Boca Grande Fishing for Tarpon Fish on the Beach

Boca Grande Fishing for Tarpon Fish on the Beach

Happy, happy, happy fish.They
are happy. There must not be any sharks around messing with them. ♪>>Got him.>>Get him
son! Coming up, nice fish! That’s the one you wanted isn’t it, that great big one? (Lets
go then) ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪>>Tell you what, there’s nothing like watching those
fish roll.>>You can actually hear them gulping that air too.>>Yeah, you can!>>The school
is coming this way?>>Yeah, they’re going to be coming into us and we’re just getting
in front of them and letting them swim into our crabs.>>Cool beans hope we can show you
one of these big shiners. Welcome to this episode of Addictive Fishing. We’re sitting
about three miles off of Boca Grande right now. Got Captain Jeff Hagaman with us and
hopefully gonna show you a tarpon here in a minute because they are everywhere here.
We’ve been trying and trying. We’ve been trying and trying and trying and trying. But hopefully
this time they’re going to eat.>>We’ve had a lot of stubborn fish.>>Well it’s what the
end of the season?>>It is the end of the season but they’re a little scared right now
and running around like crazy cause there’s so many sharks in the pass that they’re getting
away from the sharks to come out here and have a little break.>>Well they’ve been getting
picked on for a few months haven’t they?>>Yes they have. [laughing]>>As you can see with how wet we
are it is July what, fifteenth?>>And it’s hot. Summer got here.>>It is warm. Summer
got here quick. There he is. Fish on!>>Get him, get him! Coming under the boat. Awesome.
There we go.>>Alright Boys! It took two days but we got a hookup. Oh nice fish! Finally!
Finally! [laughs]>>That took a little bit.>>This
is a good one too. Probably going to jump, there he goes. [drag screaming] ♪ So what brought them
out here?>>They’re getting sick of getting picked on by these sharks, so as soon as they
can get away from them they’re taking every chance they can taking every chance they can-
Nice jump!>>Nice fish, a beauty. I’m glad I got the new prototype rod on. Cause if we
would have hooked him on that little tiny thing I think we would be here I think we
would be here for like four or five days. [laughing] I’ve heard about them coming out
this far off the pass but I’ve never seen them out here.>>Every hill tide they do this.
They come out here when the crabs are flushing out. Get in this thirty feet of water and
just do their spawn thing. They already spawned so these fish are just out here getting away
from the sharks and trying to get something to eat.>>Here comes a jump.>>Come on up
and say hi honey.>>Say hello to my little friend. Get him a shot of o two. Right below
us. Look at that, nice and green. Definitely a good weight loss program. I think I’ve drained
about a gallon of sweat out already. ♪♪>>We earned this one! [laughing]>>We definitely earned this one
brother.>>We worked hard for this fish.>>Two days of searching for what about forty five
minutes of ecstasy. You ever get the sharks on them out here this far?>>Yeah, they’ll
come out here too. Usually if there’s a big enough school of fish, there’s usually a school
of sharks with them. We’ve got so many- Oh, hook just pull?>>Don’t know what happened.
>>Got everything we were going to get out of her.>>Oh well.>>Let’s go get another
one.>>I had the leader in the rod tip. So I think we’re alright there. Y’all stay tuned
we are going to get rerigged- I can’t even talk. Y’all stay tuned, we’ll be right back
with some more Addictive Fishing with Captain Jeff Hagaman, right off of Boca Grande Pass
We’ll be right back. (Play it)Addictive Fishing is brought to you by, Dick’s Sporting
Goods Every season starts at Dick’s. Skeeter Boats. Eat, sleep, fish. Minn Kota. Anywhere,
anytime. Humminbird. Simply, clearly, better. And by Trokar The world’s sharpest fish hook. ♪It’d be funny if everybody hooks
up at once. [laughing] Same scenario as before huh?>>Yup
we’re going to go back and see if we can get another one out of here.>>Cool beans, well
welcome back folks let me show you what we’re using here. We’re using blue crabs, pass crabs.
And big nasty Trokar hooks. So we’re going to see what happens with these big tarpon
out here, see if we can get us another one to the boat. And you said if the school is
moving away from you, you don’t want to pitch the line over them?>>Right, you want to keep
it in front of their face, so whatever way they are rolling It’s all about angles with
tarpon so you want to get the angle where you’re facing so they are coming into the
bait. They don’t have that leader draping over them so they are coming into a crab just
floating down to them.>>Ha, that was cool man did you see that? It’s wild being around
all these tarpon jumping around like that.>>That’s the big thing about them is watching
them dance.>>That was a thick one! Fish on Hagaman!>>Here!>>You got him, you got him! [laughing]>>You want that remote?>>Yeah
I’ll take the remote. We can always try to double up too. Oh, I just got hit- …or you
hit my line? I’ll get this put away. They’ll stay pretty much in one area out here and
not do super long runs or what?>>On the hill tide when they’re spawning, usually that first
moon in June they’ll head offshore and then they’ll start greyhounding. They go offshore
and do their thing and spawn. But right now, they’ve already spawned out and this is like
you saw, I mean, this isn’t a giant Sharks are still here though cause->>That was a
shark on that one?>>Yeah he was a little scared. But they’ll just come out here to
get away from all the pressure and a little deeper water and all our bait schools. I don’t
know if you’ve noticed the threadfin schools around us?>>Yeah, and the big threadfins?
The big threadfin you got on. That is just a little cutie one.>>This is the perfect
size one for me.>>Y’all love catching tarpon but y’all don’t like catching big ones do
you? [laughing]>>You might be able to double up
they turned around and are heading back at us.>>I’ll try anything, I’d love to do a
double tarpon. I said I’ll try anything once. Yeah that’s just a baby one, you can handle
him.>>You’re going to get bit right there with them heading at us like that.>>That
would be nice!>>We ain’t never done a double tarpon on the show.>>No? ♪ ♪♪>>Come
on eat, let’s do a double! We might get to see that one again. ♪ ♪♪ ♪>>Oh yeah,
there he is. Beautiful green color on that thing.>>Coming up to jump, that was pretty!
>>Uh oh- I think I got lined. [laughs]>>How often do you do doubles?>>Quite
a bit. The quads are the ones you got to worry about. [laughing]>>Oh other side of the boat. Here
i’ll get it up-.>>Nah, he’s coming around he’s just doing circles. ♪ Even a fish this
size he’s got some power!>>Those are the size that will break your nose. Slip out of
your hands and come up and whack!>>Jump! Nice! I’ll go ahead and get this guy in, I
think he’s about done.>>You had to say that right then didn’t you? He just took everything
I gained. Leader in the rod tip.>>Official catch! I like touching them though! ♪ ♪♪ ♪ Over
on the Atlantic side, I’ve never lost a tarpon to a shark, never.>>Really? We have an abundance
of them here.>>Yeah y’all got a couple of big famous ones here don’t you?>>Yeah we’ve
got a bunch of big hammerheads->>They like to bite these shiners in half. Come on in
the boat boy!>>That was pretty, cooled me off a little bit. Button hooked.>>Perfect.
♪ Off he goes.>>You got to touch him. [laughs]>>Yes I did I got to touch him, I
got a little bit of slime- Yeah that’s tarpon. [laughing] Well good job man. That’s number
two. Let’s see if we can do another one. Y’all stay tuned we are going to get repositioned
and rerig everything and hopefully show you another big old tarpon. Stay tuned we’ll be
right back. ♪Happy, happy, happy fish.They
are happy. There must not be any sharks around messing with them.>>Welcome back folks, we’re
still sitting here off of Boca Grande we got tarpon rolling around everywhere in front
of us, or should I say behind us. You can actually hear them coming up and sucking in
air to their air bladder.>>That side imaging really picks them up and it really shows them
off. I mean you can see every little detail of the fish. It’s helped us tarpon fishing
immensely.>>Anybody that I know that’s using side imaging right now, they don’t know what
they ever did without it.>>All these fish won’t roll all the time. So when they don’t
do that on the beach and the water is dirty and you can’t see them, You can find them
with that side imaging.>>Well if y’all didn’t know why they gulp air, they have an air bladder
and over millions of years the tarpon has developed an air bladder in their body and
basically it helps them control where they are in the water column but not only that
when you get over the school, you can see the bubbles coming up. What they’re doing
there is pushing that air out of that air bladder and it comes back over their gills
and it gives them all the oxygen that they need. They’re one of the only fish that can
live in really oxygen deficient water. Pretty neat after millions of years, they developed
that huh?>>They get in those estuaries up there when they’re really small it’s stagnant
and there’s nothing back there->>But little bitty minnows and mosquitoes.>>Yup and they
can go back there and live happily. Oh! Got him got him, got him!>>Get him son! Coming
up, nice! That’s the one you wanted isn’t it, that great big one? [laughing] ♪♪>>Here you go. [laughing]>>No he’s all yours brother he’s
all yours.>>I already had the weight loss program today, once. Trying to hand the rod
off. [laughing] You still got a split on there?
>>Yeah both bites were on a split shot. ♪>>Oh he’s going to come straight up and jump right
in front of us. If he does just reach out and grab him.>>You can grab him! [laughing] We went from them not doing nothing.
To them going crazy!>>That’s amazing isn’t it?>>I am going to give a shout out to Cory
Mcguire cause he called us in on them.>>He’s the one that called you huh? I want to say
thanks to Cory McGuire, he called us out here on these fish, and he also got us the crabs
this morning so after I went and turned the battery switch off and killed them all. But
uh, that was my fault. But thanks Cory, appreciate it!>>Looks like he’s going to come up and
jump again, coming, coming, coming->>Come on!>>Pretty!>>Beauty. So Jeff how many years
you been guiding out here now?>>This is going on year twenty.>>You’ve had your ticket for
twenty years now?>>Yup, this is my twenty year ticket. I’ve been coming down here to
fish with my parents on vacation since I was about nine. So this has been one of my places
I’ve loved for a long time. Grew up here fishing the beach with my dad and->>It’s beautiful,
but like a lot of places over the past thirty years you’ve seen a lot of changes here as
well. Especially after Charley came thorugh>>Oh yeah, a lot of changes in the fish, different
pressures. It’s grown up a bunch.>>It has! Gah look at the tarpon they’re coming right
at us.>>It’s still a sleepy little fishing town, but in the summer time this place lights
up with tarpon fishing.>>He’s going to get a burst of energy. Don’t come, yeah turn around. [laughs]>>I’ve seen them jump so many times
right after they took that gulp of air. If y’all do ever get a chance to come down here
and fish with Captain Jeff. How many you’re three, four months- Oh beauty! Four months
out of the year?>>About three months out of the year.>>About three months out of the
year he rents a place down here and y’all can book him and come do some of this, this
is a lot of fun.>>Tarpon capital of the world. We’ve got the fish.>>Y’all definitely got
the fish, we’re two or three miles offshore right now and there are just fish everywhere.
He’s getting close Do you think it’s safe to grab the gloves yet? I’m gonna go hunt
my gloves up y’all stay tuned we’re going to be right back, and land this fish.>>Closed
captioning provided by Atlas Jack Plates The only choice. (Play it) Addictive Fishing is brought to
you by Star Brite. The world wide leader in marine, automotive, and RV care products.
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DOA Lures. The unfair advantage. And by Seaguar. Trust Seaguar when everything is on the line.
>>Rig it right, by Wright and McGill.On today’s rig it right segment, I’m going to
show you what Captain Jeff and I were out there using today. Jeff and I were out there
using today. Capt. Jeff Hagaman, what can I say. Great guy to fish with if you ever
get a chance highly recommend it. He fishes everywhere from Boca Grande all the way up
to Tarpon Springs. Boca Grande is known as the tarpon capital of the world, and a lot
of people if you’ve ever seen Boca Grande all the fishing shows and what not they are
fishing them in that pass, that seventy foot hole there are a ton of boats in there going
all crazy I’m not all for that but thankfully these fish they moved offshore. First time
I’ve ever- I’ve heard about them doing it but it’s the first time I’ve ever fished them
where they move about three miles offshore and they were chewing the bottom out of the
boats. We were using the new prototype rod once again and it was definitely getting the
job done out there. Had it rigged with eighty pound test Seaguar fluorocarbon line and using
the new sixty five pound test Smackdown. Had an 8/0 Trokar circle hook tied on as well.
If you look on the box this just says all purpose circle hook. Even though we weren’t
catching them in Boca Grande Pass, circle hooks are now mandated if you’re fishing for
tarpon you better have a circle hook tied on in Boca Grande Pass. If y’all ever get
a chance, make sure you head to Boca Grande don’t forget to stay at the Tarpon Lodge aswell
absolutely beautiful place to stay. I got one of the most beautiful sunset pictures
of my life i’ve ever taken. What else can I say, that’s your rig it right for today
Remember one thing though, every fishing season starts right here at Dick’s.>>Rig it right,
by Wright and McGill. ♪That one just ate back there did you see him belly roll?
>>So this is about the tail end of the season right now isn’t it?>>This is the tail end
of the migration. You still get them up in the harbor all the way in August and September.
Even October we’ll fish for them back up in the harbor. But the migration, this is the
tail end of the migration.>>You usually find the bigger fish the first part of the season
middle part?>>It’s all water temperature. My first fish here, which was in April was
right at two hundred pounds. She was here early because that water temperature, we didn’t
have a great cold winter this year. Jump! Nice jump right next to the boat. …and we
never really had a cold winter this year so it got warm quick.>>Well you know everybody
that’s even heard about a tarpon before, they know Boca Grande is the tarpon capital of
the world but what makes them come in there so much?>>Well there’s two places on this
coast that have really really deep passes.>>I’m living near the other one right now
so don’t mention that one.>>Tampa Bay and Boca Grande have the two deepest passes on
this coast.>>And that’s what brings them in huh?>>All the food that’s flushing out
of Charlotte Harbor or Tampa bay, is why they’re here. On these full moons we get an abundance
of pass crabs, which are also going offshore to spawn. That was beautiful.>>Nice!>>This
fish is doing everything it’s supposed to. For a big fish too.>>Except come here.>>Well
it’s doing alright there.>>Uh oh, don’t launch that beast in the boat.>>I had a bull shark
follow one in the boat. That was a little scary. Gonna jump?>>Hello baby! ♪ ♪♪ ♪>>You
ready for her?>>I be ready. Don’t jump right there. Alright hooks out. You want to go with
the trolling motor? Woo, what a fish!>>She’s right at a buck.>>About a buck, buck ten
I think. Nice and thick.>>Wow. They’re beautiful I love that green and gold.>>I love their
head right there, I always say it’s been chiseled out of a block of ice. What a beautiful fish.
That new Ulterra- Oh she’s ready to go! Get on baby! That new Ulterra definitely put some
oxygen back in that fish’s lungs. Awesome man awesome!>>Well you ready to go get another
one?>>Ah, you know I think that one took up all the time we had Jeff. [laughs] I got to fight one today, that’s
all I need. What a day. Hey if y’all ever get a chance to come and book Captain Jeff
here, he will flat do everything he can to put you on the fish. We have been trying for
two days solid and we have been on the tarpon every stop we’ve been on but they just haven’t
wanted to eat. His buddy Cory called him up and said “Hey come on over they’re chewing”
we came over and sure enough boom boom boom we got into them.>>Yeah special thanks to
Capt. Cory McGuire. He saved the day twice today.>>Yeah twice, well once when I left
the bait well off and I killed all the crabs this morning. He supplied us with crabs so
Thank you Cory, appreciate that. Don’t forget about the website Addictive Fishing dot com
want to say thanks to Rob at Tarpon Lodge. Second time we’ve stayed there and second
time we’ve had an awesome time there. Great food, great place to stay, definitely recommend
it!>>You sure you don’t want to go get another one.>>I’m sure! [laughing] hashtag show your mogan on Instagram,
we’ll see you next week. ♪♪>>Check out more footage from this show by logging onto
Addictive Fishing dot com for out takes and bloopers.>>Ahhhh! It’s the waiting game.
That is the cat’s meow there brother. Say hello to my little friend! Oh nice fish! Ohhh,
I think it’s a biggan’.

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