Camden, London | Exploring the Markets, Jellied Eels and Spotted Dick!

Camden, London | Exploring the Markets, Jellied Eels and Spotted Dick!

After an hour-long bus ride we have landed in Camden Town I didn’t know it was a town. I just thought it was a market, but maybe it’s got a town vibe I’m assuming there’s a market in it cause it is definitely Camden market right? Yeah, there’s definitely Camden Market That’s what the bus stop said, okay, but this this sign says town So its a bit… it’s confusing There’s a city within a city, and I don’t know Anyhoo, so we’ve come here, and I’m kind of I don’t really know what I know what to expect, but I don’t know What caliber of happiness to expect because the first time I heard of Camden Market this person said it’s not worth it And then I asked just a random person At our Airbnb. What’s your favorite thing that you’ve done here, or he actually lives here? And I was like what would you recommend to go see and he said Camden Market It’s funny how you get… that’s extreme sides of the spectrum That’s how it works like everybody gives you different opinions and stuff and that’s fun, but it’s hard to balance exactly Which, who do you trust like who is the person that’s most in line with your Interests and so the third person or you thought Oh, you found a dealbreaker I found a dealbreaker They said they had come here, maybe like two days ago, and they thought that it was really cool and they spent an almost an entire day here, so I feel like we’ll be leaning more towards interesting than I wasted my time this area is like historically kind of like like a Not a fashionable But like a punk rock type area right is that? Something along like back in the eighties like this is where like English punk rock was like centered, I think a punky alternative type area you can see that driving on the road even now that there’s definitely Remnants of that just the way that the the shops Its got a grit to it already yeah, yeah, absolutely, it’s got a grit that definitely isn’t present in other parts of London that we visited yet So we’re gonna jump in and just see what Camden Market Town has to offer well first thing We gotta find the market if there is a market yeah If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about food in London It’s that they have markets that are just full of incredible foreign foods And when you walk into this little market area which I don’t know if this is technically Camden Market But it’s a market in Camden yeah That’s the first thing that hits you is there’s Chinese food and Mexican food and like a place That’s serving Japanese food, and it’s just like yeah it took a whole bunch of different like foreign foods And that’s what the cuisine here seems to be and that’s awesome Our first day we landed in one of those markets, then Borough market And we were like, Wow, this is really unique not unique they’re everywhere not unique apparently Well it was unique to us I think that Camden Market needs to be pluralized so far We’ve been here for like 20 minutes, and I’ve already seen there’s more than one area to go so multiple markets It’ll be interesting to see if they’re all different things like are they’re all just a bunch of foreign food or is it gonna have like different vibes, is it gonna be a Like a clothing market is there gonna be a food market is there gonna be a you know. I don’t know yeah right now We’re in stables market and there’s Chinese food basically Chinese food that says that it’s other Asian food, but its really just chinese food it says Malaysian food, but nah its Chinese food There’s a head to head of Chinese food going on here I’m wondering how much copy and paste is just going to happen throughout this. Here’s some belt buckles. Here’s some cute shirts Here’s some weed paraphernalia, and then copy paste copy paste copy paste. Here’s some Chinese food here’s some Chinese food that’s not Chinese food some chances of non Chinese Chinese food and other items But what I think is going to be interesting about each market is the different structures they’re in so I’m excited to see What’s the next building gonna be like, and I’m excited about the smells the last one smelled like hippies and leather The structures are definitely different Stables market seemed more like pony alley there were tunnels and I could kind of imagine the ponies going in there And this is where we live and now they just sell stuff the structure that we’re in now I think this markets called Camden Lock market. It’s got kind of a victorian-esque Train station feel to it, so I really like the whole structure is different It’s not just a continuation of being in this space and continuing on but the goods are kind of the same But no no because look at these finger puppets I was definitely gonna point out how unique these are yes? Camden markets in Camden Town I just want to say we prejudged you a little bit at least for the two markets within the town that we’ve seen Not so much copy and paste and quite unique things and interesting things to stop and look at so I’m happy about that There is a bit of copy and paste. there’s some places that are selling things we’ve seen in other markets or things you see everywhere in the world like chase shirts and things like that Yeah, like there’s that that does exist But there’s also like places where the dudes that are at the little booth are like making the little things they’re selling Eric – which is really cool / Kyde – a lot of like made by only here and even some of the things we saw that were copy and paste It’s just like they make them. It’s unique to them, but they’re in two different markets. Yeah, yeah so that’s one thing, another thing is that we stepped into a whole another area Which is an outdoor market area, and it looks completely different yeah the architecture in the buildings that this is all housed in is my favorite part so far. Yeah me too. Yeah absolutely On the toilet game toilet game here well done Camden is it clean? yes it is clean you had to pay yeah? Feet have been wet so that that’s not their fault but it’s very clean, and I got to go in for free which was nice I don’t know when they charge, but they have some barriers that you’d have to go through But I didn’t have to go through them today So it was free and the timing was really good because I instantly thought to myself man I gotta pee and I looked up and it said toilets, and I was like well done everyone has probably past here, and thought the exact same thing and There was another thing. I wanted to say about the bathroom, but I can’t remember what it was oh Thank you for not using toilet tissues and using toilet paper. I don’t know if other people feel – is that a thing? yes Well, and you’re a boy so you don’t know, but I don’t know if other people have noticed But when places do where you have to pull out tissue after tissue This is not a sneeze situation people, I did not sneeze here. I went to the bathroom. I need toilet paper on the roll I need to decide how much I need I want to keep pulling I had to pee too, but I’m saving that for later what does that mean? When we first came in the first things we saw was just the Chinese food not Chinese food Chinese food I was a little bit like oh well Maybe the food isn’t gonna be very strong here But it turns out that when you go a little deeper in the market you find this open area. It’s called curb The food here looks and smells Incredible and kind of like how we were seeing things that wasn’t copy and paste inside the market I don’t feel like this food is copy and paste either, it feels like it’s all made every single one I’ve gone up to and gone what’s this? What’s this? What’s this? Yeah? The Chinese food that wasn’t Chinese food, but said it was Chinese food That was really copy and paste. it really was I’m not seeing something that was… I just looked over here, the exact same noodles It would be a bummer to blow your calories on that, not realizing this little section is here And I’m glad we have restrained because when we first walk in were like right maybe, we should eat here, but now it’s like I’m looking at this food and I’m like oh my god. Like it seems like kind of like a Passionately made thing like the people that are making it are into what they’re making or at least It’s being made like with some creativity and like not just in a microwave you know what I’m saying True true Like the food looks legit down here, and it seems pretty cheap like less of it But usually it seems to be like less than 10 pounds good lunch prices Yeah decent lunch prices Yeah, I’m really jealous of anybody that lives Or works around here having access to just like come down here and get some of this food all the time Man, this would be killer. It’s just like Burroughs… Borough Market and that place that we found on the first day, I’m so jealous London’s food markets are amazing Seen the word Camden lock and it didn’t really click to me, and then we walked around the corner I saw another sign that said Hampstead road lock and I was like. Oh, okay, whatever What’s a lock and so I’m thinking like, like a lock for a door and then I look down? And it’s like locks, like on a canal for these really long boats that they have, to run up and down the canal It’s a boat elevator like let’s just get that out of the way And it’s pretty amazing because it looks old and It just makes me wonder like how the hell does this work back in the day like I guess like you just kind of take things for granted nowadays with modern technology I mean we’re going to the moon and stuff like how big of a deal could things be but if they built this like back in the day How are they keeping the water in there and then lowering like how I doesn’t even make sense it’s amazing It is really cool to see something like this and just think about like British engineering especially way back in the day is like Really admirable just thinking about all the things that they were able to do with not that high tech of technology It’s probably obvious how excited I was about the engineering of the lock system, and I was like, okay well This is all I’m gonna get to see and then I turned around like as we were walking away And there was a boat going into it so I got to watch them like get off the boat And they use these metal poles to crank open the lock system like the gate and the water flows out kind of slowly, but faster than you think it’s gonna take and the boat goes down and then they open the gate back up and they float away And the whole process took less than ten minutes and I would say I’m really really happy. I got to see that Sometimes you’d love two things, but you know they can’t go together and then you see that other people were wrong in putting them together We love sushi, we love salsa you don’t put those two things together. I don’t even I don’t even understand. How what? Don’t do that. Don’t make a business out of it. Don’t do what you’ve done here. This is wrong. It’s unnatural This market isn’t even labeled this is just on the streets These are the shops that are on the major street that cuts through Camden It’s not labeled as a market so this atmosphere is just your life walking on the sidewalk In a moment I’m gonna ask you to turn around Okay And look at the red sign and tell me what it says Okay, can I turn now? yes, go Metlo of London I read it meatloaf There’s no doubt that this whole area is very tourist driven But walking down the Main Street It hits you a lot harder than it did in those little markets where we were finding things that were made by Local people or the people that work there and like cool food shops and stuff This is just essentially like a trashy version of like a beach town or something without a beach no beach Yeah, there’s a canal and there’s a lock and the lock is great But this, this feels like, we say that sometimes in our videos but Virginia Beach When you just have like stuff that’s like cheaply made and like kind of like not funny t-shirts and things like that It’s kind of what’s going on on this street. It’s just stuff to look at on a hot day yeah yeah, but its rainy or a cold day. It’s not something that like I have no – I’m not their intended market here at all the street art in this section, on this road is so prolific that even Prets here, which is a chain coffee shop It’s not you can find it anywhere in the city. It’s not special to Camden by any means they have also jumped into the street art situation and I feel like a Corporate yuppie thinking that oh wow. I really like that one out of all the ones I saw this was the one that I really liked Hello, hello It’s one of those times where they really gotta get that “E” back on there If you’ve heard about Camden or Somebody goes to talk to you the first thing They’re gonna say is there’s these huge things that are popping out of the buildings And that doesn’t make sense when you first hear it but upon seeing it, it all makes sense the street art here is crazy, and they’re just people making gigantic shoes that stick out of the buildings kind of feels a little bit like Osaka Like Osaka has these big things that are outside of their shops and here they have them as well And they also have a lot of graffiti in the area that looks unique It doesn’t just look like Some twelve year old coming and tagging their Initials on something it actually looks like they got artists to come to the area and make it more beautiful the area is very unique all the artwork here is something that artists have done It’s not just random people coming and trying to put their name on things. It’s actual art How do you reenact this hamburger? This is the Camden Market which is an open-air market that feels like exactly what you’d find in Southeast Asia so yet again another atmosphere that’s completely different to anything else that we’ve been in but not in the past but right now and if you need to get a Tupac shirt, this is where you should come We give you good price We hung out with a local yesterday, and they explained to us that a fire happened here kind of recently but we don’t know much about it and he said that this area is changing and that it’s kind of getting more, I guess commercial It’s a way that I would explain it, but as you can see behind me this is the canal market which is one of the major areas here in the Camden Market area And it’s under construction and we heard that it’s just being refurbished, and I think that means it’s going to just start Looking more modern and looking more Normal, yeah like are they selling a Claire’s is that what’s going on in there? A Claire’s will be in there No surprise at all, but we’ve ended up back at the curb market for lunch I found something that I thought looked awesome, and I’m still looking at it, and it looks awesome And it smells even more awesome than it looks and it is being marketed as Colombian Street food And I’ve never been to Colombia, but if this is what their Street food game is gonna be like it’s Gonna be a place that might end up on the menu, on the list of places to go the menu of countries to go and enjoy the world menu And they have this thing called a marching box and it is a whole bunch of different types of ingredients on top of rice and The menu advertises that it’ll keep you marching all day so you get all of this food and it’s eight pounds and it includes guacamole, it includes plantains, it includes potatoes It includes beans, meat, and like like a chorizo and all of this amazing-ness And I think that’s a pretty decent deal like that’s gonna probably keep me marching for a good chunk of the day well half of that, cause half of that’s mine half of this is yours? So, I don’t really know how to get in here and start So I’m just going to jump into this meat, which… Jesus it’s really really good they know how to pull meat Yeah, it’s it’s a it’s like a pulled meat it is assuming that’s pork Yeah, probably a pork and it is it’s not it looks like it might be spicy, but it’s not spicy at all It’s actually a tomato sauce so it tastes almost like a pastaish type of sauce that you’re getting into I don’t know how am I going to sample like everything on here? I think? we need an extra plate you do, so I can throw things down I’m gonna jump in I think this is a potato, yeah, so She had this big pot of potatoes like stewing Eh, I mean it’s a potato, it’s not like super exciting or anything The reason I got the potato is so I could dig down a little deeper and get a plantain and It looks like they’ve like deep-fried the plantain And that’s pretty good the sweetness Mix with that deep-fried thing that’s always a good combination, and it really works here. Yeah, there’s just so much on here She did like three scoops of guacamole, no joke Yeah, she kept slamming guacamole on there, and she asked like what you want on top And she was like chilis and all this other like there’s like pumpkin pumpkin seeds, and yeah like I mean It’s incredible how much stuff is on here Mm. Well, oh, that’s delicious too, man. I think we might have to think about Colombia like for real I already think about it Like all the finest foods in the world this gets better as you mix everything together and start adding some spices and stuff Like it’s just it’s it just turns into like you know you get in the burrito territory where you feeling like? And you got a little spice going on you just gonna want to take like a nap and like really really relax And we ended up getting like the regular sized one and it fed both of us So I’m still looking forward to some snacks. Are you? I’ve heard there might be spotted dick in the neighborhood Yeah Castle pies was recommended in the Camden area because probably for pies but We’ve come for the eels We wanted to get some eels but they don’t take credit cards which is slight inconvenience But I think that’s a good sign because like if they don’t take credit cards like you know what I mean, like they’re old school That’s like, that’s that’s where you want to get your eels from You want old-school eels? Well I mean you’re gonna eat the eels I’m gonna watch you eat the eels, son We ordered two things that do not go together at all Which is kind of funny? Because the menu has like four items on it total which again really good sign if you ask me Kyde’s got a plate of eels inside of a jelly and it’s like jiggling and it’s freaking me out man It looks a lot like the Surströmming from Sweden yeah a good bit And I think you’re gonna be all on that on your own as usual with most scary foods yeah with most fishy stuffs we got a little interupted there We got to hear some eel horror stories apparently people don’t know about the bone in the middle and they just put a whole hunk In their mouth and then they die because they get choked by the eel bone I thought – I thought Didn’t have bones like snakes in the water. What is happening? okay I’m pretty sure this this segment is boneless the thing that I’m more scared of is not the word eels It’s the word jellied and that’s what this is called jellied eels and jellied is what freaks me out more than anything Is it like is it like jell-o jelly or is it like what? This is jelly fishy. What’s going on, man It’s all fishy And the eel is pretty The skin is kind of gelatinous the meat, it’s okay quite salty um the jelly I I don’t really like jelly you look pretty disappointed I’m not disappointed in the meat I’m probably gonna dig that out But I’m gonna feel kind of bad that I’m gonna leave all this jelly on the plate And it feels kind of insulting is it sweet? No, not that I can tell I’ll have some by itself Salty salty salty salty Salty have you ever had anything remotely like this before? no It’s just a pile of I can see why they put it with mashed potatos Mmm. I’m cuz you can buy this like it says eels and mash on the menu So you can buy it like that. I don’t know if that comes warm, or if those are jellied at all maybe They’re not jellied. I can’t tell if this is a main course or a dessert or what this is I don’t know where we’ve landed. I’m gonna keep trying it Maybe it’ll grow on me, but I think my sodium intake for the day is going to skyrocket are you gonna get your dick on? so when I was a kid there was this movie in America with John Goodman and it was called King Ralph And when I was a kid that think that’s what I knew about British culture with King Ralph And it’s kind of like assume that when I was gonna get here would be more like that But it seems like I’ve been lied to Except for there’s this one scene in the movie where they order spotted dick and they make a big dumb joke about the spotted dick and You know it’s an old American movie intended for you know young kids or whatever not young kids but like 12 year old boys Which is what I was basically so ever since then yeah, I haven’t really changed, ever since then I’ve been like man I’m gonna get that spotted dick one day Today is the day I’m gonna get the spotted dick and it’s come out And I’m much this is not at all what I expected it to look at for some reason I thought it was gonna be about to be crude, but I thought it was gonna be longer I thought it was gonna be taller And what I’ve ended up with is something that looks like just like a pie inside of some custard So let’s go ahead and get in there and I mean I can see where they’re getting the idea of the spots though so let’s take some raisins and a little bit of custard and the spots are raisins? Yeah, it looks yeah it raisins Mm-hmm ooh, that’s really really good. Oh, man you gonna put some eels on that? no no eels on my Spotted dick please I just like my spotted dick raw This is really scrumptious actually it’s nice and warm It’s the the raisin flavor is like complimented really good with all the custard and the breading is moist and everything Yeah, yeah, she had me go in the back to prepare this whatever. She’s been doing back there it took time to cook up that dick I’m gonna get a mouthful you spilled a little bit of the dick dangerous So one of us gobbled down all their spotted dick, but I see quite a bit of fish left on that plate. What happened? is eel a fish? I don’t know what it is cause it had a bone Decided that jellied eels is something that does not need to be happening ever and it’s not that like I couldn’t stomach it or I couldn’t try it or Whatever, it’s that after having done that Why? that is literally my nightmare looking at that plate like that’s nightmare mode I was over here. Just enjoying my spotted dick and I was looking at that thing And it was making me like kind of feel weird that it was even on the same table Sorry about that so I would say if you’re gonna come and try the traditional cuisine stick with the spotted dick avoid the jellied eels! Does that sound like a good rule? Yeah, I might try eels and mash at some point. I don’t think its jellied I think it’s eel and gravy so the eel was ok for you but the jelly is what bothered you? yeah but the eel and the jelly they went together so it’s just the texture of the eels isn’t that great either I just I stopped there was nothing in there I can’t recall another time that you’ve stopped before so this is kind of monumental *eels up inside ya finding an entrance where they can* I don’t remember the rest *finding an entrance where they can* We hope everybody enjoyed exploring Camden as much as we did a bit more of London is on its way so make sure you’re subscribed if you want to check that out also be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Oh, I also started a Twitter feed of crazy things Kyde says to me look for a link below

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  35. Oh, yuck…! 'Jellied eel' has truly got to be one of THE…MOST, absolutely, disgusting things on the planet. It, and "eel pie- and-mash" [ …actually, not terribly much 'better' ({: …! ], were traditional [ …more or less ], Cockney, dishes…but i don't recall ever really knowing ANYone who actually 'likes' them…including Cockneys [ …or, the closest equivalent to a "Cockney" that one might find these days ({; D …! ]!! "Spotted Dick", though; now, that is lovely! Otherwise, you'd have done much better having called-in at a Fish 'n Chips shop, for sure!! But, Camden Market [ …et al! ] is rather fun, it's true. Camden Town, and the entire area round there, has changed quite a bit over the [ 'recent-ish'…? ] years; i guess, all in all, one would have to describe it as "an improvement"…but it has lost some of its [ earlier ] 'character', all the same. <3 / <3

  36. First time I had eels I came home to a bath full of them and seriously though my mum had bought me some odd new pets , ( I was about 6) soon to be disappointed when she started pulling them out and butchering them. Never liked them since.

  37. The Place to go for Underground Music in the Uk,Punk,Goth,Rock etc and most Bands are far better than the Commercial stuff,enjoy…

  38. I've had jellied eels about 3 times, I don't think anyone would be offended if you didn't eat all the jelly but made an effort with the actual eel.
    Were those lyrics at the end from the mighty boosh? It would figure as you said you liked peepshow. you might like the "IT crowd" too, it's on netflix.

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  41. I love your guys praise over British things, like the architecture, the locks, 'admirable' is refreshing to watch these videos 🙂 thank you, feel proud to be British again

  42. Camden was so worth it for the finger puppets!! I'm mid 40s and always used to go to Camden for interesting clothes in the 90s (e.g. stussy t-shirts were a rare find back then), 11:08 that market opposite you always used to be good for clothes, sadly not anymore by the looks of it. Not much there to hold my interest now. Been to some pretty cool parties and club nights in Camden over the years, Club Koko is a great music venue if you ever get the chance…

  43. area. I live just up the hill. My dad was born down there almost 100 years ago. My family actually had horses when it was stables. Jellied eels was his favourite. He used to do his own. (Yuck). I used to see punk bands most weekends at the Electric Ballroom or the Music Machine from the late 70s. Yeah, it has got trashy. I rarely even look there these days. It's mostly for tourists since it was purchased by a rich foreign entity and the character destroyed. You missed out the steps to the rehearsal room in the market that The Clash used in the early days..and you should have popped in to the Dublin Castle where Madness started out and Amy Winehouse liked to pull a pint. Lots of history there you missed. I enjoyed watching your visit still : )

  44. I went to Camden Market to eat… by the time every vendor had shoved a free sample in my hands I was too full to eat any more. Cheap meal, and totally delicious.

  45. WOW!!! A Boosh reference!!! I guess you know that Camden is where the Boosh originated, and Noel's home town. Cool vid you guys.

  46. You've got to realise that 'London' the city grew out of the 'City' of London over many centuries. Westminster was farmland just a few hundred years ago, and Dickens wrote of people walking through the countryside to 'London' from places (like Camden) within 2-3 miles of 'The City', which are now well within the conurbation of what we now call 'London', and which are now considered to be 'central' London. It's just many, many years of sprawl. It's not surprising to most Londoners, and it does mean that many places retained a truly unique feel and identity as the gaps between them closed. Clearly, towns/cities in the 'new world' were built far faster and with more intention.
    I love that you linked to Grey's video on this! Great video, as always! Funnish fact – Camden is the home 'town' of the iconic band Madness – some of whom are still to be found in their local Camden boozers from time to time.

  47. I thought I might explain how this came about. Many years ago the Thames was full of eels so it was a very cheap bit of protein. When you boil the eel the slime within it's skin thickens the water allowing you to portion out into those rounds. When cooled it's as presented to you Kyde. These are easy to sell on the streets as you can imagine. I do enjoy eels but only with lots of white pepper and vinegar (they should have told you that). Best eaten while drunk.

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    cant believe you went in a pie&mash shop without trying pie&mash! I like many other East Londoners were brought up on pie&mash and stewed eels, jellied eels were usually bought outside the pub on a Sunday afternoon after 5 or so pints or when ya mum finished Bingo lol.

  51. I think we have a variation of eels in jelly in Denmark en old fishing communities. But i am on Erics team here. Take it away. I am not good with fish either.

  52. Camden stables food market was the first food market , borough market and spitlefields copied the stables, jellied eels is very east end thing not many Londoners like it .

  53. The £8 day energiser marching food is now £9 with half the sausage and generally not food for 2, but nice. It's basically no longer heaped …Staff… she served me…. end of.

  54. My Dad was brought up on jellied eels and stewed eels. He loves them today but hard to find really good makes. We used to fish for ells in Maldon Essex.

  55. I’ve watched a lot of ‘what to see in London’ vlogs and I really liked yours (and I’m a born and bred Londoner). I hope you come back soon and that you maybe live here a while – that would be fun. Keep up the good work!

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