungin ba? wow May crabs pa ang sarap niyan dahil fresh manamis namis yan.

  6. that's why I miss to live in the Philippines because everything is fresh the sea foods like this. Now I want to eat seafood. Lol

  7. Sun rise and sun set , love them both😊😊 this is my Favorite video to all the video that you did Kuya Romulo 😊 love the ocean and the view and the colors of the sky … Marvellous !!! ❤️

  8. Wow ang daming kuha sarap magtola ng sariwang huli lagyan lang ng kamatis at talbos yummy sabaw na ang blue crab sarap din yan lutuin sa gata na may sili huh love it nice upload friend good job stay happy always

  9. Very good video. Very nice Ocean. Very beautiful sun light. Got lot fishs and crabs. Lady are beautiful too. I like it and I follow to watch your clips.

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