Buy Local Monterey Bay Seafood

Buy Local Monterey Bay Seafood

Fishermen, of course, are food providers. Our local fishermen provide a fresh product, direct from the sea and potentially direct to retailers. You can buy from a fisherman or, with a fairly short food chain, you can buy from a local fish market. The consumer gets absolutely fresh product Commercial fishing in particular is just entwined in the fabric of Monterey Monterey was in part founded by immigrant fishermen and the strong culture of that still remains today. Here in the harbor we have many multi-generational fishing families. Names like the Aliotis, the Ferrantes, the Grillos-
these names are just very prominent here in the waterfront. And hopefully will be far into the future. Monterey and Monterey Bay have a tremendous fishing heritage Thats part of the reason that draws people here. We want to help support that. We want to keep that infrastructure alive. Keep that culture alive. Every fisherman you meet has interesting stories to tell. These are people we want to support. These are people who are working hard trying to do the right thing, so we want
to make sure we are buying their product not something that has been shipped from halfway around the world. People have heard about knowing who your farmer is, but its the same thing It’s being able to associate a face and someone’s life and their career with what’s going on your
table and what’s going into your body. There’s two markets on the end of our commercial wharf that sell products caught directly from local fishermen and also other products that are brought in by truck But there is almost always a supply of
local seafood in those markets as well. And there’s other fish markets in town that sell local products. Going into the fish restaurants, simply ask. Look for
the specials of the day on the menu Ask the waitperson about what’s local on the menu. It’s just really interesting to get tuned into how things change seasonally. A lot of people dont think about that but like anything else, the seafood is changing with the time of the year There are times when you cant get one
thing but you can get another thing and so its fun to see things change with the seasons It’s nice to eat what the season provides as things change. Our largest fishery is clearly what’s called the coastal pelagic species primarily squid, alias calamari, and sardines Squid and calamari are a menu staple throughout Monterey and California A wonderful seafood, in my opinion. And sardines, historically, have been a very popular food It’s kind of reemerging back in the public consciousness In addition to those, we also have salmon during salmon season We have fresh dungeness crab We have spot prawns various kinds of rockfish and california halibut and seasonally, albacore tuna comes in here also. Did you know that over 80% of the US supply of seafood was imported? Even though we have the world famous Monterey Bay in our backyards many consumers and restaurants still get their seafood from abroad. All seafood lovers should make an effort to buy more local seafood. Here’s why: Support local fishermen and the local economy. Buying local supports an industry that supports local jobs tax dollars for city services, and supports other supply and servicing businesses in town. Support sustainable fishing practices. Buying local supports responsible, sustainable fishing practices Our local fisheries are highly regulated to ensure fish stocks are protected Other countries we import fish from may not have the same health, export, or food safety regulations. Reduce your environmental footprint. You are not only supporting environmentally friendly fishing practices you are also reducing your own footprint Local seafood uses far less energy than imported seafood as it doesnt require the long refrigeration and transport times So unless you catch it yourself, you wont get much
fresher seafood than our local Monterey Bay fish. Come on over to Wharf II’s local fish markets or get it fresh off the boat. Visit the vendors at the farmers market Join a community supported fishery program, like Local Catch Monterey Bay. You can even catch fresh fish yourself on a local fishing excursion. For the freshest and most delicious seafood in town start buying local today!

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  1. Great videos! Keep up the excellent work promoting Monterey, Carmel, Del Monte and Big Sur area. I visit 1 week every year. One of, if not the nicest and most beautiful places and weather in the entire U.S.A.

  2. Support Locals? YES! Then the local government is responsible for the decline in locally provided seafood via their support of regulations that restrict local fisherman.

  3. What kinds of regulations have been enforced? I'm not trying to debate…just curious what has happened recently with the local government that has caused this, and since you're a Monterey resident, your answer would be great.

    I'm doing research on Monterey, so your answer is appreciated. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Awesome video. I've had interests in Monterey, and this is one of the best videos to get me some information on what I'm looking for. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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