Candida Case Study 11: Jean With Serious Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Candida Case Study 11: Jean With Serious Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This is another case history and this is quite
a mind-blowing case history. This is a 63-year-old lady called Jean who I’ve seen. Jean is one
of these medical disasters. This is the Titanic of the lady’s with irritable bowel syndrome.
This was a disaster in the making and a disaster waiting to happen, and it’s a terrible tragic
case. It should’ve been completely avoided. This woman is just another absolute, complete
botch up of the medical profession. I’m not bagging all doctors because I’ve got
a lot of medical doctors and specialist friends whom are fantastic people doing amazing jobs,
but there are plenty of medical doctors out there that do terrible jobs. You always see
good and bad in all professions. I’ve seen terrible naturopaths and good naturopaths.
I’ve seen terrible chiropractors, so these case histories are not meant to be bagging
sessions for medical practitioners. But this case here is one where everything went wrong
for this poor woman, and it basically ruined her life until we started to really set things
right. I’m going to read a bit out of my book, as I usually do with some of these cases,
and I’ll do a narration along the way. Jean saw me a while ago now and came from
England to settle down in New Zealand. When this patient first came in, what struck me
was how thick her file of hospital notes from London was. It was literally three inches
thick of notes. This patient had been suffering with multiple digestive complaints for over
40 years, including cramping, bloating, nausea, and continual diarrhea up to 10 bowel motions
per day. Her main problem was her increasing intolerance to foods, and Jean’s diet had
become so incredibly restrictive that she could only eat a few foods, including chicken,
fish, spinach and fresh green beans, and that was it. Most foods would set off terrible
stomach pains she was experiencing, which caused her to eat less and less.
Jean was one of those patients who ticked every condition box on my case taking form.
She had headaches, insomnia, migraines, arthritis, anxiety, depression, urinary tract infections,
and, in fact, Jean had everything. This patient had been to over 25 doctors, several specialists,
a bowel specialist, including herbalists, naturopaths, physiotherapists, osteopaths,
and even more. The main concern was Jean’s weight. It had dropped to less than 80 pounds,
39 kilos. And at 5 foot 6 inches in height, it’s pretty bad. A woman that tall literally
looks like something that had come out of one of these concentration camps with her
liberation. It was quite terrible to see a patient like that in my room because you could
see the bones everywhere. And of course, what her bowel specialist in England said, he told
her that she needed to put on more weight, so he told her to eat more potato chips and
more chocolate to gain weight, which is why he’s a bowel specialist. More like an idiot
as far as I’m concerned to tell someone with a bowel problem to eat lots of chocolate and
crisps. It’s a stupid thing to do, isn’t it? What tests were performed on Jean? Apart from
the usual blood tests, this poor woman had over a dozen colonoscopies performed and each
time all was normal. The last visit this patient had to the gastroenterologist, “Our findings
indicated that Mrs. X has no significant disease.” No other tests were ever performed. No stool
tests. No allergy test, just bowel examinations and the odd endoscopy, so that’s a camera
down the throat. A camera up the backside, a camera down the throat, they couldn’t find
anything. What I do with cases like Jean. Whenever I
see these patients, I usually do a comprehensive digestive stool analysis times three. It’s
the best stool test you can do. And guess what we found? We found multiple issues as
can be expected. But in this particular case, we found a level three of Candida in all stool
samples. This woman had three plus, which is a lot of yeast that could be cultured in
each stool sample. This is one of the worst bowel cases I’ve ever seen involving a yeast
infection. That was a significant finding for the patient, and the first time we had
answers. The patient and her husband were absolutely delighted, but also equally annoyed
that it took 40 years to find the answers. How the hell did Jean end up like this? How
did she end up like this wreck of a patient? I’ll explain to you further. Listen to this.
The answer’s quite simple. It’s through the medical system. When Jean was 18 years of
age, she suffered from a terrible sore throat, so a doctor gave her penicillin. Up to three
weeks, the throat was still painful, so more antibiotics were prescribed, and then more
and more and more. Jean developed a bowel problem back in the late 1950s when nobody
understood the significance of repopulating the bowel with friendly bacteria, and so the
patient suffered on and on. Her recovery took nine months, which is a
lot quicker than I thought it would take. But it was mainly due to her following all
the suggestions that she improved so quick. This case could have taken five years to recover,
but she short tracked it because she really wanted to get well. She followed the necessary
lifestyle recommendations like relaxation, deep breathing, tai chi, and supplementation
and adhering strictly to the Candida Crusher diet principles. Jean now weighs 61 kilos,
which is 122 pounds, and has one normal bowel motion per day.
Can you relate to Jean? Maybe you know an aunt, a grandmother, a sister, or a relation
who’s like Jean. She’s been sick all her life. She’s a medical disaster. She’s become a social
leper. She’s basically avoided by a lot of people because all she does is moan about
her health all the time. There are a lot of patients out there. It’s really sad and sometimes
they even take their own life because nobody will listen to them or give them any solutions.
Ask yourself this question, if you know someone like this and they started off taking antibiotics
a long time ago, they could be another Jean. It’s very important for these people to follow
the correct principles that I’ve outlined in the Candida Crusher program. And as you
can see, even after 40 years, you can still get recovery. We can still give this lovely
lady some quality of life back for the next 10 or 20 years of her life. And that’s the
thing about my profession I love the most is we’re helping people. We’re helping people
to get well. Think about how you can avoid getting in this
situation yourself. If you’re young, take heed. Don’t take antibiotics at a young age
for every little sniffle or cough or cold you get. Look at natural treatments. If you
have developed a fungal infection, look at natural alternatives for that. I developed
the Canxida range of products for this. The first product I developed is called Canxida
Remove. I didn’t have it when I had Jean as a patient, so I had to use a hodgepodge of
all sorts of supplements. But if I had Jean again, I’d put her on Canxida Remove. Start
her on one table a day and build her up to three a day for about a month, and then take
her up to six a day. I’m getting outstanding results with this product with patients like
Jean right now. The moral of the story, avoid antibiotics
as much as you can. If you do have a bowel problem, get it sorted sooner rather than
later. Consider stool testing. Stool testing will show you where the problems are and then
they can be treated by dietary and natural means rather than pharmaceutical drugs.
Thanks for tuning into my video. I appreciate it.

7 thoughts on “Candida Case Study 11: Jean With Serious Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  1. I've seen many specialist due to my bowel problem n many have said its normal ,
    I go the toilet up to eight times a day and get bad cramps
    I've had stool tests as well ,
    It just seems to me that nothing is working for me at all 🙁

  2. Hi there,

    Im from GB and thankyou for all your videos.
    My Girlfriend has cronhs disease, but blood, stool, and biopsy test all came back negative?
    could this so called cronhs disease be a major Candida overgrowth?
    Would you suggest taking your supplements and would they work even if she is on her medication.

    Im sure Cancer is a form of Cancer. It would make sense!

    Many thanks Laurie

  3. Wow! This made me so emotional actually teary eyed. Im 52 and can relate to much of this I got so sick and depressed I ended up on a disability pension. The weight just dropped off due to being too scared to eat. I've made lots of dietary changes but still have a ways to go. Hence doing research which has led me here… Regular test and drs say Im ok apart from lactose intolerance, well tell my family and my toilet that! Im a shell of my former self, my kids have not had the best part of me for years as Im either too sick bloated nauseus or running to the damn bathroom which makes me anxious and depressed. I am better then I was but still have a ways to go. I WANT TO LIVE AGAIN! I hope I can find someone to do these comprehensive tests and that I can afford them. Ill will just have to find a way. Then Ill have to get the book and supplements. I want wellness back.

  4. I've lost eight pounds now. For the last month I've had very bad diarrhea in combination with constipation and stomach cramps, gas, and belching, insomnia, night sweats and anxiety. I'm scared and don't know what to eat. They only thing that controls it is white rice. Gone to the hospital 4 times for the dehydration. I cry every day because I have 4 young kids and I don't want to die. I've had stool testing twice and both came bad normal. No infection found. I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy on April the 1st. As of now I have not diagnosis. I wish I could fly to New Zealand to see you but I'm poor and don't have the financial means.

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