Can These BFFs Heal After This ‘Shocking’ Ghosting? | MTV’s Ghosted

Can These BFFs Heal After This ‘Shocking’ Ghosting? | MTV’s Ghosted

– I didn’t want to share
any of this on camera. (crying) I didn’t want to share it! – [Tahira] I understand. – And now it’s out there! (crying) – [Narrator] On this episode
of Ghosted Love Gone Missing, Travis and Rachel are helping Whitney who was ghosted by her best
friend Tahira two years ago. – [Rachel] And so you went to college in– – Boston College, yep.
– Okay. – I met these people who like if you didn’t have a lot of money, or if you didn’t go to
a certain prep school, nobody cared who you were. – Superficial. – Exactly and I had a tough time meeting genuine people there. It was kind of like a
rough patch in my life. When I met Tahira it was finally like, wow I have someone who actually cares about what I have to say. – What makes Tahira such a good friend? – She was just really there for me when a lot of people weren’t. I went through an eating
disorder in college. She was the only person who was just there if I needed someone to talk to, she was just a good supportive
friend through all of it. She was the sister I never had. – [Narrator] The two had
planned to move to LA together, but then things changed. – Actually our senior year, I
was planning on moving to LA. We were talking about looking
at apartments together and then I interned on Capitol Hill for congresswoman Claudia Tenney. I kind of fell in love with it and I decided not to move to LA. – [Travis] And what did
she move out to LA to do? – She was starting her own
social media marketing company. – So when you told her,
how did she take that news? – She seemed a little bummed that we wouldn’t be out there
together but she never got mad and never was like angry about it. – [Narrator] And once Tahira landed in LA, Whitney never heard from her again. – Take us through the day
of the actual ghosting. – So when she first moved to LA in August I was asking her all of these
questions, how do you like it? And I wanted to hear about how
she was doing with her job. She really wasn’t answering me at all, she wouldn’t reply to my
social media messages either, tried to call her– – She’s a social media manager, that’s what she’s supposed to do. (chuckles) – I wouldn’t get a call back, I just stopped getting responses and then I never heard anything back. – [Narrator] To figure out what
happened, Travis and Rachel, and Whitney head to LA where they connect with two of Tahira’s friends. – So how did you two meet Tahira? – Yeah, I met Tahira through Juliette, probably when she was a sophomore
cause I was a senior but– – So when you met her,
I was living with her. – [Tahira’s Friend] Probably. – Sophomore year, yeah, cause
that’s when we lived together. – Yeah, yeah, I feel like
I met you like once maybe like I don’t– – So with LA, who moved out here first? – I think I did actually. – You moved out here first. – I moved out here, ’cause I’m
from California originally. – Tahira came and stayed with you? – She stayed with me when she was trying to
find a spot on her own. – So this was around August of 2017? – Yes it was. – So that would be around the same time that she ghosted you two years ago. Was there anything that Tahira was saying when she first came out here,
was anything on her mind? – She mentioned a friend from
BC was gonna move out here too but ended up not and I think
she was maybe upset by that. – Did Tahira ghost me
because I didn’t move to LA? – I feel like it’s not
even like our story to tell but it’s hard just cause she’s never even, like I don’t mean to
be rude but she’s like never mentioned you. – I do know the reason
why she ghosted you. – [Travis] You do? – She told me. – When did she tell you? Once she realized that we were here or it’s something y’all talked about in the last couple years? – No, this was a few months go she told me – Okay, is that something
you feel comfortable sharing? – All I really can say is that, you showed your true colors
and that kind of upset her. (dramatic music) (dog whines) – [Narrator] Once her
friends confirmed that Travis and Rachel are legit, Tahira agrees to meet up with them. On the condition that
Whitney does not join. – When did you start to wanna
put an end to this friendship? – Something really devastating happened. She just honestly really offended me and it wasn’t her at all. I was shocked that’s all
I can really say about it. – Why did you feel the need
to not confront her about it, and let her know how
bad this affected you? – It still like something that I’m kind of still
processing honestly. There was no question that I had to distance myself from her, after what happened happened. – [Narrator] After talking
with Travis and Rachel, Tahira agrees to tell
Whitney why she ghosted her, face to face. – I’ve really missed you
for the last two years, I mean seeing you today brought
back so many good memories. You were one of the only
genuine people I found at BC and like we shared so much, you helped me through
a lot of tough times. My family has also really missed you. (Tahira crying) I think it’s just been hard for me because you were so important to
me at BC for four years and you were like my biggest
support system there. And now, we just haven’t talked at all. I’ve racked my brain trying to think if I accidentally said something that would have been offensive and I really can’t come up with anything and I honestly just wanna
figure out what happened. Senior year we talked a lot
about us moving to LA together, were you mad that I moved
to D.C. instead of LA? – Not at all. No. – So why did you ghost me? – First, I wanna say, that
it’s so good to see you. Being able to see you
like healthy and just, I never like stopped caring about you. I didn’t forget about
you every single time you reached out it was really really hard to just ignore you and I just always felt like I was part of your family so I just really wanna thank you for that. But, (suspenseful music) I ghosted you because,
you’re supporting Trump. When I saw these posts
before you deleted them. – What’s that photo of? – Whitney posted about the inauguration and seemed like you were
very enthusiastic about it. There were posts on Whitney’s
page from the inauguration, on this one it says, Trumps
inauguration was empty and then it’s a photo of
it clearly not being empty. In posting that you are showing support and it really just broke my heart. I didn’t wanna make you feel like you had to believe a certain thing
in order to be my friend. (Whitney crying) How do I explain all of
the experiences of my life and my family’s life and say, “Please don’t support him for
this reason, or that reason.” I couldn’t, it was like trying
to explain my whole life. My mom’s from Jamaica, my
dad’s from Saint Kitts, like those are two of the countries that he was talking such
horrible things about. I could never support that
and I could never stand by and watch someone who I loved
so, so much support that. And that’s why I ghosted you. – First of all, I wanna say thank you for finally telling me. Second of all, I wanna say
like I’m honestly kinda shocked that that was the reason, like I was not expecting that at all. I’m kind of mad because this is why
ghosting is so messed up. If you had texted me and said, “What’s up with the Trump stuff?” I would text you back and I
would tell you I don’t like him. My family built a steel company and like some of the economic stuff helps small steel companies
in freakin’ Utica, New York. – Did you vote for him though? – I did vote for Trump
in the 2016 election. I mean I really, I didn’t want to share
any of this on camera. (Whitney crying) I didn’t want to share it! – [Tahira] I understand. – And now it’s out there! – If she had a different political view, it is your responsibility to
be able to speak your piece and use it as a platform
and educate that person. And I’m upset with her
that she didn’t do that. – You know me pretty well. Like we lived together, you
know my values as a person. You know I’ve been mortified
by the past three years and shocked what’s going on in our country but like I live in D.C., I have conversations with people about politics all the time, and like even if we don’t
share the same views, it’s a conversation. Like you can talk through it
and like I just can’t believe you haven’t talked to me in two years because I voted for him. Can I just like take a second? – [Narrator] Whitney
and Tahira will decide whether they wanna make up or ghost. – [Travis] Please send
your final text now. (dinging) – [Rachel] Okay Whitney,
what did she decide? – Because I think that our friendship is too important to me, you know we’ve been
friends for a long time, been through a lot, I
decided I wanna make up. – [Travis] Tahira what did you decide? – I was in a position where
I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to face the situation, it was wrong of me to ghost
you without an explanation, I know it wasn’t the
right way to go about it. I just want you to know that I, I just love you so much and I truly am just really happy to see
you, so I wanna make up. – I love you too. ♪ Sometimes we need to hide out from ♪ – [Rachel] Yeah you guys! These are tears of joy now, you guys. ♪ They don’t gotta let go ♪ – [Narrator] So, how’s
Whitney’s friendship with Tahira doing two months
after their confrontation? (phone ringing) – Yo. – Hi Whitney. – Hi, miss you guys. – How are you doing? – Actually, I had two
days in LA before I left and I spent them both with Tahira. We’ve been texting and FaceTiming and we’re just happy to be
back in one another’s lives. – We’re so glad that you guys made amends, that you got your best friend back. – I just wanna say thank you so much for helping me find out
why Tahira ghosted me. – [Travis] You’re very welcome, peace – Thanks Whitney, have a good one, bye

100 thoughts on “Can These BFFs Heal After This ‘Shocking’ Ghosting? | MTV’s Ghosted

  1. It isn't on the POC to teach empathy or the like…she knew her friend's background and still voted the way she did despite "not liking him"? Sure it could have been a conversation, but in the end you thought hint of a possible financial gain to a steel mill was enough to overlook the glaring issues of racism and sexism that Trump embodies.

  2. idk i kinda lowkey ghosted friends who made racist jokes so i kinda get it. lowkey ghosted aka i didnt cut them off, just told them the shit aint funny and i expected they do better. it made me re-think the whole friendship and i kinda stopped rly investing in that relationship… if we have different values its meh tbh. distancing yourself is not a wrong thing to do, some frienships die out with time anyway

  3. I mean, I see where both people are coming from. I fully understand dumping people who support 45s crazy racist ass, but sis should have said something to her off rip

  4. I knew it had to be something either racist or over a man. They should've had a conversation about it but I do understand Tahira's reasoning. A vote for Trump translates to a lack of morals and racist views. No one wants to be associated with anyone like that.

  5. I knew as soon as she said she went to intern on Capitol Hill it has something to do with 45 🤦🏾‍♀️ I saw it coming

  6. 💩💩Trump ruins everything🤬🤯🤮 First the Country NOW friendships, that’s it IMPEACH THIS FOOL!!!

  7. If a “Friend” of mine voted for trump, then we weren’t “friends” to begin with! I feel like it’s a completely legit reason, not that anyone needs a reason to ghost. 👻👻👻👻👻👻

  8. I can appreciate that didn’t push her to change her political views. I’ve stopped talking to a lot of people over politics.

  9. I wouldn’t be friends with someone who blatantly voted against me as a person. Trump doesn’t support POC so I totally understand why she wouldn’t want to be friends. It’s hard to have such differing views when it comes to Trump

  10. Idc What Y’all Saying About She Ended A Friendship Over Trump! ITS MORE THAN THAT ITS THE WHOLE PRINCIPLE of What Trump Himself Stands For As A White Supremacist, Joking About Women’s Rights When It Comes To Their Bodies, And Making Fun Of The Disabled And List Goes On ! As A Black Woman, She Stood Her Ground For Us As A Whole and Other Races! PERIOD ! 💯

  11. This is why demonizing all Republicans is so toxic. It’s so isolating and it’s not conductive to change. She clearly did it for the economic policies that her is important to her family and nothing socially. God damn. 🙄

  12. 🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳 I just had to drop the flag cause I heard my country. I support my fellow kittittian!

  13. Ok now this is my favorite…this is a clear indication what Trump is doing to our country but how people like this are going to help us persevere. I love it. I’m so happy for these beautiful ladies. Peace and ❤️ love.

  14. This lady is wrong for putting her on the spot!!! This lady sucks!!! Political value should not interrupt friendship! Wow Whitney ghost her!!! Leave now!!!

  15. If she’s embarrassed about it being shared publicly then that means you shouldn’t have voted for him in the first place. My question to trump supporters and any conservative extremists is how can you (genuinely) befriend someone who is a minority? How can you vote for trump when his entire agenda is against that minority friend. Whether it’s revoking lgbt rights, choosing a VP who supports inhumane conversion therapy, making racist remarks about blacks and other poc, encouraging the racial tension that is already in this country that, has led to injustice death of black/poc. Yet you smile at a person who’s life is in danger because of his policies. I can only assume it’s because there are benefits to the friendship. In this clip notice how the white girl seemed codependent on the black girl.

  16. Some friend she is cause supporting trump lmao get out of here he is our president get use to it is you ain’t from America go home and come the right way dumb ass friends.

  17. I voted for trump too thanks trump for the tax breaks to us Americans and helping to stop the mooching of the lazy Americans and stopping food stamps and wic yay trump for the good he has done for legal Americans here

  18. I don’t blame her for what she did. I will never forget when Obama won the presidential election and the majority of the kids at my middle school were saying the most hateful things. These were kids who I thought were my friends and classmates but I realized they were only tolerating me and other black students. I’m a young adult now and still remember the tension and division at school. I unfollowed each and everyone of them who were saying hurtful things. Years later when Trump won, I had no problem doing the same thing. My white friends and classmates who were posting horrible things about Mexicans and Muslims got reported and blocked within a blink of an eye. The problem is that too many people only care when something personally affects them. You voted for trump yet had a close black friend. Those are very clear contradictions but his policies don’t effect her so she doesn’t care.

  19. I would of stoped being friends with someone that supports trump I’m Mexican that would of been a slap to my face

  20. my bestfriend in highschool ghosted me and it was hard for like a week because we spoke every single day but i moved the fuck on

  21. Dave Chappelle was right. White people have a harder time talking about politics than they do about sex. Pretty sad really.

  22. Why to people act like voting for a candidate is a harmless act? It's about life and death. I wouldn't want to be friends with someone who voted for a man or woman who's political actions harm me or my family physically to the point of death. Get out of here with that bs.

  23. Imagine not being friends with someone you're close to because they supported someone you don't like.

    Peak retardation.

  24. so, I have absolutely loved this show since it first appeared – and still do. But the editing around the reveal of why the ghosting happened was a little too manipulative/not nuanced.

    Tahira (or any other Black person) has ZERO. RESPONSIBILITY. to tell others about the impact of how race and racialised issues affect their life. As Tahira said, that would have meant sharing about their family, their history, and .. just lifetimes of experiences; for Whitney to be 'having political conversations all the time', it seems pretty insincere or thoughtless to have missed any indication of what those choices might mean to Tahira.

    It is not on Tahira to explain what that vote or support means; Tahira explaining that would be a gift. While I would hope people who have had years of connection would give gifts in critical, painful moments like that, I also understand the fatigue and exasperation of trying to explain racialised issues to white folks and have them care about my experiences — it is especially fatiguing when the people hurting you also claim to be "different" and see themselves as informed, politically-aware..

    I do not in any way condone ghosting and I, in a similar situation, would say (and have said) "Look, your actions on this are really not okay, especially given how close we are – and if you don't do something to change that quickly, I feel I need to end this relationship". That amount of explaining is helpful, accountable, gives the other person more agency. But what I'm not going to do is say that a Black femme should sit and explain to a white womyn why their political choices are harmful, and ALSO to let them sit there are have their tears cover up the fact that they fucked up/make themselves the victim; that's a v e r y historical pattern of how white womyn have avoided accountability for their actions.

    I hope you will do more thoughtful editing on the next episodes.

  25. Ummm soooo she ghosted her best friend because she was for Trump? That is horrible! This girl was never her friend. Me and my best friends always agree to disagree. 😡🤬

  26. This is so stupid smh people loved trump before be became a president now everyone hates him… he has done nothing but actually help America but most Americans are to stupid to understand or see that you dont stop being friends with someone you've known for years over a man that has never done anything to hurt you personally… smh all the other countries think Americans are stupid and I see why

  27. You all babied this girl. She supports a racist and I wouldn’t be her friend either. I would’ve told her this. She wouldn’t have had to wonder.

  28. We are from AMERICA! The reason its a free country is because of our ability to have our own thoughts, feelings and opinions. What an awful person Whittney doesn’t need her as a friend.

  29. I can't believe Tahira ghosted her over a fucking president a PRESIDENT!! You like a orange faced nigga ruin a bond?????? And then you're punk ass couldn't tell me face to face, WE WERE NEVER FRIENDS AT ALL.

  30. I'm sorry but you shouldn't stop being friends with someone because they support someone you dont.. Everyone has the right to whom they support. I'm Mexican anf I have family members that are here illegally and I also have friends that are Trump supporters. I'm not gonna throw away very good friend ships for something stupid like that.

  31. I want to say that you shouldn't let someone's vote ruin a friendship, but at the same that is how young people think nowadays. I don't care who you voted for as long as it is not the main topic of every conversation that we have. Political topics stress me out, especially since I'm still learning about both sides. At the end of the day, it all depends how important your friend is to you. If you cherish what you have with someone then you won't let them go.

  32. I was dating someone on and off for a little over a year and finally let her go when she revealed she was a Trump supporter. I'm sorry but that was the deal-breaker for me.

  33. its really hard having to break relationships with people you love when they end up supporting hate when you are a minority like it really shows their true colors and out of nowhere you see something that was there all along

  34. Look i don’t support trump’s views but she is WRONG! Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions. I could NEVER ghost my best friend that has been with me through thick and thin over who she politically supports. I hope she learns from this and grows tf up.

  35. So dumb, I hate Trump but I wouldn’t ghost my friends if they voted for him. I don’t think that’s the real reason.

  36. I feel Tahira on this one because my mother is a Jamaican immigrant too I would said fuck the situation too. Trump is an asshole and I would did the same thing and I would stayed the situation in the ghost

  37. I hate trump but that's not a good enough reason to stop talking to someone over pictures on here Facebook or who she voted for….

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