Blueface – Bleed It (Official Video)

100 thoughts on “Blueface – Bleed It (Official Video)

  1. Pull with no socks, I don’t need it. Sliding, If I get fuzz then I leave it. Walk with the mold, but my flexing is heated. Never let the feet get cold, let it bleed.

  2. No you’re not on Facebook so do you just shut up and the rubbish your webpage or moans are you at direct what else I like it is is your vision that you better get out of here and I’m just a kid age I would like it are you a boy and a nail in it

  3. Yo folks I don't usually do this but I'm new to WestCoast production and need some help. I've made a Blueface beat (on my page) and if anybody could give me some feedback I'd appreciate it. Thanks for y'all time & salute for reading either way.

  4. Famous crip – wears red calls his song bleed it and has a B as his profile pic. 🤦‍♂️ surprised this dude ain't got his ass shot

  5. Yooooo this nigga flueface was blood b4 he switch… u who that bra bra..drink that nigga all my real LoC dis komin from a Bl00d

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