Camping + Beach Fishing for 9 Days Straight! (Camp Catch Cook)

Camping + Beach Fishing for 9 Days Straight! (Camp Catch Cook)

Alright, we just made it here Brought all of our stuff, I got all my rods Hey, this is Pablo What’s going on? Where’s your site, right here? YES! Here’s James And, uh, we’re here for a week! See what we can catch, we’re trying to catch fish to eat, we’re trying to hang out Did you even bring a tent or are you sleeping in a hammock? [James:] Um, I was actually gonna sleep on the roof [Brendon:] Go ahead, man. That should be good at least you’ll be away from bears Alright, let’s set up our tent, Erin [Erin:] Yea, alright [Brendon:] Yea, alright alright [Erin:] Eh, it’s in my face [Brendon:] Yea [Brendon:] Don’t- I don’t fancy that [Erin:] *laughing* don’t fancy that [Brendon:] Alright, here’s the grand reveal BOOM There’s our- our big tent Hi, Erin. Is it ready to show off in there? [Erin:] Yea, it’s just a tent [Brendon:] We got a big queen mattress in there That thing is 24 inches tall $70 from Walmart Worth every penny [Erin:] Better than *inaudible* [Brendon:] So, this is our tent Uhhh took us like, 20/30 minutes to set up Let’s go check on James and Pablo and everyone else’s tent What’s up James, this is your tent!? You didn’t expand it! Is that fully expanded? James, that’s your tent? [James:] That’s it [Brendon:] You didn’t expand it It’s not opened yet Get in! Let me see *laughing* oh my gosh! It’s not extended yet Get in [Erin:] Gonna come out as a butterfly [Brendon:] And that’s his poop bucket *laughing* That’s probably pretty darn comfortable [Erin:] Looks pretty cozy [James:] It’s nice. It’s quaint [Erin:] Do you sleep with your arms crossed across your chest, too? [Brendon:] Are you guys ready to go get some tackle and stuff? [James:] Let’s do it [Brendon:] Let’s go We spent the next 2 days searching for fish We jumped from spot to spot, looking for any signs of life We managed to find a few fish, but it was tough [Erin:] We even tried fishing the Canal and we didn’t catch any fish there, but we did see this HUGE ocean sunfish which we never thought we’d see from shore [Brendon:] And it wasn’t until day 3 that we found them at 4am It’s daybreak um To be exact, I think it’s like 6 o’clock Right on the dot Uuummm We’re here at daybreak because this is the best opportunity To- to run into a To run into a fishing blitz and that’s when there’s bluefish and there’s striped bass and there’s all sorts of different fish feeding on the bait fish That are pushed up close into the shallow water under the night sky If you can wake up early enough, get out there because this is a really good opportunity to hit a lot of fish What a good start to the day Yea! We- I’m- I’m just upset we couldn’t film that in the- in the darkness [Erin:] Yea We did our best [Brendon:] It’s not the same though, if you do It’s not the same because the fish get scared off [Erin:] Exactly [Brendon:] But you guys, rest assured we got our catch of uh dinner Lunch maybe? Oh my gosh, my pants are falling down Oh my gosh, you cut a hole in your pants wait, why did that happen? [Erin:] I had a bluefish and as I was kneeling down it started flopping and the other treble hook on my spoon got caught in my pants [Brendon:] Oh my gosh [Erin:] And at that point, I was like “oh no I could actually get caught in my leg” So, my adrenaline was just going and I also just wanted to get it out there so I just- [Brendon:] You just cut your pants? [Erin:] I was like “BRENDON!” [Brendon:] You like those pants, though [Erin:] I know, but they’re old anyway so… [Brendon:] Ok [Erin:] I can always stitch them back up And we both got nice over 20 inch stripers, right? [Brendon:] Yea [Brendon:] Oh my god! I like the popper, it’s like- it chugs. It goes BLOOMP BLOOMP it-it-it’s like it inserts a big bubble watch BLOOMP BLOOMP BLOOMP BLOOMP oh my god, it slammed it Oh I’m on! I’m on! I looked away for one second Oooohhh got right off got a bite? So, they’re still around [Erin:] That’s what I was using all morning, Pablo [Pablo:] Really? [Erin:] Yea [Brendon:] There you go! [Pablo:] Got him! [Brendon:] There we go. Nice, Pablo How do you like it on that- What is that, a *inaudible* That looks nice Nice work [Pablo:] Oh! [Brendon:] OOooohhhh Snapped- oh that’s definitely a bluefish then [Pablo:] Yup, saw him right there Look at that: clean snap [Brendon:] Clean off, huh? oh my gosh oh my gosh! I made this so long ago We made this together- oh my gosh [Pablo:] It works on the fly rod [Pablo:] It works really well on the fly rod [Brendon:] This would be- this little thing would be so perfect! I gotta throw this on the fly, that’s what they were chasing today! I tied this from a Doritos bag so long ago. Did you tie this one or did I tie this one? [Pablo:] Uhhh, I think you tied that one [Brendon:] Oh my gosh, I gotta try this tomorrow on the fly That would’ve been perfect Look at that sunrise That is crazy! Wow On! They’re WAY out there Hell yea, that’s it Woo! My arms are getting tired Oh my gosh, that was a LONG ride That was a long ride back I bet you it was How’d you- how’d you make out Pablo? [Pablo:] Lost a big one [Brendon:] Nightmare fuel James, how’d you- how’d you make out? [James:] Awesome. I didn’t lose any, but I didn’t hook up on any big ones [Brendon:] This is the spot though, right? This is THE spot [James:] Yea, this is the best spot [Brendon:] Let’s get outta here Alright, now it’s time to go back to camp, filet these up, and figure out how we’re gonna eat this Any suggestions? [Erin:] I don’t know, but I’m hungry [Brendon:] How do you guys think we should eat it? What is your favorite way to eat your fresh catch? Alright, time to filet I like to do it at the beach so I don’t have to get guts anywhere in the house bluefish don’t have that many scales, but I’m gonna do it anyways ‘kay Erin. You scale ’em, I’ll gut ’em, ok? I’m just gonna filet it, actually It’s gonna be so easy. I don’t have to gut anything There we go Now we got a bucket full of filets and unlimited potential [Erin:] Oh, I like your backwards hat, Brendon [Brendon:] Thank you, it’s our new Hey Skipper hat I’m just gonna salt them so they stay salty for now [Erin:] Keep it salty [Brendon:] Keep it fresh And then, before we eat them we’re gonna wash them off Alright, it has started to rain now. We’re back at camp Um As soon as we got back, it started to rain. But we set up this tarp now so that we can cook the fish under this tarp And not inside a tent and inside the rain so it’ll be good [Erin:] So, what’s in here? [Brendon:] Ginger, lime, um… wait. I don’t even know. Ginger, lime, soy sauce, Um… sweetener, [Erin:] Is it good? [Brendon:] ok Whoops [Erin:] Some splash [Brendon:] Want to try one, James? [James:] I’ll try some of that, is that cool? [Pablo:] Yea, yea [Pablo:] *inaudible* MMMM That’s not bad That is not bad [Brendon:]MMMM Good, right? Want some, Erin? [Erin:] Yea Thank you [Brendon:] Alright guys, that’s the end of this adventure I had an awesome time doing a catch and cook Um Camping here is awesome Even in the rain You know, make do Gonna finish cooking up some fish and then… I’m gonna turn them into cakes for lunch tomorrow [Erin:] Yum [Brendon:] Say bye, Erin [Erin:] Bye! Thank you

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  1. Was just up fishing the Cape myself for Albies and Stripers. Saw several large ocean sunfish in the canal. A couple of them surprised us when they jumped clear out of the water. The splash was so big it looked like someone dropped a Volkswagen in the canal. No idea why they do that, but they are crazy fish! If you haven't tried it, Tajin seasoning is great on pan fried bluefish. Great vid!

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    "But those are your favorate pants."

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    Yeah night fishing video is horrible for viewing because itโ€™s so dark, BUT I love the editing , it made the night fishing bearable, able to see some stuffs and the text really help. How about some sort of lantern? Flood lights ? Or night vision cam

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  13. Hey everyone! Thank you so much for watching this first part of our camping adventure ๐Ÿ˜ this episode only contains footage from the first three to four days of our trip, but there is more to come! Tune in next week, Thursday 7:30 PM EST for the next part ๐Ÿ‘ comment below where you would like to camp and fish like this?

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  16. This is a good time to go to LI Sound around CT. Blue fish and Stripers are going crazy right now. And if you go to a bait store they will tell you where the fish are hitting. Then you can try to find some Tautog/Black fish wich are in season now too. I knew when I saw the campground that it looked like coastal New England before I even read the description.

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