BOATMAN & BACKSWIMMERS | Lake Fishing Tenchiques

BOATMAN & BACKSWIMMERS | Lake Fishing Tenchiques

Mike we’re using floating lines here in
the shallow bay for obvious reasons but what are some of the other lines you
like to use another situation you’d use them one of the other lines I like to
use phil is a traditional sink line and with that line instead of the uniform or
the entire line sinks it it forms a belly in it like a u-shape and that’ll
pull the boatman or the back swimmer down and I’ll come down in a u-shape and
it’ll rise back up again just as the the real boatman to back swimmers do when
they’re when they’re under the surface so I was just doing the very slow long
strip and the long pause and he took it on the pause and we’re just gonna try to
get him on the reel here he wants to go right now
looks like another beautiful newer leg rainbows quite the Fisher you’ve got
here make your clients look love it you just don’t want to give up do you and with the colors that we’re seeing on
these Phil is do you think that they were into their spring spawn but it is a
sort of a dark weedy environment and I think that’s just what they need to
survive or you get the white pelicans here a couple of loons as a seen Ospreys
here before so just their way of taking care of themselves Oh beautiful fish sick what a healthy
rainbow like holy smokes look at the thickness of that rainbow that’s the price for those weeds just
full of food he can relax great nearly Greenville we’ve got fish on here and that was
simply I’d made my cast and I was letting the fly sink and the fish took
it on the drop which would suggest the natural downward path of about boatman
or aback swimmer you know remember these are air
breathing insects so they’re constantly making trips from the bottom to the
surface to replenish their oxygen supply they trap a little bubble of air along
their bottom and along their body rather along the bottom of their body and they
use that to survive underwater so they’re really prisoners of the shallows
and at this time of the year they’re very active and this is a good looking
fish so I’m gonna get it keep tension on the fish and clear the decks here so if
this fish makes the sudden run I don’t run the risk hopefully of losing it
because my fly line catches around my foot or an anchor peg or something like
that so I’ll just keep the tension on and now I’m gonna put the rod position
low and let that fish run C on my rod tips high when that fish runs and the
second he stops running he’s running less I gave him right side pressure if
he’s running right I give them left side pressure and I get the full Bend of the
rod into the fish and I can defeat him quickly
this is feels like a good fish it’s still not sure what flight hook and
that’s part of the fun of fishing dropper we’ve got some weeds on well
that’s a nice quality near Lake fish at all a beautiful specimen this is a
gorgeous fish beautiful condition this is what we came here for it’s hard to
believe we’re only 35 minutes 40 minutes from downtown Edmonton so I’m just going
to get the fly in here I’m gonna take the fly out and I’ll show it to you at
home want quality fish we’ve got here right here in Edmonton and he took he
took the little dropper fly which is a little size 16 Krystal boatman pattern
so we’ll just throw all that out of the way wet my hands
and this fish is full of energy that was a gorgeous pure Lake fish so hopefully
you got a glimpse of that but we’ll get some more they’re starting to come on
and we’re starting to see some action it could be a great afternoon
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  1. For me as a viewer and fly tier it would of been more educational if there was a close up of the fly and a material description. Otherwise it’s just another video of someone catching fish.

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