Bull Shark Bait – Fork-tail Catfish

Bull Shark Bait – Fork-tail Catfish

What you need for Bull sharks. You need to catch a nice big catfish like this one. You can catch one of these in the Bremmer and the Brisbane River. They’re pretty easy to catch, there’s thousands of them. There a bit of a pest. So you just, they can eat anything, pretty much anything that can fit in their mouth. There’s chicken, squid, yeah just any meat. Whatever can fit in their mouth. They eat bread and Macas chips as well. When you, when you catch one of these, you’ve got to watch out for the spines, around the fins. See there’s one big one there. They have, they have poison if they spike you. I’ve never really been hurt by the poison but some people say it’s pretty bad. If you like, step on it or something. There’s one up here around the top fin as well. So they’re the first three fins. When you, when you’re filleting a catfish for bull shark bait. What you’ve got to do, is you’ve got to come in behind the, the first fin. And feel this big bone here. You’re going to put your filleting knife behind the bone. And you’re going to cut in like this. And you cut in till you feel the back bone at the top here. That big sucker right there. Then you’re going to turn your knife around, and follow the back bone. And just getting it’s guts, it’s guts will come out. You just cut through all its ribs. Just cutting into all it’s guts and stuff. You just leave them out, pull them out. You find the back bone, cut all the way down. They’re pretty tough to cut through. All the way down to the tail. Like so. You should have a big fillet like that of meat. Now the bull shark like this because it’s natural bait. You can use squid and all those other things, but they don’t seem to work as good as natural bait. My part 2 will be on the, on the long-finned eel. There’s lots of guts, you can use them as burly or whatever. So the next one, you just do the same thing. You find this fin, I cut this one off. When you find the fin you go behind. You cut in until you find the back bone, and then turn the knife around. Just cutting through all the ribs here. There in there. Then you cut down, see the ribs will take up a bit. Then you cut back down to the back bone. Cut along that. Pretty easy going once you get down here. Just make sure you don’t cut your hand. There you go, you should have something like that. And um with, you can take those off but their pretty hard. There’s lots of ribs in there. You can probably cut behind the ribs. See the little ribs here, you cut down like that. Get a fillet out of it. Doesn’t really matter. There’s not much there. Their just guts and stuff. Chuck it in the bin. Go crabbing with it. There you have it, your, your bull shark bait. When you, you got to cut a few. So you’re going to cut it into slithers like this. The skin is pretty tough. Now you get rid of this fin. You don’t want that on there. That can go in your yabby pot or whatever. There you go you’ve got all the pieces there. And then you just do the same for this side. You just cut them to about this size. And you put it on a 7.0 hook. Just put it through Make it natural looking. And you just, I go fish around the junction. There you have it, you’ve got your bull shark bait.

12 thoughts on “Bull Shark Bait – Fork-tail Catfish

  1. post a video when you send your index finger flying, please, due to having no idea about using a knife(i thought this was it a few times)….someone with an axe could do a better a fillet….btw….its a Bull shark, use the whole catfish, Bull Shark get huge, you can fish for those with rope almost…..

  2. yer i use my shit knife on catfish cause i dont want to blunt my good ones but thanks for the encouragement mate (Y), and to your btw.. i fish for bullshark in the bremmer/brisbane river, most bullies in this strech dont get over 1m long, these videos are for deadbait and i use catfish or eel because they stink more, for livebait youwould use a mullet not a catfish

  3. We were at the beach last year and I was fishing and a whole bunch of their heads washed up on shore cause sharks ate them there was teeth marks all in there skin and meat around the head it was awesome!!

  4. If you are going to fillet or use as bait use a pair if nail removers of wire cutters to clip the spines of. Prevents injury 🙂

  5. just asking how r your fingers going. how about u put a vid up with you catching  a bull shark with that bait. bong on

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