Capt. Brady says GOODBYE! SEASON FINALE…Ep.258

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  1. Happy Friday Delos Tribe! Thank YOU for all the love and support during our 7th Season of YouTube episodes. Like always, we will continue to evolve and go with the flow just like we have the past 10 years of sailing around the world.. We have never done a YouTube Premiere before so why not give it a go? This episode is over an hour long so please sit back, relax and take it in…. Welcome to a 2800 NM Atlantic Crossing journey condensed into 68 minutes! Much Love!

  2. Just took 2 nails out of the impeller! one tip broke, new one will be here Tuesday but works fine! most of the time it's socks and hair pins/clips! wife wonder what happened to them?

  3. So sad to see you two go. Delos will never be the same. Good luck and hope to hear from you guys soon. God bless…

  4. Brady, I've been following you since the beginning. I wish you nothing but success. Once you get your feet on the ground, marry Blue. Blue rocks, you won't find a better women anywhere. I did hear you mention Chicago. Welcome to my backyard.

  5. Lol! Sierra will have a nice bath in that sink, guys 😉 Great job on the video! Lots of time and love behind it. Like always! Cheers, Steffi

  6. I really hope Brady and Blue don’t get screwed here, I understand that it’s Brian’s boat and he has a new family, but the channel surely is half Brady’s, 9 k plus per episode through patron, plus buy me a beer, which has been mentioned by Brian as the biggest income, and merchandise and YouTube payments. The sv Delos channel should be buying Brady and blue a yacht of there own, or at least a income, I would hate to see Brady working as a burrito technician again

  7. hope Brian is back good riidens brady lost me when you said you were looking for young crew members

  8. A long time viewer my biggest disappointment in your well produced videos, is that when you you get a new crew you don’t sit them down for a proper introduction, especially their sailing background.

  9. You all are just incredible, the passion, the hard work involved in creating all of the many episodes that have kept my interest all these years. Thank you!

  10. Never having sailed before, I can’t imagine what land would smell like after so many days at sea. Can anyone put that into words?

  11. Was totally Impressed when Brady had another faucet on board 🙂 That a man with a plan and he was ready good job Captain. Good luck with your next move we will be waiting patiently!

  12. I don’t even know what Delos looks like without Brady and Blue. It’s been hard over the years watching longtime crew depart and get to know new people. The boat and channel has a different feel with each transition. I know that’s part of the Delos experience, but it’s a bittersweet thing. Love you guys.

  13. Thank you Brady and Alex, looking forward to your new adventures together. I truly enjoyed the passage to the Azores, it was Magical. Filming was outstanding.

  14. What a great video. Wow. We also might’ve shed a tear or two. Thanks for taking us along on your journey, for speaking your true feelings, for flying your badass spinnaker, all of it. Hope you are enjoying the snow and look forward to seeing you back on the water soon 🤙🏼 -Honu Crew

  15. Love you guys. I gotta admit even though she's the newest one, I'm gonna miss Blue's early morning talks the most. Always setting such a peaceful, appreciative and gracious tone for the day, cheers. Brady, love you too but I just won't miss you as much. Every few days my daughter pipes in with an "OK Brady". Apparently I've picked up on your accent over the years, so you'll never feel that far away. 🙂

  16. Man it’s going to REAL weird Mr Brady and Miss Blue are no longer part of Delos.

    Bittersweet sums it up very well. Sucks but exciting to see what the future brings. And here’s to hoping that BradyBlue decide to share their journey with us.

  17. Brady, going to miss you Bro. You've really grown as have your talents and confidence. You will do well in any endeavor you pursue.

  18. Love, love, love the spinnaker. Would love for you to experience the Adirondack Park in New York State. It's incredible and the people here are unlike anyplace in the world…as you have experienced before.

  19. Thank you, Captian Brady, for its never an ending, just a new beginning. Its never goodbye, but see you later.

  20. Brady and Blue, I live in the Reno, NV area and I would like to invite you for dinner if you have nothing to do in the Tahoe area one night. Hopefully we can get our plans to match up.

  21. It looks like you had a really pleasant last sail as Captain of Delos. This news is not what I expected – I had started to wonder if Bryan and Karen were coming back, not that Brady and Blue were leaving 🙁

  22. S. Brady and Miss Blue. Couldn't be a better episode evah !!!!! Not much more needs to be said. You brought tears to most all our eyes and a hearty Hip-hip Horray for the accomplishments !!!
    love you guys…………………………… ✨⛵️⚓️🏝🌦🌊🌬☀️✨🍺🍻🥂🍷✨

  23. In 2003 my buddy sent me a letter saying he was on his first combat tour "just like me". He made sure to emphasize his navy deployment was just like my Army deployment. I was walking 14 miles a day in Iraq, living under a truck or in bombed out buildings counting my ammo and hoping to get one MRE a day. My buddy? Was in the Canary islands learning to dive! On his combat deployment!!!! That was just like my Army deployment.

  24. Crazy when I started watching this channel they only had 2 vids. It’s been a privilege to have followed along for the entire voyage for nearly a decade. Thank you Trautman bros for your inspiration and general badassity! Looking fwd to what’s to come!

  25. Thanks for the memorys Mr brady..never met you but always liked you. Time for your own .
    i reckon Brazos is a good name for a vessel m8 fair winds to you my brother thanks for being you

  26. Incredible people, incredible lives, incredible boat, incredible adventures. Saying thank you for sharing them all doesn't express the gratitude I have. Watching every episode of Delos has made me a better person and I recommend every person on earth to watch every Delos episode.

  27. Sad to see Brady leave…but I get it… What would be cool if Brady and Blue got their own boat and did the buddy boat thing ..just a different perspective.

  28. Wow, I'm kinda speechless, what a wonderful video. The end of an era. Thank you for taking us along all of these years, you guys made GREAT videos, you all worked well as crew. Brady really stepped it up this season and was an excellent captain, would have loved to have sailed with you guys. Looking forward to the next chapters in everyone collective lives. Brian and Karen and baby and Brady and Blue, I'm wishing you ALL nothing but the best and can't wait to see you guys again on film somewhere doing your thing.

  29. Great job Blue and Captain Brady…..cheers to your new adventures and Brian's Family as well. I'll definitely keep watching. You and SSL are my ♥️

  30. Get a true DELOS TRIBE going. Get multiple boats and sail the oceans in a type of caravan. You and Blue could have your own boat with crew members and follow Delos on her adventures while giving Brian and his family space/ room.

  31. Let's hope the delos blog doesn't become all baby baby baby, sadly I fear it will.
    Brady, well done and good luck for the future, no way could I stay on that boat and I appreciate you can't either, the whole environment is about to change and it's one I certainly wouldn't want to be in.
    You'll just end up being and feeling a spare part whilst the family stuff goes on and dominates around you.

  32. I've seen every Delos episode right from the beginning so hearing Senior Brady and Blue say they were leaving was shocking, but as the episode progressed the reasons became clear and understandable. I'm sure I speak for everyone in saying that you will be missed and hope you come back for visits and we look forward to seeing what amazing adventures await in the future, Bon Voyage !!!!!

  33. That was marvelous. Thank you for that amazing footage and absolute honest dialog. i look forward to your next adventure. Keep smiling and sail on.

  34. Fun, young, adventurous, single sailing boat channels keep changing to couples with infants. It's a normal evolution. Can't blame anyone. Looking for the next one that you viewers might recommend.

  35. I have never seen the point of anchor swivels. All they do is add a potential point of failure to the anchoring system and provide little or no benefits in return.
    My concern about swivels has always centered on the possibility of one of the two screws backing out, as happened to a friend nearly costing him his boat. It is pure nonsense Mantus claims the swivel is stronger than the chain.
    And the fact that the swivel shaft—made of stainless and therefore subject to work hardening—is torqued over the bow roller every time the anchor is hauled. All of that was enough to make me eschew anchor swivels, but now I have seen the ultimate reason:
    A visiting cruising friend showed us his mantus swivel that failed when his boat was subjected to some nasty katabatic gusting that caused her to surge back and forth and then come up hard on the anchor.

  36. Brady and Blue are like the cheese to my YouTube macaroni. Delos won't be the same without you!!! Change is good. I hope you happiness and joy on your new adventures!!!

  37. …please take Blue with you, to say we are looking forward to getting back to the basics with the Delos and her Captain is an understatement!!!

  38. I envy all of you! I love my life as it is now, awesome wife, 2 amazing grown sons….. but to experience what you have been living for the past 10yrs is a dream…. I am happy that you have been blessed with such an amazing life!! be well, keep the wind to your back!

  39. Hi guys great video. just wondering How were the battery's going after 16 days of sailing with no motor/ alternatives help?

  40. Been a long time watcher … not sure what the future holds for Delos but I know Senior Brady will be missed … Brady has always been the one who pointed out the real parts of the sailing like "Pubes in the drain" and he always made it feel honest and he is the only one to get bitten by a Barracuda … Brady i wish you the best and hope all your future ventures go as planned. I know you will succeed. Fair winds and following seas my friend

  41. Brady, I have an offer in on a very beautiful boat and if interested I would love to hire you for your Captain University that you were talking about. The boat is located in Rhode Island, if interested we can work around your schedule.
    [email protected]

  42. Change is a good thing. It has to happen. It's part of life. We, all of us, are always moving in some direction and at some point we are confronted with the possibility of change. Remember, perfect does not exist, course corrections are inevitable. Blue and Brady, you know change is not impossible, it's how you got where you are and what you have been doing. You know, at this point, the Delos tribe is a self perpetuating living thing, with members and followers from all over the world. Both of you are a big part of it and I am sure will continue to be a part of it in some way. I think both of you have excellent ideas for the future. Why can't you combine those ideas? Thank you for your contribution to our "viewing world" and for your thoughts, experiences, film, and smiles you shared. May you have fair winds and following seas where ever you go, whatever you do. Oh, and remember to share with us!

  43. Why have I only just found this channel?! Time to start binge watching…..what a great journey you guys have had so far, with many more adventures to come…..can I come too please?!

  44. I love Delos and cannot wait to see what adventures come next. I have never sailed but learned so much from watching this channel. Fair winds and all the best to all of you. Here's hoping Brady and Blue will create a channel for their new adventures.

  45. WOW, didn't read the comments 1st. I usually get a the treadmill for a 20 min video and it kept going and going. 1 hour and 4.5 miles later and I feel great. Thanks for the extra workout.
    Best of luck to your future Brady, this channel would not have been nearly as entertaining without you.

  46. At 56 years old, I have been through an adventure a time or two.
    been sitting here all crippled feeling sorry for myself watching ,for some reason, Sailing Videos on youtube
    I've Followed part near all of em', and Here to Tell ya, Since thanksgiving i have binge watched every episode and caught up on everything Sailing on youtube….
    Delos, Curiosity, Capn' rick, cloudy bay, soulianis, sailing Nahoa, sailing yacht florence, La Vagabonde, even #bumsonaboat and Ruby Rose and expedition drenched, You Name it I have caught up on there adventures. Downright Missed My Calling !!!!!
    #1: Sailing SV Delos in all categories, Uncontested !!!!!!!!
    #2:Gone with the Wynns
    #3: 9to5Less

  47. I would attend delos cruising school! I think it's a great business plan. A delos home base would be even better, with classes, chartering, rooms, moorings for rent etc. It would make sense with the delos family growing, giving you more space, income and options to grow with your mind.

  48. Great episode guys. Very sad day for Delos. All the best senior and blue I hope your future adventures are as amazing as this has been.

  49. Really cool movie Senor Brady and Blue. Very very fitting last episode after a decade onboard. We wish you well for the future! Keep smiling.

  50. When the new season started in Brasil, I kept hoping the Delos crew would bump into La Vagabond somewhere in the Caribbean. But with the mention of TS Sebastien, I just realized your crossing from Europe was happening in Nov 2019, the same time La Vaga was preparing to take Greta Thunberg across the Atlantic in the opposite direction. Oh well… C'est la vie.

  51. Thank you and your brother and crew for years of entertainment and inspiration. I have long dreamed of sailing the wind and I'm close now to making it happen. Looking at boats, though I know she won't be an amel, hope to set sail within the year. Good luck in all your ventures

  52. Amazing Lap you guys,felt like I was there on delos having an adventurous time and that's cuz of wonderfull
    Filmmaking/storytelling mainly bcoz of blue 🧜‍♀️.
    Can't wait to see wat you've planned ahead .
    Delos served you well and vice versa.
    Good luck !

  53. What a great video. I have followed you guys since you started 10 years ago and often start from the beginning. I tear up and so much enjoy what you have done. What a combo of great people that have a love for themselves and those around them. Blue your video skills and your soft voice and has melted my heart. Brady, you will be missed on Delos but I will be sure to see what happens next. What a great combo of, not only great sailing videos but of the vast beauty of our natural environment. And the history, that may be the best part about all of your videos in the early years. It's a tough call between the sailing and the history. I cant wait for the next episode but I also am a bit sad that you two will be leaving Delos…but then I realize that there will be two videos I will be able to watch….not only of Brian and Kaz, which will be incredible but also of your journeys. You two have really inspired a lot of people, for real, you really have and its amazing to be a part of and witness.

    Mahalo and Aloha, Dave.

  54. Thank you Brady and Blue for sharing your adventures, and giving us couch sailors a great Cousteau fix with your superb camerawork. Arohanui from New Zealand.

  55. Well Brady and Blue you need to start your new adventures as your leaving Delos but please please share your experiences with us all. Congratulations on your captaincy of Delos.
    Thank you for sharing your lives around our beautiful world 🌍.

  56. It is sorta sad.
    Simply because I think alot of people underestimate how much kids also need other people.
    This narrative that parents need the first years alone to figure it out. When the first years are when they need the most people.
    Also a physical bond between family can't be replaced even a uncle and niece bond.
    But I might be biased I learned more from my aunt then my mom.

  57. Isn't it ironic that about the time you get really good at this is time to move on to a new chapter in life. Best of luck Brady and Blue!

  58. Captain Brady sounding more like Captain Brian in each episode. Especially explaining Delos to new crew. Bermuda misses you guys!

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